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Wicked Wednesday Q&A.It’s getting hot in here.


Hello to all my fire starters out there and we have all come together again for wicked Wednesday.

Q: What should you do if you have pain and swelling after sex?

A: Well if you’re a female, Congrats honey your partner put some work in.(LOL) On a serious note you can get a cool wash cloth and put it on the area. Also take a ibuprofen to help alleviate the pain.

If you’re a male, Oh man:( but what a way to go.(LOL) If the swelling does not go down you may have to go to the emergency room to help it deflate. Yikes!

Q: Fia, what should I do if I get a spider bite on my vagina?

A: Spider bite? What kind of kinky ritual where you doing? Hmmmm. I’d like to know.(giggle) An ordinary house spiders bite can cause swelling and itching around the punctured area of the skin . Not to worry even though the venom is the same as a black widow it’s not as potent. Rest can cure you.

Q: I am a little embarrassed to ask you about this, but I think I have a wart on my dick. What should I do?

A: You think? Or do you know? The best advice I can give on that is to go to the doctor and don’t use the over the counter freeze wart remover. You may leave a second hole that you don’t want. I mean you don’t want another hole do you?

So fire starters that is the end of Q&A Wicked Wednesday. If you have a question you like answered (A raunchy question) feel free to send a message. Until then, I’m off to write about Bee the killer for hire.

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