Meeting Maxon (part of chapter 4) Adult content


What have I gotten myself into? I mated a demon alpha wolf shifter.

“What is wrong?”

“Why so you ask?”

He sighed before responding. “You have been pacing back and forth since my parents left. I assure you that you are safe.”

“You assure me? I am a vampire and not the strongest kind either and your telling me that I will be safe.”

“Yes. I have a question for you.”

I stopped pacing wondering where this was going.


“How did you become this? Not a blood drinker but lypha–”

“Lymphatic. Not sure really how our true origins came into being, but some speculated that we were the first to be created but was a disappointment to our creator because we were so close related to humans than the vampires now.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I can walk in the light. I can eat food and digest it. We are born not turned.”

“Oh, so you’re a genetic abnormality in your species.”

I don’t know if I should be insulted or just go with his thinking.

“So, we can have pups?”


“Pups, children.”

“You want children?”

“Yes. I want at least four. Two of each.”

“Four? Is there any way out of this mating?”

I think I pushed too far.

“You chose me, Leann and I accepted.”

“Yeah, why? You’re not sore on the eyes and yet you’re not mated. What’s wrong with you demon?”

He stood and walked to the fire. One moment I didn’t think that he was going to answer me, but he did.

“I am not attracted to wolf shifters.”

“Excuse me?”

“I cannot rut another of my kind. It doesn’t work. I tried many times.”

“Well maybe the female kind is not your thing I heard that could happen.”

He rounded on me with anger in his eyes. “It is not that. I did attempt it and it’s not it. You are the only female I have ever responded to physically. It was like something broke and my body responded to the call.

Well damn. He was not letting me go. I needed space. I went to go to the bedroom, and I heard him following.

“Why are you following me?”

“Are you not in need of me. My body is wound tight with need for you.”


“Yes mate.”

My body was reacting, but it was fear response. My nails elongated and my fangs began to come down.

“Maxon, I need space. I’m not a wolf shifter. I need time to think and process all of this.”

“I am confused. Your eyes have bled to a pink hue, your nipples have hardened, nails have elongated and your smell–”

“Oh no, no. You cannot be saying you already have connected to me.”

“Yes, we are bonded. Do you not feel my need?”

I didn’t want to try and find out.

“Please just give me space.” I ran into the bedroom and closed the door.

Why me? I looked at the mirror across the room. He was right my eyes have bled to another color.


So, fire starters this is not the end of this blog. I need to know if you want this to continue as single blog post or do you want to have chapters to read.


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