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Wicked Wednesday(Striking the Match)


Hello my fire starters and I hope all of you are feeling fantastic on this hump day. So we have a few delectable questions for your viewing pleasure.

So let’s strike the match shall we and let it burn.

Q: Hi fia this is a quick question. My hubby has brought up several times he would like a threesome. I’m not sure I can, or should do that. What do you think?

A: Well you have come to the right place. threesome is not the “norm” as people would like to think. But saying that it has risen in popularity over the years. Physically anyone can participate in a threesome. Now should you is really up to you. At the end of the day if the experience is going to make you feel awful don’t do it. No need for unnatural frown lines.

Q: Fia I was putting away my daughter’s cloths and found a dildo. Now I am trying to act like I did not find it because she is sixteen and needs her privacy. But I need to say something. Right?

A: Sixteen, wooo. Well for the privacy part and you understanding that young people do need that. But as a parent you should address it. Don’t come at her like a wrecking ball because honestly if she is taking care of her self, isn’t it better than someone else at this age? Talk to her in a place that she is comfortable and honey if you need to take a shot or two of courage juice(vodka, gin, etc…) do so because you may learn allot more than you bargain for.

Q: Fia I love this and the fact you do not add a name is perfect. Here’s the Q. My son asked me if his girl can spend the night. He’s nineteen and she’s eighteen. I feel uncomfortable saying yes. But he confronted me and said her mom let’s them sleep together. What am I to do with that?

A: Honestly it’s your house, it’s your rules. If your uncomfortable then you have your answer. No. Now if her mother thinks it’s ok then that is on her. It seems like he is testing his adult boundaries. In the words of Tracie Braxton, “If you’re doing adult things you can do it at your own place.” As for loving this. Thank you.

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  • Davey Stone June 13, 2018

    Always great answers, Fia! 🙂 You always impress me.. 😉

    • Fia Naturie June 13, 2018

      Thank you. I was very impressed by the poem you wrote

      • Davey Stone June 13, 2018

        Aw, thank you, darlin! I don’t normally do poetry, but I couldn’t resist that one. Maybe I’ll write more of that type in the future. 🙂 x

      • Fia Naturie June 13, 2018

        You should

      • Davey Stone June 13, 2018

        With your encouragement, I think I will. 🙂 Have a sweet day, Fia! xo

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