Wicked Wednesday (House Fire)

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This has explicit sexual content and intended for mature adults(18 and above). If you decide to continue reading, you are stating that you are of age of consent.

Hello my wicked fire starters. I have questions here that start off lite by lighting the match to burning the house down. Shall we start?

Q: I do not know if you have the answer to this but I had breast reduction many, many years ago and just recently my breast have been increasing in size. First question why and second question why didn’t someone tell me this could happen. The only person really enjoying them right now is my husband and he’s not carrying them.

A: Woo. Let see . Breast are made up with fat tissue and let say milk glands. You had them take out fat tissue and excess skin. Sad to say this but gaining weigh contributes to larger breast and genetics. cause honey some things just can not be contained. As far as the doctor not telling you. Not sure maybe he wanted your money. As far as you hubby enjoying the ladies, he must feel like he’s welcoming back long-lost friends. Hey you got a breast man and he wants yours. Not bad sweetie.

Q: Okay this is definitely stupid but how do you get over feeling shy when someone goes down on you.

A: Nothing is stupid or off the table. Like with anything once your are comfortable with it you may start craving it. It helps to look at it and think positively. “He/she must like it allot since they want to go there.” Negative thoughts tend to give you an adverse reaction towards the situation. Also if your partner goes down on you first sometimes it’s to get you off but they may not last long. You get what I am saying.


Q: Fia here’s my question. What’s your thought’s on penis lengthening? I mean I am sick of hearing women they want seven inches or more. Honestly I’m happy with what I got.

A: Damn, really. My thought’s on this is it is not necessary unless you’re a porn star. Sorry. Let me put this image in your head. You in your partner but you art never fully in and you have to hold the shaft while you’re doing your thing as well as steady your partner. Because let’s be for real sometime times things get aggressive. people heads hit the board or the floor. Just saying shit happens. You can also lose sensation, then what the point? I’m not even talking about giving head. Most women are squeamish about it already can you imagine the turn downs you get, if it abnormally long. People need air.

Also you may have to invest in a lot of lotion for those times your alone. You get what I’m saying. It’s not economical. (Laughing)

If you have any more questions please email me at fianaturie1@gmail.com. Comments are welcomed below.  Until next week keep burning.

Fia’s The Woman’s Fishing Club

Welcome back my fire starters and I could not control the sexy side smile you all created by enjoying Wicked Wednesday and The Floating Sword.

I wanted to let you in on a little secret that I feel my fire starters should know. I wrote a book and it’s on amazon called The Women’s Fishing Club.  Let’s just say she is not out there to hook fish. It is a Novelette, so you certainly could finish it in one sitting. Just don’t do it in a public place.(Wink) For you burners who likes a bit of Domination. It has humor, it has issue that answers the question what made them that way.Read and enjoy.


The link is https://www.amazon.com/dp/1499184255

Wicked Wednesday 2 (Can’t Wait!)

th5T2LY7IHSo my impatient fire starter could not wait until next week.. She had a matter that needed to be addressed immediately.

Q: Sooo I can’t seem to cum when I’m having vaginal sex. Is my vagina broken? Why does my boyfriend cum so quickly? I’ve never had an orgasm. What does it feel like?

A: It’s not broke, it’s not behaving like the kinky lady you want it to be. YOU CAN CUM&ORGASM. If your one of my juicy ladies out there. Your cumming baby. Some associate it with after the orgasm, but remember women orgasm mentally as well. The orgasm is different for every body. But it feels as if your vagina is full almost like a water balloon about to burst. Then friction from the penis entering and with drawing is trying to pop the balloon. Until that one last push and it pops. The muscles around that area was wounded up so tight that it relaxes and sends a message through your whole body that you have achieved your destination. Some women tremble, some stop breathing for a second or two and some down right scream as they coat the guys penis.

Your Boyfriend seems to be overly excited and shoots off to quickly. If he does not take a pause every now and then between thrusts. Well he’ll continually shoot first. Also if your adventurous have you tried a cock ring? It tightens just enough at the base to give you a chance to cum.

Now there is a disability that some women can not achieve orgasm. That I recommend going to a Sex therapist. It might be another reason why it’s not happening for them.

Any questions e-mail me at fianaturie1@gmail.com. What I know you will too. Keep burning.


Fia’s Divulging her Short Secrets



Good evening my fire starters and here is what’s burning my key’s for you at the moment.

I have several short stories that will be out this summer, if not sooner. The first short was awarded to Heather and it did not fail in its delivery.

I will divulge the other three titles for my short’s:

Treatment Requested

Malice Access

Shadow’s Kiss

So The Floating Sword will be completed soon. I have a little more of the story to unfold before the sword.

Well burn for now. Fia’s signing out. If you have any question you want submitted in Wicked Wednesday email me at fianaturie18@gmail.com

The chosen Fire Starter.


Hello there fire starters.  I have been busy plugging away at a very erotic story, that I have chosen one of my readers to have. Yes a fire starter is receiving this before being published on Amazon. Congratulation Heather. Hope you enjoy the heat.

It is simple to be considered for an early read. E-mail me at Fianaturie1@gmail.com. Post a question you would like to see on Wicked Wednesday and you will be considered for the next give away.

Can’t wait to hear from you. Keep the fires burning. Fia

(Here is a little taste of Fantasia.)

“Why Miss. Spade you seem to be blooming in front of my eyes. Your cheeks are a lovely shade. I wonder what else can turn an equally lovely shade on your person. Yet you must settle in before the other bees start buzzing towards your bloom.”

Floating Sword pt9 (Adult)


(This chapter is not for the faint of heart. It is graphic in nature and I make no apologies for it. Please enjoy and I love feed back)

The King had noticed that the Queen has been more vicious than usual. It must be because her little toy had run off and she misses him. When he heard of the young man’s disappearance he felt over joyed in the matter.

The Queen had not been keeping up with her wifely duties and at first he did not mind. But when word started to spread the she had taken a lover. It began to gnaw at him. Yet being the king he would not show any sign of weakness. So he indulged himself with maidens to satisfy his desires. At the same time he planned what punishment he would bestow on the queen on the day she is without he toy.

“Uri call the queen to my chambers.” The guard bowed and went to fetch the queen.

The king went to gaze out the large window in his chamber, which over looks the queen’s chambers. She looked out her window to see him gazing at her. She looked beyond livid. He did not hide his pleasure in her annoyance.

The queen walked in glaring at the king.

“That will be all Uri.” He told the guard.

Once the guard left, the queen began her assault.

“What is so important that you have sent for me at this hour?”

“Watch your tongue. I sent for you because I can.” He said then walked over to the bed and reclined.

“It has come to my attention that your lover has fled the palace.” He watched her reaction to his knowledge of her infidelity. “You know I could have you beheaded for having a lover.”

The queen stood her ground. She refused to show any sign of fear.

“Instead I have decided to punish your indiscretions.” he smiled because her tough demeanor faltered.

“Take your cloths off.”

“What if I don’t?”

“You mean if you do not follow my order. Well your head will be displayed for all to see at the gates once it’s off your body. Now from this instant cloths off and no speaking.”

The queen had never been at the other end of the kings orders. Since the marriage they have consummated the marriage twice and both were left to be desired. She removed her clothing, standing there bare before him. The slight cool air harden her nipples and left a chill through her.

“Come to me.”

She walked over to the bed and stood before him.

“Bend over the edge of the bed and spread our legs nice and side for me and I remind you one word and your head will roll.”

She did as she was told. Feeling exposed and helpless her anger only grew.

“Now you see. You have forgotten I am king. You have taken liberties that not only embarrassed me, the crown, but your self. In doing so I will punish you to the limit of the offence. To be a queen one must act like such. But to be a whore, one does not wear a crown.”

Suddenly without warning a sting landed across her firm back side. Then another. It felt like a flexible stick he was using. After the tenth strike he stopped and processed to caress his handy work.

“After tonight you will no longer give your body to another or it will be your death.”

Before she could rise she felt the head of his shaft enter her tender cavern. She cried out a little. But the sick part of the whole punishment. The queen loved to be taken. to be possessed, dominated.

Each thrust was more forceful than the last. She felt his hands keeping her in place. then out of now where she felt his thumb invade her backside as he trust his last and released his hot seed in both entrances.

He stood back to look at his work and was satisfied.

“You will service me day and night for ten days. For those ten days you will not leave your chambers unless I call you. Until the tenth day you are no longer a queen but the whore you wanted to be and you will be treated as such. Now leave my chambers and return before dawn.”

The queen rose and retrieved her clothing. She was taken aback by the turn of events. Ten days of this. “I will kill you Nester.”  she whispered, as she walked slowly to her chambers.


Wicked Wednesday Q&A


Good afternoon fire starters. It is wicked Wednesday Q&A. Lets Get into it shall we.

Q:When you kiss and I mean really kiss, is there such a thing as too much tongue?

A: Not saying I am an expert (But not denying it either). When you feel as if you are either going to chock, feel claustrophobic(no space left in the mouth), or you can feel the rush of the other person’s saliva invade your mouth. That’s too much tongue.

Q: Is there such a thing as signaling your partner to take the kisses further down?

A: Oh yes if he is still up north tilt your head right or left. Signaling go east or west. Then take a big sign which enlarges the breast signaling go further south. And once they go south it should be a one way ticket to that junction.

Q: How can you hide being aroused by a book your reading on public transportation?

A: It all depends lovely’s. You can only cross your legs but so much without drawing attention to your self. And you can’t abruptly drop the book and blush. Dead give away. It is time to take out a tinted lip balm because lips do darken. Some sort of sucking candy and tell your self tonight it’s gonna go down. (Hopefully with a partner and if not machines work too.)

So that is all for now until next week. I’m off to a new sector with Bee.


She walked to him with bared feet,enjoying the cold tile against her skin. She decided it was time to come out of her shell and give the man she desired, what he’s been asking for.

What he’s been begging for. Tonight the moon is full and it illuminated her skin into an angelic picture. Tonight he will have no angel. He will feel the true fire that lies with her. Her alter ego Fia has come out to play and she will not be sent away.

Did her prey have any idea that she has emerged from her slumber? I sincerely do not believe it to be so. She looked him in the eyes as she slowly lowered a shoulder strap. Knowing full well his member is swelling beneath his trouser’s.

Fia licked her full bottom lip, leaving behind a glistening sheen of natural liquid calling to him. She proceeded to drop the other shoulder strap. The only thing there holding her top up was her full breasts. Nipples firm catching his attention.

She his shifting from one foot to the other, fueled her fire. She pulled the blouse down and caressed her ample breast. Paying close attention to her nipples. Squeezing them in between her fingers,imagining that it was hisn fingers. Warm honey-dew moisture gathered in her blossoming flower. She wore no panties, knowing full well what she was going to do tonight.

She walked over to the chair that was in front of the bed. She sat with purpose. Slowly rising her pencil thin skirt to her waist. She sat with legs wide open revealing to him the moist accumulation on her lower lips. He took a step towards her. She stopped him and told him to sit and watch.

She took two fingers moisten by her mouth and went to her mound. Rubbing it in a circular pattern. She could feel her juices start to cascade down and drop to the chair. With the same two fingers, she entered her heated core. In and out, in and out. Stopping only to message that sacred inner circle. A slight tremor goes through her. She is dripping at a rapid rate, breathing increased.

Fia is trying to hold eye contact, but couldn’t when the first wave of her orgasm hit’s. Leg’s trembling and heart pounding. Showing him all that was in her. He stood and walked over to her. Took her chin in his hand and glide his thumb over her parted lips. He delved his thumb in as she sucked it on its way out.

“I see that you are in the mood to be watched tonight fia. I will accommodate your desire.” Sir said without breaking a stride he called someone on the phone. He did not say who, but I trust he will always give me what I want. He always does. Fia thought as a small tremble went through her body.