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Wicked Wednesday (Call 911)


Welcome Fire starters and I am not going to keep you waiting for this five alarm fire.

Q: Fia I have had it and I need advice on this. I am into sex. Not going to deny it. I have finally found the one. At least I thought. We finally had incredible, head pounding the head-board sex. I made him wait. Yes I did. I made him wait until the third date. Now after we just did it he tell me his previous partner is positive for gonorrhea. My question is do I kick him to the curb or what. Because I can not talk to my friends about this without them judging me.

A: Now here is my question. Did he were a condom? Did you in your sexual euphoric haze ask him to put one on? Or did the thing break because it was head pounding good? There are antibiotics out there right now and you need to go to the doctor to be tested and be proactive. As for kicking him to the curb, you said he said previous partner. Previous like what the day before you guys had sex or what? Listen talking is the key. Second date “Are you sleeping with someone right now and have you ever caught something from somebody sexually? Please add sexually because you’ll get chicken poxs, mumps…….

Q: Now I just want to say I am a cougar and I am proud of it. I do have my age minimums though. Here’s my question, He is not mature enough to understand that there are certain responsibilities he needs to do to be with me. For example keep my place clean. I am not a maid. I am your lover not your mother. Among other things that are starting to rub me the wrong way. How do you think I should approach the situation. But I am on my last sip of Bacardi. Just sayin.

A: Cougar hugh? Well damn. Why is it when a woman go for your younger their considered a cougar and when a man does it he’s in his prime? Your making me want a Bacardi myself. As for him understanding, I pose this question. Did you lay down the ground rules as he laid that pipe? You are grown enough to state I want this, this and this. If you can not say that to him then maybe he is not the one for you.

Q: Fia I have had it. My phone is ringing and no one is answering it. I get random text messages do you know where Phil is and shit? Should I call the cops?

A: Wow. What happened to take the trash out your self? It sounds like this is a young one who likes to play games. We don’t play those kind of games. Now I believe in non violence. So call the cops if you want. But Honestly if you want to nip this in the bud. Get rid of her and him at the same time. Sorry 2018 and there’s no need for those kind of games. On a side note if she/he wants to play grown up. Show them what grown ups really do other than spread them legs wide. Just sayin.

People,people you have Fia here lit up. You have any questions you need advice on please email me at Love to here from you. Keep the fires burning.


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