Goodbye My Lover….(For the vampiric lovers out there)

Midnight is his time. The day is mine, yet I sacrifice myself to his desires upon his rising. No one knows our secret, and no one ever will.  Just because they say the dark, it does not mean evil. It is just the other side of the coin that was tossed. We believe that light means good, and often it does, but the light can blind you to its true nature.

I look at my old clock on the pristine white wall, which is flashing 11:43. I smile as I get out of my perfumed bath. I filled it with lavender and rose petals, his favorite scents. After I oil my skin, causing it to shine in the candlelight. I make sure that I use it in every place possible, especially where the seam of my hip meats the succulent muscle above my sex.

He told me once if he should turn to ash one day, he will never forget the taste of that spot. It is sweet and sultry at the same time. Winemakers try their best to create it and capture it in a bottle. It is impossible. This taste was created for creatures such as him. Like milk is spontaneously created to be suckled after birthing a child.

I smile as I look at myself in the mirror bare as I entered the world. Nothing has changed as far as they can see. I slip on the dress that was left for me at the door. He bought this dress for me, but it was mostly for him. Then I place the mask on to cover my face.

You see, I am from the light that craves the dark’s touch, and he is from the dark that craves the light’s taste. But we are never to know each other’s identities or be allowed to see each other again.

(Is this what you have been waiting for? Let me know my fire starters. I am waiting for you to toss the match for the fire to start.)

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