Goodbye My Lover pt 20 (The Question)


It’s been hours since I left Noel at the shop, and I had time to think about what I admitted to him.

What is going on with me?  We were just together, and it should end. I know it should end. That is what people do but I seem to not want it to end. I want more.

When I got back to my place I decided to go for a run. I need to get my head clear and I haven’t run in a while, I expect to feel pain. Honestly, I want the pain maybe it will clear my head and I can put what I am feeling in perspective.

I changed into my designated running outfit, A pair of shorts and a runner’s tank top. Grabbed my sneakers from underneath my bed put them on did a few stretches and went for my run.

I ran a total of five miles when I ended. My body felt warmed and pushed to  its limit. I did feel a rush of endorphins going through me and I savored it.

I went up to my place to see my phone flashing, I don’t carry my phone on runs because I want to disconnect from it all. I want peace and quiet.

I lifted my phone and I see a message from Noel.

“Hey, are you free tonight? I tried to call you, but it goes straight to voice mail. I would like for us to talk.”

I looked at the message and I think, ‘I want to talk. I would like more clarity on him and whatever we are doing.’ I text back.

“Yeah, I am free tonight. Went for a run that’s why you could not reach me. Come by at seven.”

I hit send and wait for a response. It came back immediately.

“Seven, it is.” Noel said.

I put my phone down and it was only one. My stomach started to let me know that I have not eaten, and the run probably kicked up my appetite a notch.

I went to my fringe and took out a pasta bowl I had and popped it in the microwave. I went to take a shower and made it as hot as I could to relax the muscles on my body.

I closed my eyes, and I can see Noel. The way he looked last night and how he went over the edge with that little bit of blood I gave him. I looked at my thumb and seen the healing red slit. It didn’t hurt. Well, it did before but after he put it in his mouth, it didn’t.

I shook my head and proceeded to get cleaned up.

It was still early after I ate, and the adrenaline rush died down. I went to lay down for a little bit. I was startled awake by knocking and I looked at the time on my phone and it was seven.

I got up looked at the mirror and I looked like I just got up. I needed to wash my face and comb my hair quickly.

“Hold on. I’ll be right there.” I went and washed my face and combed my hair. I even added a bit of lip gloss.

I went to open the door and Noel looked amazing.

“Did you have a good nap?” He asked then smiled.

I was not going to be embarrassed. “Yes, I did.” I said and smiled at him. “Come inside.”

He came in and when he walked by his cologne lingered making me sway towards him, it is so intoxicating. He sat on the couch and looked at me.

I sat near him but with a little distance. Something felt heavy between us.

“Before you say anything. I want to say that I am sorry about the way I acted at the shop. I never hear of the illness and my brain went on panic mode. Also, the statement of you biting me was way out of line.”

Noel sat there looking at with a slight smile.

“No need to apologize. I would like to continue to see you, but you do need to know somethings about me before you agree.”

I sat there and automatically my hands folded awaited to hear what he wanted to say.

“There will be a time that I will want to bite you. I will never do it without your consent, but it will be asked.  Also, I do not like sharing.”

“Sharing?” I gave him a questioning look.

“It will have to be exclusive. Just you and me. I would smell another on you so if you lie. I will know and I am the jealous type.” He said trying to keep is calm exterior under check.

I was taking this in. He wants to be with me exclusively.

“Along with the occasional bite. I do like other more nontraditional sexual activity.”

“What do you mean?”

“Whatever you are thinking is probably what I mean. My appetite has evolved, and I do not want to hide that part of myself with my–”

“Your?” I pushed.

“Partenair–Partner. So, I am asking you to think about what I am asking you.”

I sat there and thought, ‘Did he ask me to be his girlfriend? Was that the moment? I have to get it together.’

“Noel you have not asked me anything. You just made a statement. Was that French?” I asked him falling into a role of a woman who is in complete control.

This was the first time I actually seem him a bit uneasy. Was he nervous that I would turn him down.

“Your right. Darlene I would like to see you exclusively. Would you want that?” He sat there waiting for a response.

I sat there a minute to think it over. It would change how people view me. I really don’t care. I moved here and the only thing that I have going for me is my friends. If I can still call them that.  I took a deep breath and said,” I would like that.”

“Good because I want to kiss you the minute, I came in.” He said before he pressed his lips against mine. The space between us was eliminated. The kiss was cementing the agreement, but I wanted more.

I pulled away first seeing that he had no intention of stopping by the way he was kissing my neck.

“Noel?” I said a breathy

He stopped and looked up at me. “Have you changed your mind?”

“No, it’s just.” I want to tell him that I have only had sex one way. That I would be a disappointment if we did something tonight.

“Darlene I will not ask anything from you tonight.” He said smiling then licking his bottom lip.

“But I should go.”

‘Wait, what just happened?’ I thought.

“I need to do somethings tonight. I would like to see you tomorrow.” He said waiting and his eyes drifted to my mouth.

“What time?”

“Around five. I want you to come to my home.”

My heart was already beating fast but now I could not time it.

I smiled and nodded my consent. He stood up and pulled me up with him.

I walked him to the door, and he turned to kiss me again. This time slower more controlled. Like a pot on a stove simmering. He pulled away and whispered, “Bring an overnight bag. I’ll get you to work on time.”

He stepped away and walked out the door. I was in a relationship with a nighter. Not just any nighter either, Noel.



Goodbye My Lover pt 18 The Visit!


I slept comfortably in the back of the coffee shop. I will go home tonight to actual get some real rest. It is about that time that I need to return home.

I walked out to the front of shop, and I see Darlene sitting at one of the tables with a coffee, her right leg tapping and watching the sun go down.

“What’s going on Sammy?”

“Not sure. she came in looking like she was on the verge of panic.”

“Well giving her coffee is not a good idea.” I whispered.

“That is not coffee. That is the calming tea that I make. You should be thanking me. She really is not acting like herself. She’s waiting to speak to you.”

I looked around to see where my cup was.

“Here. I went to the club and got it myself. It’s fresh.” Sammy handed it to me and went to the customer that was waiting at the register.

I took the cup and took a swallow of it. Already I feel awake. I walked over to her and when she seen me, she took a drink of her tea.

“Hi, I didn’t expect to see you until tomorrow.”

She gave me a slight smile and her eyes darted around making sure she was not overheard.

“What is it Darlene?”

She licked her lips and whispered, “I wanted to talk to you about last night.”

I sat across from her so she did not have to look up.

“Okay. Do you regret what happened between us?”

she shook her head no and took another sip.

“We should have talked about things a little more before we proceeded though.”

She was making what we did sound like a business exchange.

“Darlene what is wrong?”

She whispered her question when I took another sip of my drink.

“Do you have Vamp BI?”

I swallowed so hard I thought the whole room heard it.


“You heard me. Please do not ask me to repeat it.”

I stood up, took her hand and walked her to the back. Once there I realized that the pull-out bed was a mess. she looked at it and then straight at me.

“Noel we were just—” She stammered.

“Darlene, I did not bring you back here to ravish you. What made you think I have Vamp BI?”

I was at the gym and these two ladies were talking about it and how they had to put the brakes on being with a nighter because of it.

I stood there not believing what I heard but she looked very concerned.

“I do not have Vamp BI. That only occurs in 1 in a thousand. It is spread from a bite that is taken in a place that –”

“A place that what? Where would you have to bite?”

She looked very worried.

“A bite on the neither region when it is thoroughly aroused.”

“You mean during an orgasm after oral.”

I nodded hoping she would understand.

“And you have been tested? You do not have it.”

“No, I have not been tested. I have not been with anyone that I would bite.”

“So, you don’t know for sure?”

“Darlene why are you acting this way?”

“I gave you my blood last night.”

“Yes, you did. I did not bite you. it’s transmitted that way.”

She turned around and her heartbeat started to slow down.

“Would you get tested?”


“I want you to–bite me eventually.”

I stood there looking at her back and my cock awakened to the word “Bite”

She turned around to face me and I knew she was serious.

Darlene if we go to that step you will have to be sure. There are things I will want to do that you may not be ready for.


(the front of the shop)


They walked in and I could feel the maliciousness off them.

“Hello, is Noel here?”

“He’s in the back of the shop. He’s a bit buisy at the moment.”

The woman turned and looked around and the other, a man wearing a leather jack staired at one of the customers in the back. He was staring at his laptop and did not realize he had just been marked.

“Who should I say is asking for him?”

“Tell him Eliza and Peter are here to visit.”

They went to the table off to the side, behind the guy on the laptop. I went to the back, and I hated to do it since it looked like Noel was moving in for a kiss.

“Sorry about this. But Eliza and Peter are out in the front asking for you.”

Noel looked at me then at Darlene.

“Sammy take her out the back. I’ll explain tonight I promise to call you to continue this conversation.”

I walked towards her and aimed her to the back. She did not like it and I wouldn’t either but those two out there are bad news.

“Listen Darlene he is not brushing you off. He likes you but I think he does not trust those two that just came in.”

“Okay.” She said looking back. “Call me if you need help.”

I smiled at her and nodded. What would she be able to do?

(What do you think is going to happen? Wouldn’t you want him to ravish you? Let me know your thoughts. Until next time. Fia xoxo)


Goodbye My lover chpt 15 A movie, a wall, a bed Oh my. Adult content

Why kissing is more important than sex for couples | South China Morning  Post

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Sammy’s giving me advice was sweet, but I think she also did it because she noticed that I was out of my room in the back more today.

I could not go to sleep and get the rest that my body needed to stay up. Being a natural-born nighter I needed only a few hours, and I could not even get those due to thoughts of Darlene.

When she first came in the shop I saw how playful and cocky she could be. Then when she came in and showed her vulnerable side, I thought she was not the same as the other Lighties. She allowed me to comfort her, and she came close to me without coaxing.

Darlene had so much to her that I would not be a man at all if I did not feel drawn to her. 

I came out of the shower and started to tame my hair with the natural concoction I was taught to make by my mother before she passed away.

She was a woman who had many hidden talents as well. No one understood why father did not turn her and instead gave her a gift to bear his child.

It was forbidden but my father would not cower down to anyone and became the ruler of the territory.

I massaged the sweet earthy mixture in my palms and proceeded to glide it through my hair. This was the only thing that kept my hair in place. After I looked at my jaw and saw a light shadow and decided to shave.

Once I felt that bathroom edict was accomplished. I decided to take Sammy’s advice and picked out a white shirt, blue jeans, and a jacket that gave a hint of comfort and class at the same time. My shoes were black soft leather.

The cologne Sammy was talking about was not a cologne, but an oil extracted from an exotic plant. My dad taught me how to make that when I was coming of age.

I smiled at the conversation.

“Noel you are going to feel the need to entice a woman to take care of both your needs. The best way is to behave like the prince of the territory you are a put this on.”

“What is it, father?” 

He smiled and his eyes glowed. “Son, we can entrance them to do our bidding but it’s much better when they are drawn to you naturally. The taste of their blood is heady and when they willingly give their body. Well, son let’s just say I never had to entrance my lovers.”

After that, he taught me how to cultivate it and keep it without it turning.

I dabbed a bit on my neck and wrist. Too much and Sammy will come after me.

I looked at myself once more and I needed to see myself true to life. So I stepped out and entered Sammy’s mind to see through her eyes.

She turned and I was satisfied. Looking in the mirror gives me a hazy view of myself. I have a reflection but it’s not clear.

I left her mind and returned to mine,

“Noel you look really nice, and I felt what you did.”

“Of course, what is the sense of having a witch on the premises if you couldn’t? I said only loud enough that she could hear.”

Sammy shook her head and said, “Have a good time.”

“I plan to.”




I made it home in time to get my head in the right space for this date. Colt and Penny with their suggestion had me second-guessing myself.

I went to my bathroom turned on the faucet and decided I was going to take a bath. I poured the fragrance oil that I brought from home with me in the steaming bath.

The scent calmed me, and I was able to think again.

I went to my closet and looked at all the clothes I had purchased and had not worn yet. I know I have a problem with spending. Being a child from a large family I liked having things for myself that were brand new. So with every paycheck, I would purchase something that would make me happy.

My eyes landed on a blue dress that I bought over a year ago.

“This looks right.”

I took it into the bathroom with me and hung it behind the door, The steam would get the wrinkles out.

I went to my little kitchen poured myself a glass of white wine and went to the task of putting myself together.


I was ready with ten minutes to spare. I decided to wear my classic pumps that gave me a bit of a lift without killing my feet.

I did take Penny’s advice with the makeup emphasing my lips but I liked my eyes, so I did a subtle cat with soft grey liner.

My buzzer for the front door went off and my pulse began to speed up. I looked one last time and went to answer the door.


I pulled the door open, and I froze. Noel looked amazing.

“Hi.” He said with a smile. 

It snapped me out of my slight trance.

“Hi, I’m sorry please come in.”

Once he entered my place seemed to shrink on itself.

“You have a nice place,” Noel said as he looked around.

“Thanks. I did not see the need for a big place since it’s just me.” Why did I just tell him that?

“I was told that I am not supposed to bring you flowers. That it’s outdated.”

“I don’t think it’s outdated, but that is fine.” I got my purse and a light sweater and was ready to go.

When I turned, I had a single white tulip before me.

“Thank you, Noel.”

“You welcome, Darlene.”

I took the tulip and placed it in the flute vase I had in the cabinet. I added water and placed it on my counter.

“Are you ready to go?” I asked trying to sound brave even though my nerves were fried.

“Yes, what are we going to see.”

“Okay don’t hate me but the only thing I was able to get tickets to was Fangs Forever.”

He stopped and stared in disbelief.

“If you want we can go for a walk instead.”

“No. We will go to the movies.”




When she opened the door, a scent cascaded around me. It was very inviting. We stayed for a bit, and I was glad that I bought the tulip. One for me ‘that Sammy’

The theater was not far but she ordered us a car to take there.

We arrived there seeing a line to go in.

“Are they lined up to see this movie?”

“I did get four stars and it’s Friday night.”

“So, it’s Friday?”

“Date night.”

Now I felt really out of touch. We went inside and I offered to get her popcorn. She smiled and turned it down for a Mountain Dew soda.

We went to our seats that were way in the back a waited for the movie to start.

“If it’s terrible we’ll leave.”

“No, we won’t. I want to see why all these people are drawn to it.” I said leaning into whisper and the scent that was in her place was coated on her skin. I felt my gums start to itch from wanting to lengthen.

 I sat back and breathed through my mouth. I was happy when it dimmed, and the movie started.


The movie was not as bad as I thought it would be but it was not good either. Halfway through when the vampire leaned in to bite the heroin on the throat I had seen when Darlene’s hand grabbed at her dress.

Did she want this or was she scared I would do that to her?

The movie continued and at the end the vampire was staked in the heart and the heroine was left to pick up the pieces of her broken heart.

I turned to Darlene and saw the tears she wiped from her eyes. This really moved her.

“Do you want to get something to eat?” I asked.

She moved in close and whispered. “Can you do that?”

There that scent was again, and I wanted to taste the skin it was on.

“It’s okay,” I said and reached for her hand.

She did not pull away and her breathing increased a little.


We went to a restaurant and talked throughout the meal about the movie. She was so animated, and I loved how she talked with so much emotion. When the check came, I decided that I was drawing the line, and I was going to pay for the meal and not hide away to do it.

“I have the check,” I told her.


“Wait, what no argument on who is paying.”

“I paid for the movies, and you offered dinner. So, you pay for the meal.”

Darlene knew she had me with the logic and I laughed a little too hard when the waitress came and saw my fangs,

“You a nighter. You’re not allowed in here.”

“Why is that?” Darlene asked in a voice I never heard before.

“They are dangerous. You should not be with him. Let me call the police. He could be trancing you right now.”

“No, he is not. Take the money. We are leaving and I will be letting others know about how this establishment treats paying customers.”

“Miss he is a Nighter.”

“And you are prejudiced. We were here for over an hour, and everyone survived. Think about that.”

Darlene rose from her chair and walked out of the restaurant with me not saying a word.


“I am sorry for that Noel. If I had known, I would have suggested someplace else.”

“Darlene. stop walking.”

She turned to me in confusion and I kissed her right then and there. She tasted of wine and sweet strawberries. I stopped the kiss remembering where we were.

“Thank you,” I whispered. She touched her lips and I immediately regretted letting it go.




We walked back to my place holding hands and my thoughts went to the kiss he gave me not to long ago.

We were in the hallway in front of my door.

“I had a good time, Darlene. I would like to see more of you.”

I did not hear what he said but watched his mouth as it moved.

“Darlene are you alright?” He asked.

Instead of answering I did the one thing I said I would never do.  I reached up and kissed Noel. It was not a soft kiss, this kiss was a statement of what I intended.

Noel did not pull back. He instead pushed me against the wall next to my door and deepened the kiss.

His tongue plunged and took control. I refused to relent, and I made my own demands with my tongue seeking his fangs.

He pulled back breathing heavily.

“Are you sure?” He said breathing heavily.

I looked down seeing that our bodies were pressed so tightly together, I moved my hips to grind on his length pressing between us.

“Yes,” I whispered and all control he had was gone.

We made it inside and I had no idea how we ended up on my couch.

“Darlene, I will not bite you.”


“Do you want that?”

“I want you.”

He deepened the kiss, and all sane thoughts escaped my mind.


I am entranced by this woman. Her skin is soft and hot. Her mouth demanded my attention and her hands on my back trying to pull into her,

“Darlene, I will not bite you.”

“Why?” She asked.

“Do you want that?”

:” I want you.”

My resolve was shattered. I will not bite her tonight but will enjoy her body.

I walked the both of us to the couch and laid her down it. I positioned myself between her legs while I continued my battle with her unrelenting tongue. I broke the kiss and trailed kisses down her cheek to her neck. Her pulse tempted me to take a sip. Instead, I continued to trail kiss down to her breast that were tempting me with its own beat.

I pulled a breast free and took the peeked nipple into my mouth rolling it like fine chocolate.

I felt her hand in my hair losing it from its tie.

Once loose her finger massaged and encouraged my attention to keep at her nipple. I heard ripping and looked up and realized I had torn the other side of the dress exposing the other nipple.

“I don’t care about the dress.” She said through slightly pouty lips.

I went after the other nipple and rolled the nipple I left between my fingers squeezing slightly for her to feel a touch of pain.

I felt her body shuddering from the feeling. I stopped and continued to move lower. Lifter her legs on my shoulders exposing how wet she was for me.

“Darlene try your best to stay still.”


“I may nick you there.”

She bit her lower lip, and I went in and licked her through her plush-colored thong without breaking eye contact.

Her taste would easily be addicting. I pulled the thong to the side and sealed my mouth to expose the pink nub. I did not want to break the fabric inhaling her sweet juices.

I rolled her clit with the tip of my tongue and the moan she let out was more than encouragement.

I continued the circular pattern changing once in a while to a side-to-side motion and when she started to grind against me, I took the opportunity to enter my middle finger into her tight channel.

She cried out, she was tight, but she was not innocent. I will need to work her a bit to take me.

Moving my finger back and forth as my tongue continue it torture. I can hear the rush of blood in her veins. I fought to keep my fangs back.

Her grinding increased and I pushed another finger in causing her to go over the edge and scream out.

Tapped up the puddle of clear fluid running down my fingers.

 I sat back and pulled out of her as she whimpered her reluctance.

“Where’s your bed?”

“She pointed to a room off the side. I stood up took off my shirt and lifted her up.”

I laid her down and ripped the rest of the dress off her.

Her breast was up and pink tipped from me and her sex lower lips were hidden from my sight by that damn thong.




What am I doing? I haven’t been with a man in such a long time and he smelled so good and I just refused to hold back.

Noel was making me feel things with his hands and mouth that other men couldn’t get me to. They usually just wanted to know if I was wet so they could stick it in and call it a day.

When he went down and took me in his mouth and i watched. I wanted to cum right then and there.

Then he entered me with his finger. Was it me or did his finger become bigger because I felt him everywhere? I tried my best not to clamp my legs together from the overload of sensation. I was squeezing my cushion so much I thought I put a hole in one.

The second I felt his other finger. I went over like a dame had broken. I felt when liquid flowed out from cumming so hard.


“Where’s your bed?” He asked and I managed to point to it.

 He took his shirt off and he looked like he should not be with me but with a woman made me weep at the sight of them.

He lifted me up and carried me to my bed and tore the rest of the dress off me.

He stood there looking at me and stared at my weak and pulsating pussy. I pulled off my thong and his eyes changed.

“Darlene are you on something?”

“No. Does it matter being that you are a nighter.”

He looked at me with dark eyes rimmed with purple.

“I’m half-blood remember. I can get you with child.”

Shit the way he said it like that was a turn-on. I reached to my nightstand and tossed him a condom.

“Not sure it will fit but it’s all I got.”

He nodded bent down and started to lick the inside of my thigh where I knew I left a trail.

He positioned himself at my entrance once we were face to face and I felt when he pushed the tip of him in.

“You put that on fast.”

He did not respond instead her kissed me and pushed in not giving me time to think.

‘Ohhhhh.” I breath out into his mouth because words did not come to me.

Slowly he pulled out and pushed in. Gripped my hip angling me where he wanted and increased the speed.

Our bodies glided against each out, nipples tapping and breathing in sync.

“Darlene will you be able to handle me?”

“Yes,” I breathed out and his speed increased. I came within seconds, but he did not stop.

Our bodies collided as a sledgehammer on a wet stone. Beating against it Mecilously on till one of them broke.

I looked at him and he looked pained.

“Do you need to bite?”

“I will not bite you.”

He was close but he needed blood. I can see it. At the edge of my bed, there was a piece of sharp steel I meant to get fixed. I took my thumb and went across it is slicing it.

I took it and shoved my thumb in his mouth, and he sucked so hard I felt it in my clit. His movement became a bit more determined increasing my desire to release again.

Noel let go of my thumb and came hard. I felt thrust hit my cervix and I knew I was going to be sore, but my body had its own malicious humor. I came so hard I saw black and passed out.


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Goodbye My Lover pt 8 (Sugar Free Whip cream)



The sun was setting, and I needed to get out of this room before I bounced off the walls. Besides I see Sammy was a bit overwhelmed with the influx of people asking for the special.

I walked out with my apron in hand and forgot that I was wearing a form-fitted black t-shirt and black jeans. 

For anyone else, they may turn a head or two. I have been turning more heads in my direction than I can count. That is not what bothers me. What bothers me is the lust washing over me in waves.

It did not matter if it was a female or male. Lust smelled the same and I had my fill of it for centuries. That was another reason I stayed away from the club.

“Excuse me are you starting your shift?” A woman wearing a low-cut dress that had an unflattering pattern on it asked.

I nodded my head and looked towards Sunny. She smiled and continued to take the orders until she needed to leave.

The shop created a signature coffee every Wednesday. Customers would ask what was in the special. Because of the law, I am supposed to divulge what I put in the coffee. It didn’t matter. These people would drink expired freeze-dried coffee and love it.

They didn’t come for the coffee. They came for me, and I exploit it to a degree.

In the beginning, I would take the most lust-filled customer to the back and indulge myself in their body, mostly blood.

That ended as quickly as it began. The last person I took to the back mentally snapped. Coming to me every day to be taken. When I refused it turned bad. 

It was at a point it was either me or her. I dispatched her life to save my own.

I felt when the sun began to set, my body hummed with more life.

“Hey, No. Can I place my order.” A familiar voice said. I cannot believe I missed her scent. I turned to see the woman from earlier.

She didn’t look as angry as before, but she came in alone.

I walked over to the counter without making to much eye contact and asked,” What would you like?”

“I had the special earlier and it was good. I want that again with two pumps of sugar and sugar-free whipped cream.”

I went to make her drink and tried not to say too much to her or too little.

“Would you like a croissant with that?” I asked.

“No thanks just want the coffee. Where is the person that was here earlier?”

Why would she want to talk to Sammy?

“She left for the day. Is there something I could help you with?”

“No. I was a real ass earlier. I was upset and I was taking it out on her. I wanted to apologies.”

I went to her and handed the special to her.

“I’ll let her know. Darkling.” I said then smiled.

She took in a breath at the name and then smiled too.

“I guess I deserved the name.” She shook her head and took the cup.

“Where are your friends?”

“It’s just me and my boyfriend called work tonight. Thanks. For the coffee.” She said and went to the table where she sat along and started to work.

The night customers started to slow down the later it got, but she stayed engulfed in her work.

She tends to flick the tip of her hair back and forth between her fingers when she was reading and when something was not right, she would bite her lip.

She looked up from the computer finally and smiled. It must have been productive. I should stay behind the counter, but I was curious.

I took her over the last of the special.

“Oh, hi noel.”

“No more,no?” I asked smiling.

“I wouldn;t says that. Thank you for the coffee. I’ll pay for it before I leave.”

“On the house. You looked like you needed a pick me up.”

“I did.”

“Can I ask you something?” I wonder if she would be honest.


“Why were you upset earlier?” She looked down and face started to turn pink.

“I was upset because I was call something I was not.”

“And that something is–?” I know I was pushing but I liked how she was responding.

She took a deep breath and whispered, “Prude”.

I could not help my surprised expression. Then the laugh that followed. She turned the brightest red.

“It’s not that funny, No.”

“Back to No.Well are you?”

“I just said I wasn’t.”

“What made them think that then?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Can I see you laptop for a minute.”

She nodded and let me use it. I searched the word prude in the dictionary.

“A prude is. 

a person who is or claims to be easily shocked by matters relating to sex or nudity.” I looked at her after I read it and her mouth felt open.


“You did not just look that up.”

“Yes, I wanted to make sure we are on the same page on the meaning. I can see that the topic does shock you.”

She took her laptop and closed it and stood.

“Are you leaving?”

“I am not a prude.” She said putting things away.

“Prove it.”

She stopped busing herself and looked at me.

“I wonder if you have a big cock to go with your arrogance.”

How was I turned on by her trying to shock me.

“I do you want to take a peek?”

I looked and was astonished by the color she was.

“Listen I am sorry.” You do not have to go.

“Actually, I do. I need to look presentable for my presentation tomorrow.”

“Is that what you were working on?”

“Yes, I was putting on the finishing touches.”

She confident in her work. 

“Good luck for tomorrow.” I said and I meant it. She looked really invested in the project. “Come by before you go to work. I’ll have coffee for you.”

She gave me a questioning smile.

“You don’t have to.”

“I want to. I’ll leave a note for Sammy to expect you.”

“You won’t be here?”

She did not know I was a nighter. How could she not?

“I normally up at sunset.”

“Right, you work at night. I am so lost.”

She really did not know.

“I’m a nighter. You do know that right.”

She looked at me as if it was the first time.

“How are you here? This is lighter territory.”

“This is the edge of Lighter territory and don’t worry I will not hurt you.” I decided that the conversation was over.

“Noel it was just a question, and I did not say or think you would. I was thinking more about your safety. There are allot of anti nighter around.”

“I’ll be fine. Get home safe.” I started to walk away when I felt her hand on my arm.

“I’ll expect it to have two pumps of sugar and sugar free Whip cream in my coffee.”

I nodded and she let me go. I need to stay away. I’m hungry I have to feed soon.

“Good night, No.” She called out as she left.

“Good night, Darkling.” She smiled at that.

(Things are starting to get interesting fire starters. Let me know your thoughts. Likes are appreciated. Fia xoxo)

The Seven Deadly Dwarves

It was a clear evening for my eighteenth birthday party. I decided I did not want a big bash. Instead, I only wanted the people I cared the most about around me. It narrowed down the list a lot. I invited Joanne, my best friend since first grade. We are never apart. I guess the fact that we are the only kids in our families made us close.

Then there is Collin. I made it a point to invite him. He was everything that my dreams wanted. In real life well he tends to be the opposite of the dreamy Collin. Finally, I invited Evy. She graduated from Preston University last year, but we became close over the summer holiday. She was not the person she was portraying to everyone. She was my rock.

“Amanda come down and let’s get this started.”

That was Arnold my cousin who had to come because well—he’s Arnold. You’ll see what I mean when I get down there. I looked one more time in the mirror and gave myself that “They are going to die when they see you” look. Then laughed.

I ran down the stairs to see that my party was a little bigger than I anticipated. I walked out and the three most heinous girls from school were there. “Why are they here?”

“Amanda, you need to be more social. Collin brought them. He said that you told him he could bring someone.” My mom whispered. Then she kissed me and went out to the backyard and served refreshments.

I managed to move and go out to my guests.

“Amanda, wow you were hiding a lot with those baggy clothes you wear.”

And here we go.

“Yeah, I really did feel the need to show the goods until today,” I told Willa one of the three girls.

I looked at all three in order of importance. There is Yona, the leader with the white hair anyone has ever seen. Viola, yup her name is Viola after the instrument. Her second in command and then there is Willa. Willa is thin, endowed on top and it matches the bottom. The one thing about Willa that you need to know is she’s that she is the mistress of deceit.

You want a fabrication of what you did last weekend when you were with your family. Willa will be there for you.

The music was good, and the party was on its way. Joanne made it over to me and gave me a hug.

“Welcome to the newly adult group. How do you feel?”

I looked up then back at her and stuck my tongue out.

“Oh girl, you got a tongue piercing. Does your mom know?” She looked genuinely concerned.

“Yes, no worries. I wanted to have something to signify that I am eighteen.”

“Ok, but it also attracts certain people.”

“Don’t believe everything you hear,” I said then looked at Collin looking at Yona.

“Is it me but does it seem that they are closer than they were before?”

Joeann slowly turned away from me.

“Spill it.”

“Well, you don’t want me to believe everything I hear.”

“Joany spill.”

“Remember in math when we learned about Vectors.”

“Yeah, it’s an object with magnitude and direction.”

“His object increased in magnitude and aimed in her direction. Which she did not deviate from.”

Did she just tell me that those two are —

“You mean that they are adulting. The adulting that adults do behind closed doors?”

“You got the point.”

We still speak in code since we have not quite adjusted to being considered an adult around our parents.

“This party is nice but a bit too dull for me,” Viola said as she licked some frosting from my cake off her fingers.

“My sentiments exactly.”

I knew that voice. That was grans she made it.

“Oh no the elderly arrived,” Willa whispered.

I went to my grans and gave her a hug, she smelled of vanilla, cherry, and something spicy. I pulled away and I saw that she looked different too.

“Gans, you look different.”

“Well, that’s what happens when things come out of retirement.”

What did she mean?

“I cannot stay but I did promise you something and I will keep my word.”

I looked at everyone staring at me, and I wanted to curl up and die.

“Grans you can give to me another day.”

“What are you embarrassed about? What could she be giving you that is turning you that shade.”

“Well, I promised a story.”

Everyone laughed and I wanted to run but Grans held me in place. I looked at her and she had a mischievous look in her eyes.

“Elise, can you bring me a chair.”

“Are you going to sit on her lap?” Yona asked.

When my mom brought the chair, my Grans whispered something to her, and she nodded her consent.

What was going on?

“Alright from my understanding all of you are now “New Adults”. So I do not have to hold back. If you still consider yourself innocent then please leave now.”

Everyone stopped laughing and looked at me.


“This is the story of The Seven Deadly Dwarves.”

“Oh boy a retelling of Snow White,” Arnold said.

“There is snow in the story but this is not what you think it is.”

“Fine. Let’s hear it.” Arnold said.

Evy finally made it to the party, and she looked tired. Her outfit looked great, but she made it to my party after she had to work.

“Did I miss anything?” She whispered.

“Everyone sits, relax, and let me tell my story.”

Everyone found a seat and waited. I went over to Joeanne and sat near the potato salad.

“ The door slammed open from the sheer force of Janette riding Lucus to orgasmic completion.”

“Wait, what did you say?” Willa asked the question we all wanted to ask.

“Do you want this story or not?”

We all nod in unison.

Well I felt like beginning a fairy tale of my own. How it warms you. Fia xoxo

Good bye My Lover prt 5(Secrets)

Stone steps winding up the side of old building Stock Photo - Alamy


Lower Level

The stone stairs are wet from the moisture in the lower level. Every footstep had a grainy sound to it. The lower you descend to the bottom the stronger the smell becomes, and the louder the moans are amplified.

I finally reached the last step, to be greeted by numerous doors, in various states of closure. Eliza and Peter had their rooms towards the back. I walked down the corridor without a care about what went on.

It was always the same. A lightie who has never been below or been in rooms with the doors completely shut. Their inhibitions have not been stripped away from them. Then the intermediates will venture to have the door cracked open with a mirror strategically placed in the room to give the passerby a look in. Then there are the experienced. Well, they are the ones who throw caution to the wind and just enjoy the experience.

I was so tired of the mask parties. Once those two had abandoned the club. I found solace in my own place realizing I did not need the parties. I made it to the back of the lower level in time to see Peter finishing off his volunteer.

Peter had not changed since he left. He loved wearing clothing reminiscent of the era of duals with pistols and fencing. His hair was a color of caramel-swirled coffee. His physic at the time of his coming over is still the same. Well-toned with honed muscle and no fat to be found. He looked as if he had arrived at the age of twentyish.

I marvel at his skill at cenare. The entry marks are almost invisible and the lighties that lay beside him moaned and writhed in a blissful state.

“Peter, where is Eliza?” I asked.

He looked at me and smiled. Peter must have enjoyed his offering very much since he did not smile often, and his irises glowed a bit in the candlelit room.

“Eliza is in her room with two offerings at the moment. She said that they insisted on being together.”

That did happen from time to time at the mask parties.

“How long has it been since they went in there?”

“Noel are you not famished? Why do you not accept the offerings?’

“Thank you, Peter, but I had my fill. I wanted to talk and catch up.”

“That is sweet of you, but I know what you really mean. You want to know why we are back? Noel that is not going to be revealed tonight no matter how well-dressed you are.” Peter looked back down at the offering and smiled as she began to reach her peak.

“Isn’t it lovely to watch when they come undone?”

“I guess. I personally like to physically take them to that point.”

“Really?” Peter looked up fascinated.

“Are they still breathing after you–” He was cut off when Eliza walked into the room.

Her very being was vibrating with contentment.

“The two seemed to have done you well,” Peter said.

She smiled showing a bit of pink stain left on her fangs.

“They were more than adequate. I am sure I will see both of them soon.” She gave us both a wink and went to the corner of the room and poured herself some wine.

Eliza normally kept her hair up in a tight knot with tendrils of dark hair falling loose from it. But when she is in a hypnotic state of bliss her hair tends to fall free in an aggravated river of dark waves. She stood eye to eye with me, so she is fairly tall for a female. She dressed as everyone in this time. Some wore men clothing cut to fit a female’s body. others dress to entice. Showing what can be had if tempted. Tonight was the men attire in formal suit.

“Noel no offering?” Eliza asked as she drank the wine.

“He’s not up for it tonight, Eliza,” Peter answered for him.

“Well, tell me. Does the party live up to the past, Noel?” She asked as she swirled the wine in the glass waiting for my answer.

She was baiting me. I knew them and they enjoyed toying with me.

“Yes, just like a time that gone by and died down a bit. So why rally it back up.” I answered waiting for her rebuttal.

“I cannot tell you that yet.” She said dodging the question.

“Yet?” I poked again.

“Too many things are in motion, and we are not obliged to tell anyone. Noel stop pressing for an answer.” Eliza said a bit angrily.

“If you do not want to stay you may go. We will be here tomorrow. Come then when a mask party is not in full swing.” Eliza stated then turned her back to him.

I knew when I was being dismissed. I looked at Peter stroking the offering hair as she came down.

“Alright, I’ll come back tomorrow,” I replied.

“You do that. Come for dinner.” Eliza said with an undertone of command in it.

I walked away feeling uneasy.

(What kind of friends are those? Let me know if you like it so far. Fia xoxo)

Goodbye My Lover part 4 (The Dance)

Are humans the only species that enjoy dancing? - BBC Future


I managed to get back home without being sick in the Uber. The driver was nice though. He kept asking me if was going to be ok. I reassured him that I must have just had something that did not agree with me.

Once I got inside, I went straight to the bathroom and emptied the contents of whatever drink I was served. Penny and Colt are not going to let me live this down. Once the heaving subsided, I went to the kitchen and drank some cool water.

After drinking it halfway down, I reached for my phone to see if they responded to my text. Neither one of them responded. I shook my head and hoped they were having a good time.  I took my glass to my bedroom I striped out of the black dress and put it in the corner of my burro. I grabbed a large t-shirt out of my dresser put it on and flopped down on my bed.

My mind went straight to him. How it felt when he held me close to dance and how he smelled. It seemed to be lingering. Then he left as quickly as he appeared. It was for the best. I was never going back there again, and the mask party did seem more than I could handle.

I managed to fall asleep, and my mind would not rest. The image of a room with a slither of a view in a wall. There was a sweet smell in the air. Looking around the room it was barely furnished. I see a cushioned leather seat with an unfamiliar flower on top of it.

I went to pick it up and a voice whispered in my ear. Do not take it if you are not ready. Then a chilled breath went across my neck, and I startled awake.

“What was in that drink?”


(Earlier that night)

The masked party was exactly what I remembered. Lighties received an invitation to the Club and they get dazzled by the decor. The Club was in the abandoned district and is being kept afloat by anonymous donors.

These donors are a combination of the Dark Nighter and the Lighties. I knew who most of them were. At least the original heads were but there are new one’s in the mix now.

I arrived through and entrance that only the chosen were privy to. The party was in full swing. I walked through the grinding bodies with masked faces to search for Eliza and Peter.

During this process I was continuously pawed at. If I was younger, I would have taken a few into consideration. But I am no longer that young and my tastes have refined a bit.

“Are you going to be below tonight?” A woman wearing a red masked bedazzled with fake ruby crystals. Her eye told me she has been below to often and is addicted to it. I do not like the taste of the addicted. The blood turns a flavor close to death.

“No.” I told her and pried her hands off me as I continue my search.

Looking towards the front of the club I see a woman wearing a simple cocktail dress and matching mask. Not one flash to her attire but she draws me to her. I see that she had down the cocktail that is given to relax the nerves to the new attendees.

The mixture will calm anyone nerves. There is a rare few who do not tolerate it and it is due to the main ingredient. A flower that is genetically created and fabricated in one of our hidden enterprises. The original flower is still grown outside the city and is protected.

She looks a bit off. Very unsteady on her feet. She managed to go into the center of the dance floor and gyrate her body to the music.  The music was about to end when I made it to her.  Her mask was about to fall and reveal her face.

“Please let me help you with your mask. It is about to fall off.” I whispered in her ear, when I pulled the voluminous strands aside. She smelled like fresh clean air after a rain fall.

I tied the mask back into place and she turned to look at me. I knew who she was. The scent and the eyes. She was in my shop. She does not recognize me. That is for the best.

“Would you dance with me.” I whispered close to her lips.

She gave the barest nod of consent and the music changed to a slower rhythm. I pulled her close and we moved to the seductive music. She was not stiff and uncoordinated. She moved to the music as if it was meant for her. Her breast moved against me as she slowly swayed her body.

I tried to not be aroused but it was becoming hard with every movement she made. Then I heard the “herders” coming close. I did not want them to see me with her. They would force her to go below.

“I have to go if they ask you if you edge, say no.”

She looked confused but I could not explain, and I left. I made it far enough away to hear when they asked her the question and she said no. I smiled and continued my search for Eliza and Peter.

This is too much like the old days and I want to know why.

So, fire starters are you invested in this juicy story? Let me know. Until nest time, Fia XOXO

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Hi it’s Fia’s thoughts.

   How do you like the cover of our group?

(Hello, my fire starters. I hope all of you are having a wonderful day. Below you will read a thought that came to me when someone asked me to write something that is non-fiction, more grounded in reality.)

When I came up with the name fire starters, I wanted everyone to feel that they are the spark from the match that is struck. We writers, readers, critics, and creatives are sparks that bring the fire to life.

They say we are a group of escapist if we do not consume the information given to us by the news, keep in the know at all times or build our knowledge to succeed. For some reason people fail to realize that not everyone can handle realism twenty-four hours of the day seven days a week. I do agree we should build our knowledge but there is a time be free, to let our minds drift and create.

Whom ever came up with the phrase “Adulting is hard” is correct, but we all must do it. You know what’s harder? To play as a child would, for the sheer enjoyment of it. To release the pressure of being in the know.

This is just my thoughts on things. My creative outlet is writing and even though it is on the riskier side at times, if you can see the joy in my eyes in what I’ve created. You would understand that a little escapism is not so bad.

Until next thoughts, this fia saying strike your match and let it burn.

Goodbye My Lover prt.2 (The Invite)

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I woke up with a headache. My mind couldn’t shut down. Once I left Colt and Penny and came up to my place, I felt done. You know that feeling when you had your fill for the day and just wanted to be alone? I enjoyed the day, and I loved being with my friends, but it takes a toll on me to be on all the time.

I have to remind myself that this is the person they like, not the real me but this person I made up so I can get the job.  I kicked my shoes off, tossed my purse on the nearest chair, went straight to my bed, and flopped down. My mind went back to the feeling I was having earlier. Like there was a presence that wanted me to know they were there. That’s crazy; it’s just the stress of the day. Then that guy Noel.

What was up with him? Why did it sound like he was humoring me? He really needed to change that name tag and just say no to people who came on to him. I have to admit it is a clever way to get his point across.

I guess thinking of what went wrong really bothered me. Rising from my bed I went to the kitchen and grabbed the powder the doctor prescribed me for my headaches. I hated swallowing pills. It always felt like it was trapped in my throat. The doctor said that I do not drink enough water to help it go down. I think my mind will not allow me to swallow it without me feeling it.

Grabbing my mug, I filled it with water and poured the powder in. I drank it down in three gulps. I went to my phone, and I see four messages waiting for me.

Opening them up they were all from Colt and Penny.

“Darlene, did you see your email? If you didn’t you need to.” Colt

“Oh, are you going? I don’t know if I have the guts.” Penny

“I am definitely going. I always wondered what went on at that place.” Colt

“Are you going?” Penny

I went straight to my email and There it was an invite to go to the Club. It was an award for doing such a good job. The stipulation is that you had to wear a mask.

“The Club” I said

I dialed Colt immediately.

“Yes, I am going. What are you wearing so I know what I am wearing.” He said too much excitement before the medicine took full effect.

“Colt, I don’t know about this. I heard too many stories and it’s really not my thing.”

“Make it your thing Darlene. You think we don’t see how you don’t socialize. The boss sent you the invite. You have to show your face at least once.”

My headache was turning into a dull pain, but he was right I needed to push myself to get out of this apartment.”

“Fine I’ll go. I’m wearing classic black dress, with spaghetti straps.”

“I didn’t know you had that kind of outfit in your closet. Ok black it is. I will see you tonight.”

“Wait I don’t have a mask.”

“I will bring you one when I pick you and penny up at seven.”

“Wait, why do you have masks and I thought Penny was not going.”

“Girl do you not know me? What do we do for a living. We convince people to get things they really do not want or need and I am the best at it. She’s going. See you at seven.”

Colt hung up without answering the first question. I stared off into the distance thinking that something was going to happen tonight. I just feel it.



I took a deep breath in out of habit and stretched as I awakened from a deep sleep. Last night when I left my place to go get something to eat at the club, I noticed that Eliza was there. Eliza had left the city for a few ago. she said she need new scenery and that the lighties were starting to annoy her with all their new technology. I guess she is ready to give the city a second chance.

“Eliza your back?”

She turned and I stepped back. Eliza was missing an eye.

“What happened to you?”

“Noel.” she said my name, smiled and hugged me. Her scent was different too.

“I lost it in a fight with some very angry farmers. How are you? You look wonderful.”

“I’m good. Just came to get something to eat and then I will get back to my place.”

“You have a place? Is it connected to the club?”

There she is. She believed that all of us should stay close together. I never believed in that. We do not change who we are just because you are turned.

“No, my place is separate from the club. It’s nice to see you again.”

“Yes, it is. I would love for you to come to the mask party tomorrow night.”

“Eliza, I haven’t gone to a mask party in ages, I just run my place and live a quiet life.”

She looked at me with that one eye and it was like that one eye saw more than two.

“I expect to see you there. Peter will be in attendance as well. It will be like old times, Noel.”

Peter is going to be there. That is what she said and now I have to go, damn.

I went to my closet and grabbed my swimming trunks. I wanted to go for a swim in my pool before work. I live on the outskirts of the city. I bought a one family style home with a pool in the back. The pool is covered by frosted green glass so no one who so happens to pass by can see in. I live modestly not to upset the lighties. They do not like it when we flaunt our wealth. To be honest I am not comfortable with letting anyone know either.

Eliza said like old times. The old times she remembered was when I was just a boy and followed them like a puppy. This is definitely not going to be like old times.

{Are you ready for the club? I have to admit I am. My question is, how far back does she mean when she said old times? Like and star it for me if you like where this is headed. Until next time fire starters. Fia xoxo}

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Meeting Maxon (part of chapter 4) Adult content


What have I gotten myself into? I mated a demon alpha wolf shifter.

“What is wrong?”

“Why so you ask?”

He sighed before responding. “You have been pacing back and forth since my parents left. I assure you that you are safe.”

“You assure me? I am a vampire and not the strongest kind either and your telling me that I will be safe.”

“Yes. I have a question for you.”

I stopped pacing wondering where this was going.


“How did you become this? Not a blood drinker but lypha–”

“Lymphatic. Not sure really how our true origins came into being, but some speculated that we were the first to be created but was a disappointment to our creator because we were so close related to humans than the vampires now.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I can walk in the light. I can eat food and digest it. We are born not turned.”

“Oh, so you’re a genetic abnormality in your species.”

I don’t know if I should be insulted or just go with his thinking.

“So, we can have pups?”


“Pups, children.”

“You want children?”

“Yes. I want at least four. Two of each.”

“Four? Is there any way out of this mating?”

I think I pushed too far.

“You chose me, Leann and I accepted.”

“Yeah, why? You’re not sore on the eyes and yet you’re not mated. What’s wrong with you demon?”

He stood and walked to the fire. One moment I didn’t think that he was going to answer me, but he did.

“I am not attracted to wolf shifters.”

“Excuse me?”

“I cannot rut another of my kind. It doesn’t work. I tried many times.”

“Well maybe the female kind is not your thing I heard that could happen.”

He rounded on me with anger in his eyes. “It is not that. I did attempt it and it’s not it. You are the only female I have ever responded to physically. It was like something broke and my body responded to the call.

Well damn. He was not letting me go. I needed space. I went to go to the bedroom, and I heard him following.

“Why are you following me?”

“Are you not in need of me. My body is wound tight with need for you.”


“Yes mate.”

My body was reacting, but it was fear response. My nails elongated and my fangs began to come down.

“Maxon, I need space. I’m not a wolf shifter. I need time to think and process all of this.”

“I am confused. Your eyes have bled to a pink hue, your nipples have hardened, nails have elongated and your smell–”

“Oh no, no. You cannot be saying you already have connected to me.”

“Yes, we are bonded. Do you not feel my need?”

I didn’t want to try and find out.

“Please just give me space.” I ran into the bedroom and closed the door.

Why me? I looked at the mirror across the room. He was right my eyes have bled to another color.


So, fire starters this is not the end of this blog. I need to know if you want this to continue as single blog post or do you want to have chapters to read.