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What have I been up to?

legs-682_1392646aHello out there and how have you been? I hope being notoriously wicked(half smiling red lips). I have not jotted down any more of my scandalous post since I have been working on my book.

Yes I have been working on stories that’s sure to hit a nerve or two in the right places.

The first story is called “Follow My Yellow Brick Road” and the second is “She bit the Apple”

These stories are not for the timid. It’s for the man who fantasizes about losing the fake persona of always being a gentle man, it’s for the woman admitting to her self there is nothing wrong in getting pleasure. It’s for the hidden, that want to read a story to help reach a release.

I would say it’s for everyone, but then I would be lying.

Look for this book to be released in May. Right before the heat hits and your body fully awakens.

Find it on Amazon.

If I feel generous I’ll post a small excerpt or two.  That is a thought.

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