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Hello all of you fabulous readers out there. So I decided before I publish the forth and most erotic scene I have written. I wanted to let you know the process at least my process for writing erotic scenes.

You may think it’s easy and for most it can be. But when you’re in a time crunch it is not so easy. Some write it late at night when everyone has gone to bed and others when they are completely alone. I on the other hand have to zone all the outside noise out and try  to write these scenes.

My best ideas is comes when my mind is racing almost a 100 miles a minute. I kind of make an urgency that I have to get it out so I don’t censor my thoughts. I have been told that it’s almost like reading a straight porno. I try my best to let people know what they are about to read so they can by-pass it if they choose.

My advice is to find your go to place to write these scenes whether it’s in your home at night or in a quit zen place in your mind. Find it and write.

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