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Wicked Wednesday Q&A



Hello my wicked Fire starters. So I have a few lovely questions and answers for you. The first starts off with the medium O. Lets get burning shall we.

Q: When doing oral sex, my jaw seems to lock or cause me great pain. What is up with that?

A: Tsk, tsk, tsk. I feel your pain. Ladies and gentlemen if the width of the penis is too big. Low and behold the pain is sure to follow. (For those who love pain, this must be heaven.) The whole thing is the jaw is allows just so much access and unfortunately not all of us can handle the magnum’s of the world.

Q: Lately my girl has not been able to keep her legs up and spread wide like I like when I am giving it to her (fu–ing). Help! The sight of it keeps me hard and to have her say she has a cramp, lowers the dick.

A; Help is here. Get some long silk ties or soft rope and position her on the bed that when you tie the legs up it’s a bit taunt. Or here is where a little pain works as well and tap hard enough where it stings sometimes loosen the muscle. Now if your a rough lover lift, angle legs where the thigh meets the groin and apply pressure.

Q: How can I tell my partner that when they have an orgasm and they yell from the feeling of it. That they have to lower the volume without hurting their feelings?

A: Listen my little burner. I would be amazed if she/he can even think at that moment. You can try to cover his/her mouth with yours or cover it with your hand. Pleasure can not be muffled out.

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