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Wicked Wednesday 2 (Can’t Wait!)

th5T2LY7IHSo my impatient fire starter could not wait until next week.. She had a matter that needed to be addressed immediately.

Q: Sooo I can’t seem to cum when I’m having vaginal sex. Is my vagina broken? Why does my boyfriend cum so quickly? I’ve never had an orgasm. What does it feel like?

A: It’s not broke, it’s not behaving like the kinky lady you want it to be. YOU CAN CUM&ORGASM. If your one of my juicy ladies out there. Your cumming baby. Some associate it with after the orgasm, but remember women orgasm mentally as well. The orgasm is different for every body. But it feels as if your vagina is full almost like a water balloon about to burst. Then friction from the penis entering and with drawing is trying to pop the balloon. Until that one last push and it pops. The muscles around that area was wounded up so tight that it relaxes and sends a message through your whole body that you have achieved your destination. Some women tremble, some stop breathing for a second or two and some down right scream as they coat the guys penis.

Your Boyfriend seems to be overly excited and shoots off to quickly. If he does not take a pause every now and then between thrusts. Well he’ll continually shoot first. Also if your adventurous have you tried a cock ring? It tightens just enough at the base to give you a chance to cum.

Now there is a disability that some women can not achieve orgasm. That I recommend going to a Sex therapist. It might be another reason why it’s not happening for them.

Any questions e-mail me at What I know you will too. Keep burning.


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