I’m back, Fire My Starter’s



Hello my fabulous fire starters. I am back and I am sorry had to take a little break. I gather the fire had not gone out on ay of you? It should be a fire storm of gargantuan proportions. lol

I left you without a wicked Wednesday so we must rectify that. Also Talia seems to be struggling over what Julius feels is acceptable.

Now my Fantasy Friday people have not for gotten. There may be a bug implanted in Red T. The word is Maybe.

I miss you all and I will get you something to burn on.

Here’s The Ash (Fire has been Burning)



Hello my fire starters, It’s time to give you the Ash of what has been burning from my blog site.

Talia and Julius has finally hopped into bed together, yet Talia is still as confused as ever about Julius.

The O.N.S pod cast has finally come, (Not cum, lol) the door is open.

Fantasy Friday has Jayla going on a mission to seek out the woman who initially  raised her. What is it that this women can illuminate for her and will it change her perspective about who she is?

To keep up with me Fia please follow and like. All comments are welcome never be shy after all you are all Fire Starters. Let it burn

Is it true? Is it really going to happen?


Hello to all my fire starters out there. I have a delicious news to tell. I will be hosting a podcast called Fia’s Secret Rendezvous coming soon.

I will broad cast my short stories, erotic stories, and fantasy stories there. If you are a follower of mine (Of course your are)you are most welcome to join the O.N.S. Club. If you’re not a follower as yet. What are you waiting for?

For those who would rather read the story instead of listening to it. I aim to please. It will be posted here for your delight.

I know your saying to your selves “What the hell is the O.N.S. Club? And why is she leaving us panting like this?”

Well this club is for all you One Night Stander’s out there, who want Fia to escort you on a tour that will want you to light a candle and heat up some lickable oil out there.

Until next we me at the grand opening of the O.N.S. Club.


Where I write Erotic Scene’s



Hello all of you fabulous readers out there. So I decided before I publish the forth and most erotic scene I have written. I wanted to let you know the process at least my process for writing erotic scenes.

You may think it’s easy and for most it can be. But when you’re in a time crunch it is not so easy. Some write it late at night when everyone has gone to bed and others when they are completely alone. I on the other hand have to zone all the outside noise out and try  to write these scenes.

My best ideas is comes when my mind is racing almost a 100 miles a minute. I kind of make an urgency that I have to get it out so I don’t censor my thoughts. I have been told that it’s almost like reading a straight porno. I try my best to let people know what they are about to read so they can by-pass it if they choose.

My advice is to find your go to place to write these scenes whether it’s in your home at night or in a quit zen place in your mind. Find it and write.

Here comes Fia

I’ve been hidden for so long.

Not revealing I’m strong.

Stronger than the view.

Stronger than the critics in the pews.

I’m coming out in this land,

with paper and pen in hand.

Not a worry or a care.

If I were you I beware.

Words come out like fire.

Mow you down under my tire.

Or a truck if you prefer,

I don’t give a fuck,

just read my words.

Take your time.

Let it marinate in your mind.

Let it soak,

filling your lungs like smoke.

These words that you read,

is embedded in a seed.

Giving it to you all,

no worry about who would call.

Let it cut into your soul,

like slivers of glass at the end of a rope.

Slicing you in half,

is the hardest trick.

Because these words I write,

Makes me one of the baddest Bitch.