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Wicked Wednesday Q&A

Q: When writing a specific scene when would you know you went to far? Example Death or Sex.

A: I feel if it is taken to far, and you lost control of the scene. For instance the person is stabbed to death with a blunt object. That should be a killing blow yet they pick up several other objects and keep stabbing. Was the killing blow you describe not it. Or another example. When a sex scene is taken to a place that it may arouse you but then again disgust you. Whether it’s too much saliva, or the sex had blood involved due to taking virginity. The blood is NOT enough to soak through a mattress. (CARRY AWAY MUCH)

Q: Why all the female are portrayed as devious?

A: In the past women were considered more devious than men but hey we are in 2018 why can’t a man be devious?

Q: Why are these fantasy romance scene make you believe that every moment with the other person is better than breathing?

A: Because we would love to feel that emotion. Who would want to read all the time every moment with other person reminds you  that your that much closer to the grave?

Q: Why, why ,why I can’t preorder your book about Bee the killer without a conscious?

A: You will be able to when Bee  ok’s it. (Ha, ha,he,he)

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