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legs-682_1392646aGood Morning, Afternoon or Night my fire starters. I have a topic I felt the need to address today.

What is the difference between Fantasy writer, Erotic writer, and Fantasy/Erotic writer?

Well here is my take on the matter.

Fantasy writing is a creation of worlds or species that is all in the writers imagination, being brought to life for you the reader.

Erotic writing is a written sexual scenario that the writer wants to illicit sexual excitement to his/her readers. That is totally possible in the real world.

Fantasy/Erotic writing is the hybrid. The best of two world for the writer. You can delve into dark places that the norm would deem unacceptable yet it turns them on never the less. Create creatures and world altering experiences, while still being safe here in the world.

Why was this brought up to be explained?

I have been asked over the years why don’t you stay with reality writing or fantasy.

Why do you bounce around?

I like reality but my mind bends towards the fantastical.

Yes, I can write about you and me and make it hot (Make it extremely hot). But then I would stifle my self and kill off a part of me that likes to create the unnatural.

My advice to you all is write what moves you. Not everyone will like everything you write, but there are those who could not go on with out another word from you. Write for them, write for you.

Until my next post of the floating sword. Keep the fire burning.

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