Wicked Wednesday(Say What?)

Hello my fire starters. Lets set this fire shall we. Q: Fia my guy likes to eat fruit off of me when we get creative, but I went to the doctor and she said I need to lay off the sweets because of bacterial growth. I never heard of that. Is that real or she’s […]

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Wicked Wednesday (House Fire)

                                                     From this moment on I have to include this on my pages. This has explicit sexual content and intended for mature adults(18 and above). If you decide to continue reading, you are stating that you are of age of consent. Hello my wicked fire starters. I have questions here that start off lite by lighting […]

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Fia catch up time!

    So my fire starters I hope every day has brought you a little heat. As for me I have been getting bombarded with things that has nothing to do with what I am passionate about. I felt as if my camp fire was being stomped out. But as we all know. Fia can […]

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Floating Sword pt 13

As the trio continued, their trek deeper into the woods to find the Womb. The King set out to the guards at the bridge as the queen suggested. It took them two days to reach the entrance of the womb. It was magically hidden from non magical beings. the information that was stored inside could destroy […]

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