{B.I.R. Conterie} Do you bleed pt3

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It’s funny how no one ever thought on how the dead awakens. It never crossed my mind until I was one. It was like emerging from a pool of darkness. What drives you to awaken is the desire to feed.

We all awaken to eat but the hunger is ten fold. It sends a sharp signal to awaken to our brain, like shock therapy. I rose with a desire. Not only hunger. Because it would be a lie if I said I was not famished. I had a deal to keep and a body to recover.

I went into my speed shower stall and cleansed myself thoroughly. I manage to do every thing in record time. It was even impressive for an undead.

I got into my car and programmed it to get me back to Angelica’s. The sun was still up and I was not at my full copacity. So to save energy I will let modern day technology get me there.

The drive was not as fast as I would like. I had to keep to the speed limit since the living was all walking about. I felt every second go by as the sun sets.

Once the car stopped. I exited as quickly as I could. As I hoped every one was still in their death sleep. I went to the body. He was still sleeping and by the amount I let her take it will take him another day or to to recover his strength. I did not waste any time. I wraped him in a thin sheet and threw him over my shoulder.

I quickly left his room and managed to make it to the front of the building when I heard Angelica stirring. I made it out to my car and drove off. The sun was completly set and my cell phone rang nonstop.


“Why did you take him?”

“I have to deliver him to my buyer. You told me what i needed to know and so I took him.”

“That is not how we work. You gave me a body to drain. You do not take it back.”

I felt the anger through the air wave.

“I gave you a taste as promised and now I must deliver him.”

“Who is the buyer?”

I could not tell her that there was no buyer but a deal that was struck.

“Sir Dumont.”

She was quiet for a while. A little to long.

“Did you fall into to death again Angelica?”

“Becareful. You do not know what you have done by just calling out that name. Do me a favor, never return.”

“Oh don’t act like that. I will bring you a body to drain within the week.”

“That one is speacial.”


“Taste the blood. You will see. He must not be given to that butcher. He will taint the body.”

“What did she taste?

“I will see you with in the week.”

The phone went silent. She hung up and left me to my thoughts. I knew who and what he was. I just did not care. I wanted the jewel.


I had been living at the mansion for three years and I had grown into a woman that all the men seem to desire. I did not desire anyone except Francois.

He was the perfect gentleman with me. I have heard of his escapades with the staff and I have heard of his appetite did not lean one way or the other.

It did not matter to me. I decided I was going to be his forever. On my twentieth or twenty-first birthday, I had decided I would wear a dress I had created just for him. I had seen it on a countess and I decided that was the dress that I would entice him to take me as his own.

That night the moon was full and Francois had held a celebration. I was not invited since I was the help but I made my way to his chambers and waited. It felt like an eternity. The noise died down and I heard when he entered his room.

“Why are you her?”

I mustered up my courage and told him.

“Francois I have decided that tonight on my birthday that I will give my self over to you completely.”

He walked passed me and looked out the window at the moon.

“You do not know what you are saying. You are too young and I am too old. I want you to leave in the morning and find your way else where. You have lived under my care for too long and I can not hold on too much longer.”

The tears fell. Only a young inexperience female would cry and that I was.

“I do not want to leave. Is there something wrong?”

He turned to me with eyes of blood red and glisening teeth that would peirce your soul.

“What are you?”

“You know what I am. Do you still want to give your self to me? You will never be as you are now. You will feel you heart beat no more to be by my side. You must choose. Tonight is the last night you will have this choice.”

I did not know what precisely made me choose him. Was it love or lust. Was it security? I can not remember but I chose him and I chose death.

As he took me in ways that I never ever felt before I seen a vision of a jewel. It was deep purple with blue. After that I could not remember the rest of my death. I was told I was out of my mind for twenty days and within that time I killed the staff and most of the animals.

Once I emerged from the haze Francois informed me of what I had done and I mourned their deaths incessantly. But the hunger came over me and I needed to feed. The mourn was short lived.



“Are you waking? Good I have to deliver you at least concious.”

“Where am I?”

“Your in my car and I am taking you to the mark.”

“The mark?”

“Someone wanted you back so badly that they would bargin anything to get you.”

“Louisa.” He said as he passed out into oblivian.

“He was correct. Louisa wanted him and I want the jewel. We all want something. Don’t we.

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Slow Burn pt 5

Image result for pic of sweaty women Butler could not shake the feeling that it was just too easy. By now he expected to see a cruiser behind him or at least hear something on the short wave, but nothing was happening. His stomach was as tight as a terrigian nut. That is his internal warning sign. Shit is about to come he just hope that, that cyborg was worth his life. He decided to see what she was up too since she did not have the cargo to watch over. He went to the quarters he assigned her and it was silent. Too silent for his taste. He knocked and waited for a response but nothing came. He fought the impulse to do a system override and open the door. He knocked once more and he was greeted with the sight of Shanna in one of his t-shirts. It fit snug showing the outline of her breast. It did not help that she was sweating. “You sweat?” “Yes. As I said before I am as close to human as possible.” “Well what is more cyborg?” “I do not emit body odor.” He thought about that. He tried his best to train his eyes to her face. “We need to discuss a few things.” “Come inside.” She stepped out of his way as he entered. “By this time I expected to hear some kind of buzz or commotion on the airway about a bounty on my head. But it is complete silence and that is not sittin well with me.” Shanna went over to the chair that was in the room and sat down. Butler noticed that she sat down without the restraint of female propriety. He legs were wide open. In normal situations he would not think twice about advancing on her but it was not rubbing him right that she was not human. “You can drop me off at the next planet and you can tell them that I made you take me away. That should clear you.” Brett thought about it and realize that it would not matter with these people. “No I am in this too deep. We will land in an hour and get the supplies we need. I need you to dress like a boy again and not draw attention to you.” “Butler this will be the last time I will hide as a male. I was designed as a female and sine I have arrived on the Thompson ranch I have been dressed and treated as a male.” He thought it odd they would do that. “You mean that none of the men approached you to do intimate things with?” “Of course they did but for some strange reason they never wanted to enter my body but they did not mind that I manually assisted them.” “Oh.” He said as his shocked look told her more. “Are you against that practice?” “No. I just do not need that kind of assistance. Let us get off this topic and back on to saving our lives. We will need supplies for at least a month or two. I will write out a list and we will have to split up to gather them.” She nodded as she volunteered, “I do not need sustenance often. I can go without eating for two weeks before feeling odd effects.” “Like what for instance?” “My movements will be noticeable slow as will my speech. I may also look paler than this.  I have never gone more than two weeks.” Butler kept that in mind and it helped to save the money he had gotten for the cattle. He could not help himself and looked down to Shanna chest. “What were you doing in here that you are so sweaty?” “I was going through a callisthenic that was programed into my DNA. It have several moves that aid in circulation and muscle flexibility.” “They placed it in your DNA? The more I try to think of you as a lifeform, and you throw me in for a loop.” “Excuse me?” “Never mind, let’s just get to the planet and survive.” Butler walked back to the door and was just about to leave, when he stood before the door and said, “Listen if you want to look like a female on this planet you can just take note on who is looking at you to long and hard, ya hear.” Then he left her quarters. As he walked to his quarters he thought to himself that he should stop off at a salon. This guest is stir something fierce within him and he still wanted to keep it together. Hey Fire Starters. We are about to land and Butler is getting a bit hot under the collar don’t you think? Let me know if your feeling this adventure. Until next we meet. Fia

{B.I.R. Conterie} Do you bleed pt 2.5

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“Is that your natural completion or have you lost blood recently?”

This odd looking man with a glittering chain asked me.


“Are you always this fair in color?”

“I suppose.”

“Either it’s a yes or a no. I do loath the indecisiveness of today.”

I was starting to get annoyed and my patience with him was almost at it limit. But I still had manners and decided to use them.

“Can you please tell me how far I am to the next town, Sir?”

“Are you lost?”

“No I am looking for work and I seemed to have fallen asleep.”

The odd man looked around the clearing and looked back at me.

“Are you not scared that someone would take advantage of you? It is clear that you are alone and do not seem strong enough to defend yourself.”

“Sorry for wasting your time. I will continue on my path. Good day, Monsieur”

He seemed pleasantly amused. I stood up a scraped my elbow on a piece of bark that was jutting out. It was a small scape yet the odd man captured my arm and wrapped a scarf around it as a bandage. Little did I know he sampled my blood in the process?

“Oh mon chéri, you are a lioness, hidden in a cub’s body.”

I was finally at my limit and I did not have anyone to answer to other than myself.

“I am no lioness. I am just a person who is looking for employment in the next town. I will now leave. Good day”

He stood there and smiled with the jewel twinkling capturing nonexistent light in the dense forest.

“Are you good with cows and chickens?”

“I am.”

“Good. Go down the path you will see a crossroad. Take the path on the left. It will lead you to my home. Ask for Allegra. She will assign you a place to sleep and tell you what must be done. We will talk about your pay when I return.”

I should have turned him down but I was desperate and I needed to work.

“Monsieur???, what is the name I must address you by?”

“When we are informal you can address me as Francois. With company it is Francois de Montmorency-Bouteville.”

I caught my breath when I realize who I was speaking to. I knew I looked a mess but I curtseyed and accepted the offer.


You would think people with this modern technology would learn to master driving. That thought made me smile. People really never mastered anything anymore. They just learn enough to get by. The sun is almost fully up, I made it to my home in just short of burning myself alive.

The door opened automatically due to the electronic system I installed. Yes I installed it. It’s amazing the knowledge you acquire when you drink warm blood.

I can build a home, a car and many other things from scratch. My appetite was immense in my youth. I went into my temperature controlled and sun omitted room. I slept on a bed made of down. Habits are hard to break.

I will wake before sunset and get back to the body. That should give me time to get it out of there and to the person who wanted it back so badly.

I did not bother to change, I was too tired and I pushed myself too far. The bed was a welcomed comfort. I fell into death and I dreamt of it. The jewel.

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{B.I R. Coterie} Do you bleed pt 2

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Leaving that closed in space of Angelica place, was something to be grateful for. Except if I wasn’t so picky I would have bed down inside for the day. My arms feel exactly what they are. Appendages on a walking corpse.

As the sun climbs higher I feel the weight of my bones. The fabric irritates my thin skin and the once an hour thump from my shriveled heart is like a base drum that was crashed into.

I hear the start of people waking and doing a number of things to their bodies. I hear three children crying for their mothers nip. I hear a whispered call to a hidden lover as the present lover is ablivious to it.

One thing about death, it has perks. I finally made it to my dark beauty. My Lamborghinis. She drives as if she had no engine. Quiet and quick. I sat inside and sped off down the roads before I stupidly damage my self with the sun.

“Why did I say I keep him alive?” I said to myself. I knew why because Gage asked me. the only living soul who has a trace of my blood flowing through him. To bad my line may end with him and his lover that lays in Angelica’s room.

Three generation’s ago, before I was given this new life. I had a half sister and brother. Marcellus and Calais were twins. Calais was married off to the high official at the time and Marcellus joined a revolution. What ever the revolution that was happening he joined. I believed it was due to my father, Marcellus Duponet. He was a ruthless bastard and I was so happy to rip his heart out.

That was a kill that had to have happened, but it was a mistake in letting Calais witness it. After that I was chased away, with the threat if I ever returned I will be burned.

I was not yet reborn. I killed him because I could not stand the screams I heard from my mother at he took his pleasure with her tears. I ran for hours and collapsed near a tree. I was so exhausted that I did not realize where I had run too. I just slept.

I woke in pitch darkness, yet I feared nothing. I guess that is what happens when you take a life. It is like you are removing yours. I looked around and I was still sitting on soil but not in the woods and not leaning against a tree. It was a wooden wall.

“Ahh you have awaken and at the perfect time, dusk.”

That was the beginning of the end of Martine Dupont, the girl who loved her mother so much, she killed for her.

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{B.I.R. Coterie} Do you Bleed?

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Everyone’s story always beings either in the morning or at night. Mine began when the sun colored the sky blood red orange. An occurrence that happens every hundred and twelve years.

I was inducted into the coterie at age twenty, or was it twenty one? I really do not recall. At this moment the point is mute. What is really important is the here and now and watching the flow of this precious red fluid drop onto the cold tiled floor.

I would not care if all the blood flowed out of this idiot but I made an ill fated promise to keep this particular idiot alive until dawn and I keep my word.

” Jacqueline the sun is rising, why don’t we keep him hidden until later?”

She was in a serious blood hypnotic state, that new turns could not normally break. Angelica was no new comer and she is the best to drain a body dry.

“That sounds like a good idea. Let us put him in room 212. No one goes down there. They think it is haunted by all the people I killed over the millennia.” She smiled showing a bit too much fang.

Did that bit of information run a chill down my spine? Yes. But will she ever know that? No. She would from time to time say things to get a rise out of me and only once did that work. That was one of the worst day’s of my born again life. That I have ever experience. You may have noticed I said born again, as if I was chirstian. On the contrary there is not one religious bone in this body.

I just like telling the truth and the truth is if you come back for the dead you are born again, right?

Angelica and I managed to move the blood bag down the hall to room 212. listen to his breathing which was shallow and the pulse was faint. He would be good in a couple of hours. I began to formulate a plan on how to get him out.

” Put him on this bed over here.” She said as walked towards it.

“How many more of these do we need? I’m getting tired of curbing my appetite.”

We dropped him on the bed and she turned towards me with her red lips and descended fangs showing that she was willing to give me what I would need. Little did she know, what I need is waiting for this piece of shit, before he would give himself completely up.

Angelica’s pheromones were irritating my senses. She gives off a strong aromatic scent of ammonia and that is not sexy at all. Her age of 118 was not a turn off since before I was reborn I was attracted to older sexes. There are certain qualities that I do not like, even if I did choose her. She possess one of those qualities ei: women should not smell like ammonia.

Women should have some iota of how to entice and not just give it up. Finally a woman a real woman would realize that being a predator, we love the chase. Easy is not pleasing.

It seems she never learned that in her second life.

“What? I don’t do it for you? I will eventually I always get what I want.”

“Is that a threat?” I asked calmly but my eyes showed a different emotion. Angelica knew she stepped over the line with me but she was to proud to admit it.

“No it was not a threat. Just bestowing onto you what I already know.”

I had enough of her. “I will return I have to get to my accueil. No draining until I return.”

She nodded and followed me out of the room.

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Twisted Thursday Fia Style !FIRE!

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Hello to all my fire burners out in the web verse. I have to drop a little knowledge out there to all of the young who have just started on there sexual journey’s so to speak.

Yes, fia is back and we are going to first talk to the young ladies out there. After you have reached that height that that special someone has taken you. (male) It would behove you to go to the bathroom and try to pee. Yes! let me tell you why. If you don’t get that creamy, pearlesant, coconut water out of you and in that bowl. It will come out on it’s own.

It will come out on it’s own and at the worst possible time. It will make you feel like you need an adult diaper! Get that out.

Now gents I know you want to be the beast in the bed room but trim the jungle down, run a comb through it and please make it smell pleasing. We like it to temp us not only by sight and feel but by scent. It will be greatly appreciated.

It is nothing worse than getting choked out by a stray hair. Not matter how far it can be taken down.

Now for those out there who pleasure them selves or who have a partner who uses toys to pleasure you. Hygiene, Hygiene, Hygiene. clean it first and after. You can inadvertently give your self a yeast infection. It does happen. Other wise go for it and can I say one more thing. There is a reason why there is a cervix and penises are the size they are. You shoving the toy so far up that it feel as if your cerix just went twenty rounds is not ok. It’s Painful. You can’t ice it twenty four seven you get me. The penis hits it but it’s not plastic. They can bruise it a bit, but not to the point that you should call 911 vagina alert.

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Slow Burn part 4

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The double moons were high on the planet Qunstan. The Thompson ranch was settle for the night and the only thing that was stirring was the youngest son Malcom in the barn with Tina.

They did not hear when Shidt two goons walked up to the house and enter without disturbing anything. The main bedroom was at the top of the stairs off to the right.

They opened the bedroom door to see that Dell Thompson, the senor Thompson, was fast asleep with his with sleeping next to him. they walked over to the bed and dragged him out of it.

Mrs. Thompson was about to scream but was interrupted by the shorter man’s fist across her jaw knocking her out.

“Mr. Shidt has sent us to send you a message.”

“What? I sent what we agreed upon.”

“The android was not on board.”

“Yes she was. She was handling the animals.’

“Only a young man was handling the animals.”


“Enough talking. He wants his money and we are supposed to hurt you where you would feel it the most.’

‘I am eighty years old. Might as well kill me and put me in the ground.”

“He said you would say that, so he told us what to do.”

The other man was still stand next to the unconscious Mrs. Thompson and took out a wicked looking knife out of his pocket. He took the woman’s hand a placed it on the floor spread out.

“What are you doing?” Mr. Thompson yelled as he watched the knife go down and chop off three fingers on her right hand. Causing her to wake screaming. He left the thumb and the index finger.

“Now she has seven fingers left, she can help you get the money that was given to you in the bargain. Shidt said he is reasonable and will only take back 10 thousand credits for the android.”

“I can transfer the money to him know. Let me get to the projector. please don’t hurt her any more.”

At that moment the Thompson children barged into the room witnessing what was happing.

“Kids get me the projector now.”

The youngest son went to fetch it from his father’s study and returned quickly.

The two girls were next to their mother comforting her. Dell transferred the money without further problems and showing proof to the two men so they could leave.

The man that took off Mrs. Thompson fingers was glaring at Nelly with a look that Dell was determined to wipe off his face. Nelly caught the look as well and seen the anger her father had in her eye’s.

She stood up with her night gown on showing her shapely legs and the silhouette of perky breast. Keeping his gaze on her while she moved closer to him. what he did not know was that all the Thompson children where trained to kill. Not only animals but people too. And what are people but animals that what upright.

“Why did you do that to my mama?” She said softly.

“That is no concern of yours. your father squared it away with Mr. Shidt.”

She was standing face to face and as quick as she could she shoved here mother’s middle finger in the soft meat in his neck and her small finger in his eye.

He began bleeding out of his mouth and his companion did not budge to help him. Instead he jumped out the window and was able to run to the car they had hidden at the far end of the ranch.

Mrs. Thompson stopped crying when she seen where her finger were and even though she was in pain she was proud of her daughter for taking his life.

“Now what is going on pa?”

“We are going to kill butler. Send a message to all our kin in the verse that we need him alive.’


“So I can kill him myself.” Dell Thompson said as he went to comfort the only woman who was able to capture his heart.

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Slow Burn pt. 3

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Entering the atmosphere on Dowa was a bit rocky. It caused Butler to think quickly on how to get off the planet when Shidt realizes that he does not have his full cargo.

He really does not understand why he was doing this. He wanted to settle down on a planet, not start an intergalactic war. He decided it is the right thing to do. Even though she is not a real person she has a conscious and is learning all the time. That constitute being a real person to him.

The landing bay looked wet. They must have just missed a storm. The winds were still blowing wickedly across the ship. He hoped that the animals were not getting motion sickness from the violent movement. He managed to land with a slight boom. He had to see if his shock absorbers were still intact.

Taking a deep breath and grabbing the shipment log he went to the cargo bay. He seen that Jenna had changed her clothing into something a young boy would wear and managed to hide her hair. The problem is that her eye’s give it away. Those damn long lashes.

Brett looked around the cargo hold. He remembered seeing visors that was left behind by the Corenth crew. They were known to have minimal vision due to retinal scaring. He pushed a tarp out of the way and there it was laying behind a crate full of items that he had to deliver to the Amis family.

“Here put these on and do not look up when you hear us talking. We may be able to pull this off.”

“I down loaded into my memory bank on the way a man would walk, stand and talk. I will adjust the tone shortly.”

“You can do that?”

“Yes. I am one of a kind. So my creator thought it was wise to build in special segments to my make up.”

“Let me hear the male voice.”

Jenna stood a moment and said, “What would you like me to say in a tone that made Butler jump back a little.”

“That is excellent. Change the tone a bit. You do not look like a person to have that much base in there voice.”

She made note of it and went back to working with the animals. They may get away with this after all.

Butler opened the cargo door to be greeted by Shidt and a couple of his goons. They looked like the typical goons. One tall and have a look of nothing going on upstairs and the other short and has a definite complex.

“Hey Shidt I brought your cargo safe and sound.”

He smiled showing his lack of dental care teeth.

“Where is the female?”

“Only the animals came on. I can show you the ships manifesto if you do not trust me.”

Shidt smile faltered. Butler could see the anger starting to build behind his eyes.

“You mean to tell me that all you carried was these beast and nothing else? Who’s that over there? I don’t recall you having a deck hand.”

“That is Charlie. I needed help transporting these things to you, so I hired him.”

Shidt looked him over to see if he was bull shitting him. He motioned for one of his guys to go over to the young man to if Butler was telling the truth.

They grabbed Shanna and pulled off her visor. She must have heard what was said because her eye had the cloudy look of the Corenthian people.

“This is a mutt boss.” The tall goon said.

“Well I will have to have a talk with Thompson. I do not take kindly to people who try to rob me. Well what am I saying you know this about me right Butler? I mean you would never try to cheat me out of my investments would you?”

“Do you see and open plot with my name on it? Of course not Shidt. Now can we unload these beasts? I have one more shipment to make before heading home.”

Shidt nodded and walked off the ship. Butler looked cool on the outside but his heart was bounding unbelievably fast. He walked over to Shanna and made sure she was alright and helped her get the animals off the ship.

It took them over an hour to get things squared away and managed to take off without another close call.

Butler did not leave the deck until he was sure that he was far enough that it was safe. He heard when the door opened behind him.

“Well you are free somewhat. You know you will be hunted for years.”

“Yes but I know where we must go to be safe.”

He did not plan to go with her but he is now going to be hunted just like her.” Where is this place?”

“It has no name but I will give you the trajectory.”

Butler listen to her directions and she was going to lead them to open space. Uncharted territory.

“There is no known habitable planets. “

“There is a planet that is habitable. I cannot tell you who gave me the information all I can say that it is nothing like what you are accustomed too. If you do not want to go. Turn the ship around and give me to Shidt. I can wait another five years.”

She had a way of making him sound like a coward without actually saying the words.

“No there is no going back. We have to stop in two light years. I need fuel and supplies.”

She nodded, stood and left the deck. Butler’s life had changed again he hoped it will be better than what he is leaving behind.

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Slow Burn (pt 2)

Part two

The ride through space would excite any unexperienced traveler.  Butler would admit he use to get that adrenaline rush from seeing the planets go by. But it has been years since he felt that excitement. He was considering settling down on a newly terraformed planet and do general runs instead of doing this.

He needed to stretch his legs and it’s been a few hours since he heard nothing from his passenger. He put the ship on auto pilot and did a quick recognizant scan of the area before he was comfortable enough to leave deck.

He went to the hull were they were holding the cattle and found Shanna sitting in the corner asleep? He wondered why she was not in her room.

He walked over and tapped her shoulder to wake her up. It took her a few moments before she came too and realized that she had fallen asleep in the cargo hold.

“You can go to your quarters. No one will take the cargo.”

She stood up and she stopped exactly at his nose. She was not tall but she takes control of these animals as if she was five men.

“I will go then.”

“Can I ask how you came to be a wrangler? You do not seem the type to be doing such a tedious and back breaking job.”

Shanna looked at him as if she had to think of how to answer.

“What type should a wrangler be? I am good at this so I do it. I will go to the cabin now.”

She walked past him to the exit. He watched her walk away and he had to admit his imagination was getting the better of him. She wore clothing that a man would and yet it suited her.

He wondered if she wore it to hide what lies beneath it or if she just enjoys wearing male clothing. He looked out at the cattle and they were fine. He left the cargo to go to his own cabin. He needed to shower and change himself. It had been a few days since soap touched his skin. It bothered him that he complained about his guest’s appearance.

After cleaning up and putting on a splash of sweet space cologne he went to the command deck. Butler did another recognizant scan and everything looked the same as he left it. He sat at the counsel for an hour before hunger grabbed his stomach. He decided that he would eat with another human being instead of being alone/

“Shanna please come to the bridge.”

The door opened behind him and he heard her enter. “I have not eaten as yet and I really do not feel like eating alone. So would you kindly join me?” He did not hear a sound. Turning around Shanna stood there and silently.


“I will join you. Are we to eat here?”

She did not act like any female that he had ever encountered. It didn’t matter at the moment. He turned around and put the ship back on autopilot.

Butler stood and waited until Shanna exited the bridge. He led her to the small eating area and simulated some food for him to eat. “What would you like?”

She looked at his plate and said,” What you are having.”

He loved a woman with a hearty appetite. He placed the plates down and began to eat. She followed suit and ate in silence. He did not want that he need to hear another person’s voice.

“So were you born on Qunstan?”

“No. I was bought and traded. That is how I got on that planet.”

Butler stopped eating. He did not believe what he just heard.

“You were bought?”

“Yes I was bought by Michael Krum and traded to the Thompson family.”

“Krum is ruthless. Your parents sold you. Why?”

“My creators sold me because it would get them out of debt.”

“Your creators?”


“Wait. What are you?”

“I am Shanna. I am a cyborg tenth class. I am as close to human as science can get.”

Butler mouth dropped open. He would have never guessed that she was a cyborg.

“Were you supposed to tell me that?”

“I do not know.”

“Do the Thompson’s know your cyborg?”

Shanna looked down at her hands before answering.

“Not sure.”

Butler was fascinated by her. She really looked real and could fool anyone.

“Well do not fear I will not lay a hand on you.”



“Why would you not? Is it because I am cyborg? I have had relations before.”

“What? Really?”

Butler knew that there were people who enjoyed the company of artifical but he was never tempted.


“Did you enjoy it?”

She did not speak instead she put more food in her mouth and ate as if she needed more time to think of the right answer.

“I was told that I did not need to enjoy the act. That the other person’s enjoyment was much more important.”

That did not sit with him right. Why create something as close to a human if you stop their evolution?

“Well I think that is a shame. How much longer will you be in service to the Thompson’s?”

“I have one more year before I am free, unless they sell me before my time is up and then I will have to wait another five years.”

Listening to this was curbing his appetite. “Why are you going with this cattle?”

“I was told that they were sold and that I will be meeting a Jonah Shidt.”

Sh—this was not only a cattle transaction. She was being sold and she did not even know it.

“Listen when we land, do not get off the ship. You are being sold again. I know this Shidt he buys women and apparently cyborgs to be put in his brothels.”

Shanna looked at her plate and he seen a tear fall. Did cyborgs have feelings?

“Don’t worry as long as you are on my ship you belong to me and I will let them know this. Once we leave I will take you were ever you want to start a life for yourself?”

She looked up and it was like a thought struck her.

“Do you have an idea where you would like to go?”

“Yes. But it is dangerous and you will have to leave everyone you know behind.”

“Well that’s fine. Everything that belongs to me is on this ship and I am free at the wind on the third moon.”

Shanna smile at him and rose from her seat.

“Where are you going?”

“I will have to prepare for the trip.”

He did not want to scare her but he knew it was not going to be easy getting away from Shidt. He had his hands on almost every planet in the cosmos. Where ever they go it better be past his reach.

Slow Burn (Romance in space)

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Waking up is caused by a stimulation that the brain gives to the body without command. Unlike Shanna’s awakening the morning in which was called her birth.

She was the first in the new line of cyborgs that the usurper Floretta Dijon has deemed as necessary. I failed to inform you that this story started over three decades ago. There was a war and death. So many died fighting against none living instruments of destruction for her cause.

Yes, there was a cause, it was to save the dying species called humans. These beings were always in a state of perpetual anger and violence against each other. She found it odd that when the animals started to become scarce that they turned on each other and well you know the rest.

The powers that be where useless and had not one clue as what to do to calm the growing violence.

Floretta Dijon and her team of vigilante scientist had come up with the plan of cybernetic rule. She of course would govern them but at least humans will be trained to live with one another without wanting to kill each other.

Let’s get back to Shanna’s birthday. It is very significant to this story. Her awakening was not really a remarkable thing. She opened her eyes and blinked several times. Her chest rose and fell, simulating breathing and her most important feature that no one informed Floretta of was she had free will.

Now her creator Malcom Surgent was secretly working on the chip that he implanted into Shanna. He was not happy about the way society was being controlled, but he did not have the courage to confront Floretta. So, what he decided the best way to go against her was to make her precious cyborgs have a conscious.

The best way to go against someone who wanted total control is to take control away.

“Shannon please sit up.” Malcom asked

“Why do you do that?”


“Please and thank you. Instead of sitting up, stand, go over there?”

Malcom hated getting into conversation where he knew if he said the wrong thing it will be reported.

“Force of habit I guess.”

That seemed to satisfy the nosey little red head that stood beside him.

“The Shanna cyborg is the best one yet. She is so life like that no one would be able to tell it was a machine. What do you think Floretta wanted this one made for?”

Malcom knew what she was made for. The chip will activate at the right time to give her free will.

“Floretta will be down in an hour. Do you want to run it through the paces so we can see if we must fix anything?”

“She’s perfect. Nothing to fix. Let her sit her until Floretta comes. Why don’t you run some simulations on the Shawn Cyborg? I here that there have been a few glitches in the makeup.”

“The report came in that it overly used its strength and put a human in the hospital.”

“Run the test and tell me what you find. I will be right over to you.”

She nodded and went out of the room. Malcolm looked her over once more and prayed that what he did would not turn out to be a mistake.

The year is 2119. The planet earth had been reduced to nothing more than a waste planet. The inhabitants had either left to find a new life out there in the galaxy or stayed and tried to live the rest of there lives as mineral farmer’s

“Clarence what are you doing out there in the shed?”

“You mean my laboratory?”

“Sorry your laboratory.”

“I think I have just discovered a new life form.”


“Yes, I captured it and know I am observing it’s movements.”

The shed door swung open and a woman of considerable size stood there with a look of fear on her face.

“Let me see what you found, boy.”

He pointed to the jar and she recognized it immediately. It was a blood worm. She had not seen one in ages. She was wondering how that was able to survive the fall out.

“Where did you find this?”

“Out near the mineral mine. What is it?’

“It’s a blood worm. Harmless go one and observe it but do not kill it. All life is precious.”

Clarence nodded and continued.

“Mom are we ever going to leave earth, like the other’s?”

“Clarence I was born here, and I will die here. I have no desire to leave but when you get old enough and you feel the need to leave you can do so. Right now, just be a child for as long as you can.”

She knew her son wanted to explore but he did not know that she was an indentured servant and could not leave the planet. She will tell him when he gets older but for now, she wanted him to be a child.

The years flew and it was now 2129 and the galaxy was calling Clarence Butler to come and explore it. He had left home when he turned nineteen after his mom passed away. He had nothing to hold him to earth and he had enough working in the mines.

That was over ten years ago. He had made the name Butler known as a space cowboy. He lived by a code that no one understood and those who crossed it died from their ignorance.

He was contracted to collect a heard of wild duram. They were a cross between a ram and some space duo/du bull. It was the ugliest thing he had ever seen but money was money and he need it. The pickup should be easy as pie. The ride was a day at light speed and two at normal rate. He landed on the planet Qunstan. The governor was very lenient about trading if he get’s a cut of the profit.

Butler always fibbed a little about the amount and paid the governor next to nothing.

He made it to the Thompson’s space ranch. The heard was about 15 and smelly. Nelly Thompson the oldest of the Thompson children walked over to complete the transaction.

“Butler I would never think you would transport the wild duram on your ship. Have you lost it or are you despite?”

“A little of both. Is there anything I need to know?”

“No but I will be sending help to keep them calm as you take them to the Wilkens farm.”

“That was not part of the deal.”

“Deal’s change all the time. You either say yes or forget about this.”

“Damn is this because I ran out on you. I told you I was not the settling type.”

“No hard feelings. Really not hard at all Butler.”


“This is business. And besides I got hitched a few years back.”

That was something he did not expect. She was not a drop-dead beauty, but she was a good lay when he came into town.

“You are taking the job or not?”

“Yeah I’ll take it. Who is it?”

“Shanna come on and get these beasts on the man’s ship. I will see you soon you hear.”

“Nelly, I do not do round trips.”

“She has a ride home set.”

A tall mud pie of a woman came into view and started to steer the animals onto his ship. Just F—ing great. Stinky beast with four and two legs. He believed his mother was having a big laugh at his demise.

She was very skilled on getting those animals on board. She did not speak much, and she preferred to stay out of the way during the trip. He debated weather to use light speed or not and then he remembered the amount of cleaning he had to pay for because of sick cattle.

They left the planet without animal incident. It did not sit well with him that she would not come to the cock pit. It was not normal to spend your time with animals for long periods of time. He presses on the intercom button and announced, “Listen feel free to go to the room that I had shown you earlier and clean up. After that come to the cock pit.”

He sat there looking out at space and could not help smiling at the memory of the man he bought this ship from. The man was a no-good thief and Butler knew it. He was taken for his money a time or two, but he was not going to be swindled out of his earning by that guy.

Let’s just say when he left, he had the ship, new upholstery and fuel to get him started. The door opened and he figured it was Shanna coming in. He did not smell the animals, so she had listened to his orders and cleaned up.

“Well now the dirt is off you, let me introduce myself. I am butler and you are —. His words trailed off when he finally seen what laid underneath all the dirt. A pair of gorgeous hazel brown eyes that looked as if they were glass, pouty pink lips, and small pixy nose.

“Hello I am Shanna.” She said as he kept staring at her.

“Is there something wrong?”

“No, no I just did not expect to see a person so, so clean.”

“Did you not tell me to clean before coming to the cock pit.”

“I apologize. I am acting like an idiot. Welcome on my ship. We will arrive tomorrow at noon. If you are hungry the simulator is in your room. Do you have any questions?”

“No, I do not. May I leave now?”

“Of course. I will check on you to see if you and the animals are doing alright later.”

“Alright. I was told to tell you to keep it in your pants.”

“Nelly told you that?”

“No Mr. Thompson did. He said he will chop it off and shove it—.”

“I got the message. Do not worry. I am a complete gentle man.”

She tilled her head looking at him questioning his statement in her mind.

“What is with the look?”

“From what I heard there is no gentleness to you.”

There were times he hated the reputation he had created, but there were those times that it was necessary to his survival.

“Well then just keep your distance and we will not have to test how gentle manly I can be. You understand that, right?”

She understood and she left the cockpit. Butler looked into space and knew this time for certain that his mother was busting a gut over the situation.

Is the fire going to be burning with these two or will space be to much to endure? Let me know how you like this so far Keep your eyes open for the next exert.