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Wicked Wednesday (Oh No She Didn’t)

It is Wicked Wednesday time my fire starters.  Let’s burn shall we.

Q: When a man call you by pet names is it because he is really being sweet or is it because he forgot your name? I mean were are not exclusive but at least remember my name, right?

A: Wellllll, how many people is he with that he cannot remember your name? I mean not exclusive and being a jump off is two things. Maybe you strayed into jump off territory and you didn’t realize it.

Q: Life is hard and honestly I’m not. Get it? Now my question is Why? I’m young and single and normally I’m rock hard until I start. I will go to the doctor, but what do you think, Fia?

A: Do you like who you F—KING? Sometimes it will make the hardest poll go soft as a q-tip if you don’t like what you have before you. You may be young but your mind has a lot to do with things. It might be one thing that will turn you off.

Q: Fia I’m a plus size person. I love to feel sexy just like everyone else. But I was told by a family member that I need to cover up and act like I have sense. I’m not stupid. So how do I tell this family member to mind their business.

A: Listen I love the fact you said “person” because this can go for anyone. Why can’t you feel sexy like every one else? I remember when I went to school I use to work for the “plus”. You got it naturally.

Just tell them that just because they think something does not mean they need to be vocal about. Now if this is your mother that is a harder one to say that too but you get the jist. Be you and Love you.

That’s the heat of things, my lovelies. Comment, like and subscribe . You can reach me at Until next we meet. Keep it HOT. Fia xoxo

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