Goodbye my Lover 2nd pt to 12.5

“Why are you still standing there?” I looked over my shoulder looking at Sammy.

“What do you mean?”

“You seem to be frozen where you stand, and we have people’s hands going up for coffee or tea or some kind of beverage.”

I just shook my head to clear it from my thoughts.

“You’re right, I’m sorry. I’m on it.” I went straight to getting their orders, serving them their coffee, and having little polite conversations. A lot of the nighters were smiling, big smiles and their eyes were glowing.

I know that was a sign that they were a little bit too interested in me, but I just took it casually knowing I was in a safe place.  Noel will not let any of them attack me. I kept on going and I offered some of the lighters, some coffee or some tea, or any of the other items that were selling. It went perfectly well.

It was only one night, and I had the best time. When the last lightie left with a nighter. I just looked at Noel and whispered to him, “Is that okay?”

He looked at me and said,” As long as it’s consensual. We have nothing to do with that. They had a good time. They paid for their services, and it looked like you had a good time as well.”

I smiled and put down the cloth.

“I did have a good time.”

Noel gave me this look. ” Where have you waitressed before?”

” What gave it away?”

” The way you were interacting and serving everybody their coffee or their tea without making mistake. And without dropping anything gives me the idea that you used to be a waitress.”

“I was a server, not at a restaurant though. I served at home because I had a lot of siblings and I had to serve them. So yes, I was a waitress in in a sense.”

Sammy and Noel started laughing.

“Okay, so the experience you got was because you had to serve your siblings. ”

I looked at them both like ‘Don’t laugh’.

“It was a lot of us. My parents did not believe in reproduction control. So yes, there was quite a few of us.”

The laughter continued. I have never seen two people enjoy the fact that I came from a large family as much as they did.

“How many are we talking about?”

I looked at my feet hiding my cheeks when I said ten.

They both stopped laughing and just looked at me in amazement.

Sammy took off her apron and put it down. Snapping out of her trance.

“I will be here early in the morning, and I guess I’ll see you when the sun starts to go down.”

“Yes, you will Sammy. Have a good night.”

Sammy walked past Noel and whispered, “Do not with her, too Fertal.”

“Bye your darkness you did okay tonight.”

“Good night, Sammy.”

She waved and left. I went to the back of the counter to retrieve my bag and was about to say good night to Noel.

When I stood up Noel was right there. Right behind me.

” Is there something wrong? ”

“No. I just wanted to thank you for helping us out tonight. It would have been a bit much for me and Sammy to handle on our own.  Normally when it’s that kind of a crowd, I would have to hire an extra hand.  I just appreciate it. So here.” He handed me an envelope.

I opened it wondering what was inside and then when I saw the amount of money, I closed it quickly and handed it back.

“Noel, you did not have to pay me for this. I really enjoyed helping you guys out. Free of charge. It’s not a problem.” I told him.

Noel face hardened. ” I don’t run my business like that, and I don’t owe anybody.  You did help us out and I do appreciate it. But I will pay for you working tonight. If it’s too much. Then take out of it what you think is appropriate that you earned and then just hand me the rest back. But I will pay you for working at the coffee shop tonight.” He was serious.

I sighed and looked in the envelope and I took out $100 Because honestly, I didn’t need the money. But I do understand that I was rubbing him the wrong way. It was way too much money he had in the envelope, and I was not raised to take advantage of people that way. I took out the $100 handed him the rest of the money in an envelope. And I said, ” Thank you so much for the money and now I’ll leave.”

As I tried to move, he stood in my way again. “Is there something else wrong?”

“No. Well, I wanted to do something.”

He stood there looked around and then looked back at me but this time it wasn’t his usual look. His eyes weren’t glowing either.  I wasn’t really afraid that he was hungry. But the tension that was starting to pick up in the air was a bit uncomfortable.

“Noel. He leaned in and brushed a soft kiss across my cheek then another near my ear causes me to shiver.  Then he backed away. “Thank you.”

I just touched my cheek and looked at him.  “Was this what you give to other people that you hire?

” No, it’s not what I give other people that are hire but I wanted to thank you properly and I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a bit attracted to you.  I will never go any further unless I’m invited. So, thank you for helping for tonight. And I hope to see you tomorrow.”

I walked past him and around the counter. I was about to leave when I turned around and thought why not.

Noel, do you ever go out other than the club from this place?”

“How do you know I go to the club?”

“I was assuming.”

He gave me this look that was unreadable.

” What do you have in mind? “He asked.

“Well, there is a new movie out and I don’t like going to the movies by myself. So, I was wondering if maybe tomorrow or the next night. If you’re available, we can go and just enjoy a movie and then you can come back and work at least.  If that’s the only amount of time that you have to be away from your shop.

He looked at me and there was something that went across his eyes. And normally I’m a very good reader of people’s faces and what they do and what they mean. I just could not figure out what he was thinking.

“Darlene I would love to go out with you to the movies. Not tomorrow because it’s too short to pop up on Sammy. And it’s too short of notice for me to get her help.  It will have to be the night after. ”

“Okay, great. So, we’ll go to the movies. And I’ll see you then.”

“Are you not coming in tomorrow for your coffee.?”

“Oh, I’ll definitely be in for my coffee.  Tell Sammy that darkling is going to be here bright and early for her mix of elixir.”

He laughed so hard. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Have a good night, darling.”

I looked at him. I asked, “Darling?

He’s said, “Darlene.”

“Okay, you and Sammy love to play with my name. But I could have sworn you said darling. Have a good night. No.”

Then walked out.


I cannot believe how well she did tonight night. She served seven tables. Made no mistake, remembered everybody’s name and did not need to write anything down. She was like a superb waitress.

Sammy even gave me a nod to tell me that she approved of Darlene with the people. If she didn’t work somewhere. I would have hired her right away. But then again, if I would have hired her then I can’t date her.

It has to be one or the other. And right now, I’m not dating her and I’m not hiring her so I’m stuck. The night ended perfectly, and Sammy made her exit.  I took my opportunity to thank Darlene the way I thought I wanted to thank her.

I wanted it to be innocent and chaste, that I even surprised myself by kissing her a second time near her ear where I felt her pulse beat on my lips.

We are adults. Grown men would kiss a grown woman on the mouth but I’m a nighter and she’s a lighties. And if I take these things too fast– I can definitely end up ashes, so to speak.

She asked me out on a date, huh? That surprised me. Movies.

They’re dark in the movies. And we’ll be walking back at night. Hmm. Things can happen during that night. But yet, I’m going to take it slower with her.

The night when she came in here, crying because her friends thought of her being a certain way is not something I want to repeat. I want her to be relaxed around me. I want her to trust me. And I do not ever want her to shed one tear because of me.

Slow and steady is the way we’re going to go.

Now, Eliza and Peter, what am I going to do about them? This community center is not a good idea. I’ve been doing some research. The way they want to build this community center is the center of the lighties’s territory.

If that center is built there will be a lot of deaths and they will have no protection because once a nighter crosses inside the lighties’s territory, you’re giving them the okay to do with ever they want with whomever they want.  I refuse for them to use these people as feeding bags without consent. ‘Eliza, I remember when I used to follow you. I remember when I was ready to make you, my world. And I also remembered when you left me.’

That night when she left. She gave me this look as if I meant nothing. No, I refuse to go backwards. And I refuse for her to do what she’s planning to do. Now, I just have to find out who’s behind this construction and how I will have to stop it.

Why is it always good with bad? Why can’t the good just stay good? Whatever. One night at a time.

“Now I gave you two parts in one day. Let me hear your thoughts. All comments appreciated. Fia”

Goodbye My Lover part 12.5 (Book Lovers Unite)

 It was raining all day and all day long I watched Penny and Colt talking to each other as if I were a third wheel.

I kept my mouth shut and I kept my composure because without me they would have never landed this job. 

“Why are you so quiet today, Darlene? You’re not giving us any input” Penny asked.

“Oh, you guys noticed that I’m here, because since I came in today, both of you have been nonstop chatting to either about work or something you guys did last night, or god knows what.”

 They both looked at each other.

“We’re so sorry. I guess we are leaving you out of things.”

“It’s fine. As long as we all are on the same page with this job. We have to make sure everything goes well or else it is our butts on the line.”

 We all agreed and once again, we pulled it together to become the team that we strive to be. At the end of the day. Colt and Penny invited me to go to the movies with them. And I told them that I had other plans and they both gave each other this look.  As if I would never have other plans unless it is with them.

“Um, where are you going?” Penny asked.

“Oh, I’m going to see some friends.”

“Friends?” Colt asked

“I do have other friends then you guys. You know?”

“No, we don’t know. Since you’ve been here it’s all about me and Penny.  Now you’re popping up that you have other friends. Is this your way of just brushing us off and pretending you have friends just so we don’t feel guilty?” Colt asked.

“Oh my god, you two need to get over yourselves. I do have friends and I’m on my way there. I’m a bit late. So, I will see you guys in the morning. I’ll bring the coffee this time. How’s that?”

“Okay, sure. You know we–”

“Yeah, I know what you guys have. I’ve been with you guys like you said since I got here. So don’t worry about it. I’ll bring the coffee and I’ll talk to you later.”

 I turned my back and walked off very quickly not wanting to see their expression and not caring what they were saying to each other. Because honestly, it was my fault that it went this way. I clung to the very first people who at least gave me an iota of attention because I was the new girl. I need to stop that.  I am a person that people would like to know.

  It took me fifteen minutes to get to the coffee shop.  I see Sammy is wiping down all the tables. And Noel seems to be doing something in the back. Once I opened the glass door a smell I’ve never smelled before in the coffee shop captured my scenes and made love to me in a very scent-ual way.

 It must be a new creation of Noel’s. I thought looking at him skillfully working.

“Hi, I’m here to help.”

 Sammy looked up from wiping the tables. 

“Well Darkling, nice to see you again.” I frowned at the name.” Listen, I’m sorry. It’s gonna stick. You are darkling, and don’t take any offense to it. I think it’s a cute name. So that’s why I keep calling you darkling it is not to get on your nerves. I just thought it was funny and I just like it okay.?”

“I’m not gonna take offense by it since you’re telling me it is coming from a bad place and not that you’re going at me.”

“No, I wasn’t going at you. I just thought it was funny. And it just is a cute name.”

“. Okay, what do you want me to do?”

“Well, I’m wiping down these tables and I’m almost done. Behind the counter. There are little named tags for the tables. I need you to start putting the tags on the tables before the clients get here. They should be here in another forty-five minutes. That is why the last people that are in here right now are wrapping it up.” She said this giving the people a hint that they need to wrap up and leave.

 Instead, they just looked over their laptops and gave her this look as if you’re not rushing me, I paid my money. That kind of look.

 I laughed and went straight to the counter and put my bags down near a little stool that was behind them. I took the name tags. Out and looked at them. I just couldn’t help but smile. The first one said, “Fangs are not.” And I looked at Noel and he didn’t give me one iota that he saw me smiling at these name tags. 

“Are you really going to put these on the table? fangs or not and the second one is if you got them bite them. Like what is going on? what kind of thing is this tonight?”

“They have a very easy-going reading club and tonight is authors and readers. So, they wanted to have fun and wanted to be all-inclusive, like I told you. You’re going to have some lighties and you’re going to have some nighters. Why not have fun?”

“Um, can I ask you something? Are they all about fangs and biting?”

“No, keep looking.”

  I went through and scrolled down. I came to one that said, “I glow” and I could not help but let out a laugh that was so not me. Noel turned around was like, “Did you snort?”

  I was like “No I did not snort. Ladies do not snort.”

 Then Sammy turned around and said” Yes. She snorted and sorry, Darkling I had to out you.”

 I had the biggest smile, and this is the most relaxed I’ve been in days. Yeah, it’s kind of sad that I do miss Penny and Colt but at the same time, I’m making new friends and they’re easygoing. We finished wiping down the tables and setting up the name tags. Noel had three different pitchers of newly brewed coffee that he wanted to try out for this event.

 Slowly but surely, the readers and the authors started trickling in. I watched the different people and realized that they weren’t that different. They look the same. They have odd mannerisms. Some of them really engulf the whole concept of being a nighter. With the dark clothes and the fangs being out and present.  Dark eyeliners and spiky hair.

 The lighters, oh my goodness, you would swear you’re watching a B-rated movie with hair up ponytails and a ribbon. The pinkest outfits were as if they were waiting to be attacked.  Then you have the other ones that are just very serious about their reading and their authors. 

You can tell by the way they wore tweed clothes and, the little briefcase and glasses that may not be prescription but made them look studious.

 I could not help but just smile because this was very comforting to me, believe it or not, and I was doing something out of the ordinary.

A young woman wearing dark rimmed glasses and dark red lipstick that made her skin look very anemic stood to make an announcement.

“I would like to welcome you all here for the second annual Book Lover’s Unite. A place where it does not matter if you are a nighter or a lighter. It only matters if you love literature. I want to remind you of the rules. No aggressive behavior of any kind to the staff. they are here to make our time together a memorable one. If those of you feel a bit peekish please raise a finger and go to our host Noel and he will see to your needs. That is all.”

Everyone applauded and the meeting commenced. Until one of the authors decided to stand and read from her book. Then everyone, even the nighters were dead silent. It got to a point where I almost heard the drop of water from the tap hit the cup because it was so quiet. And when she finished her last line, they all stood and applauded in such a rambunctious way that you cannot deny that she was the best author out there.

“Are they bringing you in? Let me know. Fia”

Goodbye My Lover pt 11 (Eliza’s Plan)


The club hummed with the sounds of life. Music played melodic tunes but was drowned out by the continuous chatter and laughter.

Eliza walked through the crowd parting it with her sheer presence. Her determined strides were punctuated by her heeled boots striking the stone stairs as she descended.

Passing several doors she reached her destination.

“Peter I need to speak to you now.  Chain your pet.”

Eliza was found with a young male who seemed entranced by Peter. His state of undress and the two delicate puncture wounds on his golden skin indicated that Peter was just beginning his seduction.

“Eliza can this not wait?” He said not taking his eyes off the young man.

“No, now.” She said and stormed out of the room.

She went straight to the bar in the back of her room and poured a glass of blood that was a hundred-proof alcohol.

“Oh no, you are drinking from a glass. What is the problem?” Peter asked as he walked to the only chair in her room.

“It is not a problem if we are on the same page.”

“Stop being vague.”

“We will be moving into the lighties territory. The plan to build the all-inclusive Community Center in the center of the city was approved.”

“Really.” He said with a smile and look in his eye showing he had his Aideas playing in his mind.

“Whatever you are thinking put it on hold. We have to have Noel on board.”

“That should be simple. He still has a thing for you. Just convince him like you used to.”

“That is the problem. He’s not the same.”

“What are you talking about Eliza.? Have you tried to come on to him?”

She took another swallow of her drink.

“I never had to try. He just used to fall into step like a puppy on my leash.”

Peter looked at her with a sly smile.

“Are you unsure of your feminine prowess?”

An arch of dark red liquid was tossed in the air and landed in Peter’s face and on his cream-white shirt.

“You are afraid.”

“I am not. I will make him heel.”

“Then what am I in here for? I was in the middle of a delicious situation.”

“I need you to go out and find out what Noel has been up to. I need intel. You tend to get in easily with the newly turned and the young people who are trying to find their way in –”

“In their sexuality?”

“Yes,” She said as she poured more blood into her glass.

“When is Noel coming to see you?”


Peter rose from his seat with the red liquid drying on him.

“Good luck. It’s like riding a bike, Eliza. He’ll follow.”


I decided that I would not leave the club without an answer from Eliza. It was one in the morning and I closed the store for an hour. It was fine since it was slow at the one o’clock hour.

I walked into the club in the back way. Avoiding the crowd tonight.

I walked to the lower level and went straight to Eliza’s room. Nothing had changed she had it dimly lit and a soft scent was in the air. I shook my head when I realized it was gardenias. That was the scent she would have permeated the air when she decided it was time for us to be together.

I shook my head at her delusions.

“Noel, thanks for  coming tonight.”

“Did I hear you right? You just thanked me.”

“Your right. Have a seat.” She demands.

That was the Eliza I knew.

“Are you going to tell me why you and Peter are back?”

“Why are you so in a rush? Why don’t you relax a bit.”

I sat down and watched her every movement. Tonight she was wearing a skin-tight black leather dress that emphasized all the curves of her body.

Eliza went to her bar and poured two glasses of blood, She brought one of them to me and I took a sip realizing that was all I could afford to drink unless I wanted to pass out.

“Tell me.”

“Fine. We came back to open a center where all lighties and our kind can mingle without fear.”

“That is what we have here?’

“Well, this one will be in the center of the Lighties territory.”

I do not breathe like normal lighties. But what breath I do take stopped.


“You heard me. We will be in the center of the city.”

“Are you trying to kill all the newly turned? You know the law states they are not allowed in their territory or be put to death.”

“Well that is why the club will remain but we need to branch out and I need your help.”

“My help?”

“Of course. Do you not have a coffee shop for the lighties? How do you control yourself, tell me what is your secret.”

“No secret and I am not helping you.”

She walked over to me and she stared right at me. Her eyes started to turned a pitch black that you could drown in but she forgot I’m pure blood and it does not have the same effect on me as the lighties.

“Eliza do not do this.”

She grazed her fingers across the spot where she knew I liked to be bitten but I have changed and do not desire her like I once did. I caught her hand and made her stop.

“No, Eliza. Whatever we had is long gone.”

“Noel are you really telling me no.”

“That is what I am saying, I am also telling you no on the idea.”

She burst out laughing.

“You telling me no the community center? You have no say. You have no power.”

I stood and gave her back her glass.


“I have no power? Your memory has deteriorated some has it?”

“You follow where I lead Noel.”

I looked at her with my eyes showing a glimpse of my power. “I was born in power. You were created and I said no.”

I walked out of the room with my blood boiling at her attempt of trying to manipulate me.

The crash of the glass against the door was undoubtedly Eliza having a tantrum. She will not let this go. I’m ready for her.

Goodbye My lover prt10 (Lonely)


The meeting with the boss went well. Colt and Penny were especially ecstatic about landing a big client and I was as well but watching how they were giving each other nonverbal eye cues made me realise that I was not part of that friendship.

I won’t lie to myself and say that I am not lonely but it will be fine. I powered through this emotion before.

“Darlene so we’ll see you in the morning. We  have a lot to hash out.”

“Yeah, of course.”

“We will see the regular Darlene tomorrow. This one scares me a bit.” Colt said trying to make me laugh I think.

“The regular me will be back. Have a good night.” I told them both. I walked away from them because to see them walk away together would bother me.

I walked without thinking of the destination. I ended up back at the coffee shop and No was at the counter wiping it down.

I went in with a smile on my face that I had down packed from practicing and ordered.

“Hi, I know this is a coffee shop but do you have any chamomile tea?”

Noel looked at me with a smile and it faltered a bit.

“Yes, we have that. Are you alright? Did you not land the contract?”

“I’m fine. What do you mean? We landed it and we start work tomorrow.”

He nodded and went to work getting my tea. What did he see? I gave him my best smile.

“Here you go. If you like for celebration I have chocolate croissants on the house.”

“Thank you,” I said then it happened. A tear fell and then another.

He looked uncomfortable and I did not want that. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Wiped the tears away and asked, “How much I owe you?”

He looked at me then past me over my shoulder.

“Come in the back.” He whispered.

“Why? I will get it together. “ I reached for the cup and he grabbed my hand.

“Please, come in the back.”

I looked into his eyes and he looked concerned. I nodded and went with him in the back.

The room was nice and relaxing. With a loveseat. A mock waterfall by the wall and a lot of plants that seemed to grow without natural sunlight.

“Have a seat.”

“You have a business to run.”

“It; ‘s alright. I’ll be right back.”

I went to sit on the loveseat and felt the weight of my loneliness wash over me. Why was it hitting me so hard? I have always been alone.

Noel returned with the tea and sat next to me.

“What is the matter?

“I feel really ridiculous right now. I should be happy but I just don’t feel it.”

He sat there silently and let me drink the tea. The tears stopped flowing and a calm effect was coming over me.

“How do you feel now?”


“Good I had the air mixed with a calming scent to relax you. Now can you tell me what happened?”

“This is crazy I don’t even know you.”

“It’s easier to talk to someone you don’t know sometimes.”

“The day went as expected. I was prepared for the meeting as you can see. I dominated the man that I knew would crumble if I did that and we got the job.”

Then why are you upset?”

“I feel alone in this win. Ever since we went to that club. Colt and Penny are spending my time together without me and I feel it.”

He nodded in understanding.

“You feel like you lost your friends.”

When he said it out loud the tears started to flow again. He moved closer and put his arm around my shoulder. I turned into him and he let me cry it out.

“Look they are your friends but I think you are confusing work friendships with real ones.”

“I am tired of being alone. I’ve done it but –”

“I have an idea if you are willing.”

I looked up at him.

“Would you like to come here Wednesday and help me and Sammy out in the Evening? We are hosting a reading get-together and it is larger than we expected.”

“I have a job.”

He laughed and nodded and started to wipe my face.

“I do know that. This is just to get you out of the same old routine and I would appreciate it.”

I looked at his chest and realized I was being held close. He smelled like coffee and sweet citrus.

I pushed away and nodded my acceptance.

“I will help.”

He smiled showing a little pointed canine.

“That is the first time I’ve seen your smile. You are a nighter.”

He stiffened at the comment, and I regretted it.

“It does not matter to me. Thank you for listening. How are you back here with me while running your business?”

“I put out a sign on the door. Will be back in twenty.”

“Thank you for the tea.” I stood up and I felt him looking at me.

“You dominated him?” He asked.

“I took acting class in high school and I can study what personality I need to be and put it to action.”

I went into mode and looked at him. I moved in close and whispered, “Tell me the time I must be here and I will only say it once.”

He smiled and threw my concentration off.

“You’re good. I like that side of you.”

“No that is not a side that is acting.”


We left the back and I felt at ease. I told him good night and went home.




Wow, she is something. The way she looked, smelled, and walked in. I wanted to pounce, But her smell was off. It was tinged with sadness.

Once the tears started to fall, I felt like I needed to calm her down. The first thing I thought of was the back room.

Sammy has been in this room once and she said that she did not like it. “I feel claustrophobic.”

I took her by the hand and walked her to the back.

Her skin was soft and warm. I told her to have a seat and I went out to make a quick sign that we were closed for twenty. We never close.

I went back there and changed the setting on the air. The light lavender scent calms people.

Sitting next to her I could feel how upset she was.

Finally, she let it out. She was alone. She was tired of being alone and she thought she made a real connection with those two.

We talked for a while and finally, she calmed down. She even tried to show me her dominating skills.

I did my best not to laugh. Once she bent close, I wanted a taste of those lips. Instead, I pulled back.

Tonight, I am supposed to meet with Eliza and Peter. They were coming here, and I needed her to leave soon.

“Okay please be here at six. I will need you to work for four hours. Are you alright with that?”

She smiled and nodded. 

I walked her out and she waved goodbye. Taking the sign down I stepped aside to let a few customers in that were waiting.

I served them mindlessly. My thoughts were jumbled with what I needed to find out from Eliza and Peter and how I was reacting around Darlene.

Hi fire starters. How are you liking these two.A bit emotional this part but we all break down sometimes. Let me know how you like it. Fia xoxo


Goodbye My lover pt 9 (landing the client)


 I woke up from a caffeine-induced sleep to realize my phone alarm was sounding off. I set it for two hours before I have to leave.

I have a ritual I do when I have to face intense situations like landing this job.

I rose out of my own warmth and trudged to the bathroom. 

Looking in the mirror it did not surprise me that my hair and face battled with my pillow, and it won.

My eyes were puffy, my cheeks lined with pillowcase imprints and my hair was in a state of fight or flight.

“Well, Darlene let’s get it back together. “

It took 20 minutes to resemble myself.  I went to my phone and looked at the checklist I created for today. 

The first two are done. Now to complete the rest.


It was time to go and I was ready. I was focused and zen at the same time. My clothes were in my go-getter navy blue suit white shirt and blue heeled shoes that I pulled out for important situations. 

My makeup screamed look at my lips. I intentionally wore a red so deep you could not look away.

Grabbing everything I needed I headed out with determination.

I went straight to the coffee shop to get the coffee that I was promised, and I saw the cashier from yesterday there.

There was only one person online, so I was next, and I was ready to apologize. I walked up to the counter, and she looked up and asked, “What would you like today.?”

“Hi. I want to apologize for the way I acted towards you yesterday.”

She looked at me as if she did not know what I was talking about.

“Yesterday I was very rude to you, and you called me Darkling,” I said.

Then I saw the light bulb go off in recognition.

“Wow, you clean up really nice. Thanks for the apology.”


“There is a coffee I am supposed to make you for today I was told. So if you wait for  a few minutes I will have it ready.”

“Thank you.”

She smiled and went to work on making the special brew for me. I looked at the digital clock on the wall and I had only a few more minutes to spare before I turned and left.

“Here you go. Just like I was instructed.”

“Thank you so much.”

“He said to give this to you. There is not a price for this yet.” She said then gave me a wink.

The thought that he gave that instruction to me made me smile. I needed to go so I left and headed out to the office.


The office was buzzing with staff in several states of anxiety. This client if landed will move this company higher in the ranks of…

“Wow, you look ready for war,” Penny said as she looked me over.

Colt just whistled.

“So, we are sticking to the plan.  Penny, you sweeten the idea, Colt you pick up steam with how we can help move it forward and I will make the kill shot.”  I said.

We all nodded and went to our desks and waited for the clients to arrive.

The clients were late, and they came with an extra person. The person they brought with them is.

Phillip J. Boosun this man is known to make things happen. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. It all depends on his mood. I was ready for him.


They were ushered into the conference room by our manager. I turned and looked at them and saw the same determination I had in landing this contract.

We rose and walked in formation. Penny was in front, Colt’s at her right and I took the left. When we entered, we could tell they were ready to leave. Penny could read the room better than I could and started to sweeten the mood by sympathizing with their need to go and to wait any longer than they had to is uncalled for.

The CEO nodded his agreement.

“Let me start by saying that we value your time. Now let’s talk about what you came here for. How we are going to move  Xercetancial into the future.” Penny said laying it on thick like honey. After five minutes Colt took over and emphasized the benefits of using the company.

They listen intently and they all seem to go for it except Phillip J. Bosom.

Colt was winding down and I waited for Philip to shoot down the idea.

“This sounds great, but I do not possibly see the profit for such a venture,” Philip said then looked at me.

I sat there and stared directly into his eyes without blinking.

“You would not see the profit because it is not for your eyes to see. You are an advisor correct? Do you do the books as well?” I paused for effect.

“You will make money. Even better and to the point when you think of a volcano erupting and spewing lava. Replace it with thousands, millions of dollars coming to you.”

“Those are sweet words, but you have nothing to back it up.” He said looking smudged.

I stood slowly and deliberately.  I lowered my to a level parent would reprimand a child and put a little heat behind my words.

“If I was not confident in what I propose, you would not be here today.”

He looked at me swallowed and eventually lowered his gaze. Knowing he would not win this.

“Amazing, are you leading the project?” the owner asked.

I aimed my gaze at him but pulled back on the heat.

“It is a joint endeavor. “

He nodded his head in understanding. 

“Let’s get the ball rolling on this. I believe this will work .”

Our manager finally got out of stunned silence and walked to his office to iron out the logistics. 

Once the door shut. Penny and Colt looked at me like I had 3 heads.


“What was that? And who are you?”

I looked at them and whispered. “I did my research and knew he would cower down when confronted by a dominant personality.”

“Well, you’ve never shown this side of you. Maybe we need to rethink the name “prude”.”

I smiled and shook my head.

Let’s go out this Friday to celebrate.” Colt suggested. 

I nodded my agreement and then we left to conference room to be greeted by a message from the boss.

“When they leave, I want all three of you in here. Prepare for a long night.”

The three of us looked at each other and smiled.




When I went out to do the night shift I received an odd look from Sammy.

“What is going on in that mind of yours?”

“You are not going to say anything?”


“About this morning and how Miss Darkling looked.”

“Stop calling her Darkling. I saw her on the screen.”


“She looked good.”

She stood there glaring at me not hearing what she wanted. I did like the way she looked a bit too much and I have to lock that away.

“I’m leaving for the night and if you want to act like what she wore didn’t stir something in you. You are only kidding yourself.”

“Sammy she is just a customer.”

“Yeah.” She said looking at me as she grabbed her satchel. “See you in the morning before you go into hiding.”

I smirked at her because she knew why I do what I do. It would freak lighties out if they found out that natural-born nighters can withstand the sun.

“Good night,” I said to her and went to clean things up with my thoughts straying to her and what she looked like this morning. I was pleasantly surprised by her; I saw her when she apologized to Sammy with sincerity.

I also saw when she walked off and the view from the back was as good as the front.

“Excuse me can I order the deep roast.” a voice said from a man in jeans, a hooded sweatshirt, and a nose ring.

Noel snap out of it now.” I chastised myself and returned to work.

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Goodbye My Lover pt 8 (Sugar Free Whip cream)



The sun was setting, and I needed to get out of this room before I bounced off the walls. Besides I see Sammy was a bit overwhelmed with the influx of people asking for the special.

I walked out with my apron in hand and forgot that I was wearing a form-fitted black t-shirt and black jeans. 

For anyone else, they may turn a head or two. I have been turning more heads in my direction than I can count. That is not what bothers me. What bothers me is the lust washing over me in waves.

It did not matter if it was a female or male. Lust smelled the same and I had my fill of it for centuries. That was another reason I stayed away from the club.

“Excuse me are you starting your shift?” A woman wearing a low-cut dress that had an unflattering pattern on it asked.

I nodded my head and looked towards Sunny. She smiled and continued to take the orders until she needed to leave.

The shop created a signature coffee every Wednesday. Customers would ask what was in the special. Because of the law, I am supposed to divulge what I put in the coffee. It didn’t matter. These people would drink expired freeze-dried coffee and love it.

They didn’t come for the coffee. They came for me, and I exploit it to a degree.

In the beginning, I would take the most lust-filled customer to the back and indulge myself in their body, mostly blood.

That ended as quickly as it began. The last person I took to the back mentally snapped. Coming to me every day to be taken. When I refused it turned bad. 

It was at a point it was either me or her. I dispatched her life to save my own.

I felt when the sun began to set, my body hummed with more life.

“Hey, No. Can I place my order.” A familiar voice said. I cannot believe I missed her scent. I turned to see the woman from earlier.

She didn’t look as angry as before, but she came in alone.

I walked over to the counter without making to much eye contact and asked,” What would you like?”

“I had the special earlier and it was good. I want that again with two pumps of sugar and sugar-free whipped cream.”

I went to make her drink and tried not to say too much to her or too little.

“Would you like a croissant with that?” I asked.

“No thanks just want the coffee. Where is the person that was here earlier?”

Why would she want to talk to Sammy?

“She left for the day. Is there something I could help you with?”

“No. I was a real ass earlier. I was upset and I was taking it out on her. I wanted to apologies.”

I went to her and handed the special to her.

“I’ll let her know. Darkling.” I said then smiled.

She took in a breath at the name and then smiled too.

“I guess I deserved the name.” She shook her head and took the cup.

“Where are your friends?”

“It’s just me and my boyfriend called work tonight. Thanks. For the coffee.” She said and went to the table where she sat along and started to work.

The night customers started to slow down the later it got, but she stayed engulfed in her work.

She tends to flick the tip of her hair back and forth between her fingers when she was reading and when something was not right, she would bite her lip.

She looked up from the computer finally and smiled. It must have been productive. I should stay behind the counter, but I was curious.

I took her over the last of the special.

“Oh, hi noel.”

“No more,no?” I asked smiling.

“I wouldn;t says that. Thank you for the coffee. I’ll pay for it before I leave.”

“On the house. You looked like you needed a pick me up.”

“I did.”

“Can I ask you something?” I wonder if she would be honest.


“Why were you upset earlier?” She looked down and face started to turn pink.

“I was upset because I was call something I was not.”

“And that something is–?” I know I was pushing but I liked how she was responding.

She took a deep breath and whispered, “Prude”.

I could not help my surprised expression. Then the laugh that followed. She turned the brightest red.

“It’s not that funny, No.”

“Back to No.Well are you?”

“I just said I wasn’t.”

“What made them think that then?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Can I see you laptop for a minute.”

She nodded and let me use it. I searched the word prude in the dictionary.

“A prude is. 

a person who is or claims to be easily shocked by matters relating to sex or nudity.” I looked at her after I read it and her mouth felt open.


“You did not just look that up.”

“Yes, I wanted to make sure we are on the same page on the meaning. I can see that the topic does shock you.”

She took her laptop and closed it and stood.

“Are you leaving?”

“I am not a prude.” She said putting things away.

“Prove it.”

She stopped busing herself and looked at me.

“I wonder if you have a big cock to go with your arrogance.”

How was I turned on by her trying to shock me.

“I do you want to take a peek?”

I looked and was astonished by the color she was.

“Listen I am sorry.” You do not have to go.

“Actually, I do. I need to look presentable for my presentation tomorrow.”

“Is that what you were working on?”

“Yes, I was putting on the finishing touches.”

She confident in her work. 

“Good luck for tomorrow.” I said and I meant it. She looked really invested in the project. “Come by before you go to work. I’ll have coffee for you.”

She gave me a questioning smile.

“You don’t have to.”

“I want to. I’ll leave a note for Sammy to expect you.”

“You won’t be here?”

She did not know I was a nighter. How could she not?

“I normally up at sunset.”

“Right, you work at night. I am so lost.”

She really did not know.

“I’m a nighter. You do know that right.”

She looked at me as if it was the first time.

“How are you here? This is lighter territory.”

“This is the edge of Lighter territory and don’t worry I will not hurt you.” I decided that the conversation was over.

“Noel it was just a question, and I did not say or think you would. I was thinking more about your safety. There are allot of anti nighter around.”

“I’ll be fine. Get home safe.” I started to walk away when I felt her hand on my arm.

“I’ll expect it to have two pumps of sugar and sugar free Whip cream in my coffee.”

I nodded and she let me go. I need to stay away. I’m hungry I have to feed soon.

“Good night, No.” She called out as she left.

“Good night, Darkling.” She smiled at that.

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Goodbye My Lover Pt 7 (Not a Prude!)

Cappuccino is served in a smaller cup and Garnish with whipped cream. Generative AI. 24835871 Stock Photo at Vecteezy



I can’t believe Colt called me a prude and penny. Dear sweet Penny who I thought was as lonely as the last pet left in a shelter to be homed. Well, I guess I was wrong. But to call me a prude, how dare they.

I made it to the coffee shop so quickly that I didn’t even realize I was at the counter. A young woman with olive skin, cropped hair, and a mole on her cheek was staring at me waiting.

“Are you ready to order?”

“Oh, right I’ll have the special with two pumps of sugar and sugar-free whip cream on top.”

She looked at me as if I was a puzzle that needed to be solved. “What?”

“You want it sweet but you’re adding sugar-free whip cream so you’re saving on sugar.”

I was not in the mood for this.

“Listen-” I looked at her name tag and it said Sammy.

“Listen Sammy I just want my coffee without judgment can I have that?” I said to her, and I am pretty sure I might have sneered a little.

She back away with her hands up in retreat. I looked down into my purse and to get my card to pay.

“What’s your name so I can put it on your order.” She asked.

I told her while I was rummaging. I finally found it and paid.

It didn’t take long for my drink to be made but when I heard.

“Darling here is your special with two pumps of sugar and sugar free whip.”

I knew she was joking.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“This is you right? You said your name is Darkling right?”

“My name is Darlene, not Darkling.”

“Listen I do not know why you are mad, and you feel the need to take out on a stranger, but I have to advise you, you need to work out whatever this is somewhere else.”

I looked at Sammy and she looked as if she was ready for anything, and I just wanted to argue.

I took the coffee and turned to leave.

“No problem, Darkling, anytime.”

My life.


It was close to noon, and I sat in my secured room making sure everything was going alright at the shop.

Her scent was in the air but mixed with an enticing heat to it. I seen when she went to the counter to order and watched as everything played out.

She was angry but she had her limit as to how she would allow herself to release it. Her jaw kept clenching from the restraint.

Then when I heard Sammy call her Darkling. I almost choked with laughter. Her face was in a state of shock and killer.

I needed to talk to Sammy to control her attitude a bit more but by the way she came into the shop, she was lucky that she didn’t get more.

I should take a quick nap before sunset. Being pure blood, I did not need much sleep, but a nap here and there was normal.

“Darkling.” I whispered. I liked it. It suited the way she was at the Club. The mask would hide the person from us, but their scent always reveals who they are, and Miss Darkling knew how to move her body well.

I heard a knock on the door. “Come in.”

Sammy came in with a smile on her face.

“Did you see that? Miss Lightie wanted to go at it.”

“Yes, I did see that. Did she really say her name was Darkling?”

“No actually she said Darling because she was so consumed in her purse, but I wanted to push her buttons.”

I nodded and decided to let her be for now. “Is there something you need?”

“Yeah, I need to leave early tonight. My babysitter is not feeling well.”

“Sammy you are going to get laid. Why do you lie to me as if I will convict you of a crime.”

“First because you’re my boss and this conversation is totally wrong. Secondly you don’t tell me when you are getting laid so why should I?”

She was right. It is none of my business, but I am tired of secrets.

“Your right. I apologize. Yeah, you can leave early but you stay tomorrow night.”

“Agreed. By the way since I am feeling generous. You need to wet that soon before it shrivels and go into Riga Mortis.” she glanced down at my lap and back up.

Now I must have had the same face a Darkling had. I mean Darlene.

“Wow I am on a roll. Two for two in shock and aww.” She laughed and walked out.

“Did she just tell me to get laid?” I said out loud and she responded as the door was closing, “Yes I did.”

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The Seven Deadly Dwarves

It was a clear evening for my eighteenth birthday party. I decided I did not want a big bash. Instead, I only wanted the people I cared the most about around me. It narrowed down the list a lot. I invited Joanne, my best friend since first grade. We are never apart. I guess the fact that we are the only kids in our families made us close.

Then there is Collin. I made it a point to invite him. He was everything that my dreams wanted. In real life well he tends to be the opposite of the dreamy Collin. Finally, I invited Evy. She graduated from Preston University last year, but we became close over the summer holiday. She was not the person she was portraying to everyone. She was my rock.

“Amanda come down and let’s get this started.”

That was Arnold my cousin who had to come because well—he’s Arnold. You’ll see what I mean when I get down there. I looked one more time in the mirror and gave myself that “They are going to die when they see you” look. Then laughed.

I ran down the stairs to see that my party was a little bigger than I anticipated. I walked out and the three most heinous girls from school were there. “Why are they here?”

“Amanda, you need to be more social. Collin brought them. He said that you told him he could bring someone.” My mom whispered. Then she kissed me and went out to the backyard and served refreshments.

I managed to move and go out to my guests.

“Amanda, wow you were hiding a lot with those baggy clothes you wear.”

And here we go.

“Yeah, I really did feel the need to show the goods until today,” I told Willa one of the three girls.

I looked at all three in order of importance. There is Yona, the leader with the white hair anyone has ever seen. Viola, yup her name is Viola after the instrument. Her second in command and then there is Willa. Willa is thin, endowed on top and it matches the bottom. The one thing about Willa that you need to know is she’s that she is the mistress of deceit.

You want a fabrication of what you did last weekend when you were with your family. Willa will be there for you.

The music was good, and the party was on its way. Joanne made it over to me and gave me a hug.

“Welcome to the newly adult group. How do you feel?”

I looked up then back at her and stuck my tongue out.

“Oh girl, you got a tongue piercing. Does your mom know?” She looked genuinely concerned.

“Yes, no worries. I wanted to have something to signify that I am eighteen.”

“Ok, but it also attracts certain people.”

“Don’t believe everything you hear,” I said then looked at Collin looking at Yona.

“Is it me but does it seem that they are closer than they were before?”

Joeann slowly turned away from me.

“Spill it.”

“Well, you don’t want me to believe everything I hear.”

“Joany spill.”

“Remember in math when we learned about Vectors.”

“Yeah, it’s an object with magnitude and direction.”

“His object increased in magnitude and aimed in her direction. Which she did not deviate from.”

Did she just tell me that those two are —

“You mean that they are adulting. The adulting that adults do behind closed doors?”

“You got the point.”

We still speak in code since we have not quite adjusted to being considered an adult around our parents.

“This party is nice but a bit too dull for me,” Viola said as she licked some frosting from my cake off her fingers.

“My sentiments exactly.”

I knew that voice. That was grans she made it.

“Oh no the elderly arrived,” Willa whispered.

I went to my grans and gave her a hug, she smelled of vanilla, cherry, and something spicy. I pulled away and I saw that she looked different too.

“Gans, you look different.”

“Well, that’s what happens when things come out of retirement.”

What did she mean?

“I cannot stay but I did promise you something and I will keep my word.”

I looked at everyone staring at me, and I wanted to curl up and die.

“Grans you can give to me another day.”

“What are you embarrassed about? What could she be giving you that is turning you that shade.”

“Well, I promised a story.”

Everyone laughed and I wanted to run but Grans held me in place. I looked at her and she had a mischievous look in her eyes.

“Elise, can you bring me a chair.”

“Are you going to sit on her lap?” Yona asked.

When my mom brought the chair, my Grans whispered something to her, and she nodded her consent.

What was going on?

“Alright from my understanding all of you are now “New Adults”. So I do not have to hold back. If you still consider yourself innocent then please leave now.”

Everyone stopped laughing and looked at me.


“This is the story of The Seven Deadly Dwarves.”

“Oh boy a retelling of Snow White,” Arnold said.

“There is snow in the story but this is not what you think it is.”

“Fine. Let’s hear it.” Arnold said.

Evy finally made it to the party, and she looked tired. Her outfit looked great, but she made it to my party after she had to work.

“Did I miss anything?” She whispered.

“Everyone sits, relax, and let me tell my story.”

Everyone found a seat and waited. I went over to Joeanne and sat near the potato salad.

“ The door slammed open from the sheer force of Janette riding Lucus to orgasmic completion.”

“Wait, what did you say?” Willa asked the question we all wanted to ask.

“Do you want this story or not?”

We all nod in unison.

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Goodby My Lover pt 6 Adult content


Shocked Face of Young Woman, Wondering, Stock Video - Envato Elements


The weekend went by without a call or text from Penny or Colt. I think they are angry because I left them at the club, but I could not find them. It doesn’t matter anymore. It’s Monday and we will see each other at work.

The weather meter flashes seventy-eight degrees with an eighty percent chance of rain. I wonder who came up with the percentages for the chances of rain. I wish they just said, “Bring an umbrella just in case.” That’s more reasonable.

I let out a huff because I knew these thoughts were just popping into my head because I didn’t know why the two of them were avoiding me. I took one more look at myself and decided that it was as good as it was going to get.

Professional attire that showed that I am here to work. Makeup done minimally. Nude lips, brown-lined eyes, and a touch of color on my cheeks. Turning from the mirror I went and grabbed my purse and key card to lock my front door.

I was ready for whatever I was going to be hit with today.

The Office

The building hummed as normal with everyone talking about their weekend and how they had way too much fun. I looked around and didn’t see either one of them.

“Hey Darlene, where are your partners in crime? You three have to put the finishing touches on the presentation to Xercetancial.” Mr., Otimo asked.

“I’m sure they will be her soon.” I answered not knowing if they were coming in.

Mr. Otimo turned towards the elevator and seen the both of them come off of it.

“There they go. Listen you three get to work. Tomorrow they will be here to hear your pitch.”

The three of us nodded and went to our desk. Once he was gone, I turned to the both of them.

“What happened? I ‘ve been calling the both of you since the club and not answer.”

They both looked at me, then turned their heads. Penny looked a bit pink, and Colt was quiet. Colt could never stay silent.

“Spill it now or I am going to think that you both left me to get on.”

They both looked at me with wide eyes and Penny’s mouth felt open.

“Wait. You two–” I was cut off by Penny leaping out of her chair and covering my mouth.  Colt grabbed my arm and walking me to the conference room.

They looked around the room and closed the door. Penny went to the coms to make sure it was not on. Then they both looked at me with guilt in their eyes.

“Someone talk.” I said

Colt was the one to begin.

“Well remember when we were at the club, and they were handing out that delicious drink.” He said


“I had a few too many because I couldn’t feel anything from it.”

“And I matched the number of drinks he had, and it tasted really good.” Penny chimed in.

“What does the drinks have to do with it?” I asked.

“I am getting to it. So, when the drinks finally took effect, I was living my best life. I felt like I was invincible, and I could do the impossible.” Colt said then turned to Penny.

“Yeah, High octane liquid courage. Then I heard in my ear, ‘Do you edge?’ I turned and seen the most beautiful set of eyes on a man, and I said yes.” Her blush turned into a cherry blossom.

“Then I said yes too to the guy who asked me, and they took us to the lower level.” Colt said.

“The Lower Level?” I asked.

“There is a lower level to the club. That is where people who are into things go, while the upper level continues to party.”

“So how did it become you two when two other people asked you guys the same question?”

They looked at each other and Colt blurted out, “There was three of us and I was the only male.”

“Colt you like men, right?” I said looking at him.

“Well, I never really said I like strictly men. Anyway, back on topic. We met a woman named Eliza and we edged with her.”

“That’s why you have not returned my texts or calls?”

“Do you know what edging is?” Penny asked.

“I was not born yesterday. I know what it is.” I told them.

They both looked at me as if I did not know what edging was.

“What is it different with the Nighters then with the Lighties?”

“Let’s just say that there are teeth, blood, elixir and a whole lot of orgasmic release.”

“So, you two were bitten?”

“Ok if you want us to spell it out play by play. There was biting, licking sucking, dripping, moaning, pleading and screwing that happened way, way at the end.”

I stood there looking at the both of them and tried to picture it in my mind and I couldn’t. Penny is so shy and insecure of her body and Cold was all about tight buns and abs.

“Say something, Darlene.” Penny pleaded.

“You guys made me think you were mad at me for leaving early. But instead, you were hiding from me as if I would judge you about this.”

“You do not seem to be open to things like–”

“Like sex?” I said a bit too loud.

“Yes. You have not been with anyone since you started with this company and its five years Darlene. You are borderline prude on the topic.”

“I am not a prude.” I said to Colt.

Penny looked up at me and she seemed to share the same sentiment.

“Penny, you have not been with anyone for a while either.”

Penny looked away from my eyes.

“Penny?” I questioned.

“I didn’t want you to feel alone but I have been with a few guys.”

My head started to pound. “Why should I care about this? We are all adults. Do as you please.”

“See this is what I am saying. You act as if this is not bothering you. Anything that pertains to sex you turn twelve and act out.”

“Fine. Let’s be adults and get to work. We have a presentation tomorrow.” I said pushing past them going to my desk.

They went to their desk, and we worked in silence for an hour until I couldn’t take it any longer. I got up grabbed my purse.

“Where are you going?” Penny asked.

“I need some coffee. I’m going to the coffee shop we were at on Friday. I’ll be back soon.” Then I left.

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Good bye My Lover prt 5(Secrets)

Stone steps winding up the side of old building Stock Photo - Alamy


Lower Level

The stone stairs are wet from the moisture in the lower level. Every footstep had a grainy sound to it. The lower you descend to the bottom the stronger the smell becomes, and the louder the moans are amplified.

I finally reached the last step, to be greeted by numerous doors, in various states of closure. Eliza and Peter had their rooms towards the back. I walked down the corridor without a care about what went on.

It was always the same. A lightie who has never been below or been in rooms with the doors completely shut. Their inhibitions have not been stripped away from them. Then the intermediates will venture to have the door cracked open with a mirror strategically placed in the room to give the passerby a look in. Then there are the experienced. Well, they are the ones who throw caution to the wind and just enjoy the experience.

I was so tired of the mask parties. Once those two had abandoned the club. I found solace in my own place realizing I did not need the parties. I made it to the back of the lower level in time to see Peter finishing off his volunteer.

Peter had not changed since he left. He loved wearing clothing reminiscent of the era of duals with pistols and fencing. His hair was a color of caramel-swirled coffee. His physic at the time of his coming over is still the same. Well-toned with honed muscle and no fat to be found. He looked as if he had arrived at the age of twentyish.

I marvel at his skill at cenare. The entry marks are almost invisible and the lighties that lay beside him moaned and writhed in a blissful state.

“Peter, where is Eliza?” I asked.

He looked at me and smiled. Peter must have enjoyed his offering very much since he did not smile often, and his irises glowed a bit in the candlelit room.

“Eliza is in her room with two offerings at the moment. She said that they insisted on being together.”

That did happen from time to time at the mask parties.

“How long has it been since they went in there?”

“Noel are you not famished? Why do you not accept the offerings?’

“Thank you, Peter, but I had my fill. I wanted to talk and catch up.”

“That is sweet of you, but I know what you really mean. You want to know why we are back? Noel that is not going to be revealed tonight no matter how well-dressed you are.” Peter looked back down at the offering and smiled as she began to reach her peak.

“Isn’t it lovely to watch when they come undone?”

“I guess. I personally like to physically take them to that point.”

“Really?” Peter looked up fascinated.

“Are they still breathing after you–” He was cut off when Eliza walked into the room.

Her very being was vibrating with contentment.

“The two seemed to have done you well,” Peter said.

She smiled showing a bit of pink stain left on her fangs.

“They were more than adequate. I am sure I will see both of them soon.” She gave us both a wink and went to the corner of the room and poured herself some wine.

Eliza normally kept her hair up in a tight knot with tendrils of dark hair falling loose from it. But when she is in a hypnotic state of bliss her hair tends to fall free in an aggravated river of dark waves. She stood eye to eye with me, so she is fairly tall for a female. She dressed as everyone in this time. Some wore men clothing cut to fit a female’s body. others dress to entice. Showing what can be had if tempted. Tonight was the men attire in formal suit.

“Noel no offering?” Eliza asked as she drank the wine.

“He’s not up for it tonight, Eliza,” Peter answered for him.

“Well, tell me. Does the party live up to the past, Noel?” She asked as she swirled the wine in the glass waiting for my answer.

She was baiting me. I knew them and they enjoyed toying with me.

“Yes, just like a time that gone by and died down a bit. So why rally it back up.” I answered waiting for her rebuttal.

“I cannot tell you that yet.” She said dodging the question.

“Yet?” I poked again.

“Too many things are in motion, and we are not obliged to tell anyone. Noel stop pressing for an answer.” Eliza said a bit angrily.

“If you do not want to stay you may go. We will be here tomorrow. Come then when a mask party is not in full swing.” Eliza stated then turned her back to him.

I knew when I was being dismissed. I looked at Peter stroking the offering hair as she came down.

“Alright, I’ll come back tomorrow,” I replied.

“You do that. Come for dinner.” Eliza said with an undertone of command in it.

I walked away feeling uneasy.

(What kind of friends are those? Let me know if you like it so far. Fia xoxo)