Fia Naturie

What’s Happening in Fia’s World




Welcome back fire starters. So let’s review shall we.

For my sci/fi fantasy followers Jayla is livid. Meeting Elphin opened her eyes to how much was taken away from her and what she had to endure from human scientist. She wants her people back and her beast will help her accomplish that goal.

For my erotica followers. Talia and Julius are finally signed up for the D/s lifestyle. Talia has a lot to learn and Julius seemed to be a good teacher.

For my O.N.S pod cast followers. Another excerpt is on the horizon. Don’t despair, still working on it. Hey Chenelle made it to the Honey Room.

As for Wicked Wednesday, it’s always burning.

So that sums up What’s happening in Fia’s world.

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