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Wicked Wednesday (Cum On)

thHello my little fire starters. We have the igniter fluid for this fire today. So let’s get burning.

Q: Is there such a thing a too much vaginal wetness during sex? I mean I was told that I am abnormally wet. Once I got asked if I was peeing on them. I mean really.

A: Let the water come down. Is there a such thing as too much vaginal wetness during sex. Really it depends on who you are sexually and where your body is at in it’s stage of life. If you love sex and constantly think of sex and your not on any hormonal pills. You may just be extra juicy naturally. Believe it or not there are men who love to hear the wet slapping during sex.

Q: Is it weird that I have a more intense orgasm with my clit than my vagina?

A: Not weird honey. But as intense as it is, it is short lived. It comes on strong and dies quick. Why don’t you see if you can have a cervical orgasm. Listen up gents, especially those who is pretty think in the width. The stretching of the vaginal walls and the right angle for tapping the g spot and clit. Can cause a mind blowing orgasm for the ladies. If not blessed with width time to introduce a toy. (Vagina’s snap back, won’t get out of shape)

Q: Listen fia, my girl is new to the whole oral sex thing and she went down on me and I swear I have a sever scratch on my dick. Do you women have a class on giving head?

A: Aww poor dicky. So she can get lesson from a sex toy shop. I think one is called Fetish. Pretty sure there are other places to go. If nervous there are books as well, that gives instructions. Also get a dildo so she can practice on. Unless your into scratches?

So my fire is being stoked and obviously you all are having the same reaction. Send questions to my email Bring on the questions.


  • Davey Stone April 4, 2018

    I enjoy reading your advice, Fia! Maybe I should consider asking you a question… but it may be about your turn-ons. 😉

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