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Wicked Wednesday (Happy 4th)


Welcome my fire starters and happy fourth of July. So let’s throw the match on the grill shall we?

Q: I waned to know if this is normal. I was sitting on the train on my way home reading a book. This young girl was leaning on her “boyfriends” leg and she began massaging his penis right there in front of me. Now is that normal? I mean really on the train.

A: That sounds like the heat is cranked up on that couple. Ok so you want my opinion. What’s normal anymore? Discrete is not in their vocabulary that is for sure but normal I suppose it would be considered a high NO. They might like someone to watch them or they like the adrenaline rush of some one seeing and getting appalled by what they see. All and all they seemed more interesting to you than that book if you kept watching.

Q: Fia I know parents have sex. I would not be here if they didn’t. I just feel that they should be able to control them selves around me and my friends. The kissing, the pinching each other on the  buts. My friends are starting to tease me about them. How do I tell them to quit it?

A: You sound about early teens there. So I will say this. You can’t tell an adult to quit it. You can talk to your parents and tell them that the physical contact between them in front of your friends is causing you a problem. If they do not see your side you may have to throw in that you want to see a counselor as a family. That might shock them enough to see that your serious and it’s not a game to you.

Q: Fia we are in a heat wave. I, myself am hardly wearing that much cloths to keep cool. But this woman is walking down the street with no top on. No bra on. She has it all out for the world to see.  The cops are not arresting her for indecent exposure. Why?

A: Yea it is hot darlin. So why she is not getting arrested? It is not against the law to walk around topless since 1992. Look it up. I can go out right now and show the world my goods and not get busted for it. Now that is for NY. There are several states as well that you can do that as well, if you’re considering it just look up the law in your state before you do.  If  your completely nude then you can get arrested for it. Go figure. The law is the law.

I hope you enjoy wicked Wednesday as much as I do. Write in to and I will answer questions from every spectrum of the rainbow.

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