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Wicked Wednesday (Stoking the Fires)


Hello fire starters and welcome to Wicked Wednesday. So let’s begin shall we.

Q: How do you tell tour partner that his “manhood” has gotten smaller since he’s gained weight?  And what do you do if you notice that every time you are giving your man fellatio now, his stomach is in the way?

A: That is a very “Hard” topic in deed. Depending on how open you and your man are with each other I would not go and say “Hey it shrunk since you packed on the pounds.”  I would say something towards the lines of remember when we tried this certain position and it felt incredible, I was so turned on, that I could not hold back. I want to try that again when we lose a little more weight. Put the we in there because they don’t want to feel like they are being attacked. They don’t realize that their stomach is decreasing their length, until they lose some inches around the waist.

(They say inches don’t matter but what do they say when your addicted to his inches and he’s losing it due to poundage?)

Q: Fia it’s not getting as wet as it used to. I am to young to be this dry. Answer please.

A: Boy someone is thirsty. Listen not everyone gets wet the same amount. Some say it feels as if they pee on themselves and some say I get wet to save my life. Hey we are all different and our arousal level is different. I will say this if you’re not fully into it and your mind is somewhere else you will never get wet.

There are medical reasons as well that can cause this and I suggest to see therapist to figure it out. Because let’s be honest if you’ve gotten wet in the past and there is nothing physically wrong with you. Maybe its mental and a therapist would help. (Sex Therapist!)

Q: Here is my issue. My wife is too vocal when she has an orgasm. At first I was like Yeah I doing my thing and now it’s like damn it too much. I don’t want to hurt her feelings but she has to take it down some. Any suggestions?

A: Honestly if she is that vocal it’s because she is feeling very relaxed and focused on what she is feeling at that the moment. If you ask her to tone it down, she will have to start concentrating and that might cause a slight chain reaction. She may not be so into it and dry. Her focus will definitely not be on you and the moment. All the same if you are truly tired of it speak to her. Don’t be surprise if she ask you to change something as well.

We come to the end for today any questions please feel free to ask me at Keep the fires burning until next time.






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