We Broke Our Promise

We Broke Our Promise

Why does the summer have to come with humidity? I mean whose idea was it to figure out how to straighten curly hair just to have it revert back once you hit the outside. Looking up into a cloudless sky and notice there is not one bird flying. That’s odd right?

There is usually some kamikaze flying turd trying to land on me. Odd not one. I waited till the trailway bus driver handed me my pull suitcase so I could get in some air condition in the bus terminal, but it seems like he was having a difficult time pulling the case out.

“Listen I can get my bag.” I told him. I bent over and reached towards the back to feel a hand graze my butt. I froze because that did not just happen. I have a vivid imagination and I know I could have made that up. I looked back and he had grin on his face letting me know that I did not make it up. He touched my ass.

I took a deep breath pulled my hard a hell suitcase out and accidently had the handle hit him in the groin.

“Oh man I am so sorry. Maybe some ice will help with swelling.” I said as I looked him in the eyes to let him know, I could play that game if he wanted.

The man looked as if he was in his late forties greying a bit and I guess fit. I didn’t see a gut on him, so I’ll give him that. What was the reason for the quick hand grope had me. I really don’t care. I am just trying to avoid thinking about what I am about to subject myself to in an hour.

I am on my way to a funeral. Yup, not my first but definitely the most important one to me. It was my uncle Blake. He was more my dad than an uncle. My dad was killed going to get me diapers everyone told me, so I never knew him. Uncle Blake looked just like him, so I guess I lucked out.

Now he’s gone and I am here to say my goodbye’s. I can do. What I cannot do is have any type of drama near me. There is one piece of drama I am thinking about, and her name is Naomi.

Walking through the bus terminal I ordered an uber to take me to the hotel. there was one near my uncle’s place and I wanted to freshen up before going.

The ride, the check in and the quick freshener took about an hour. I made sure I was presentable because everyone I know since childhood will be there and I have to endure.

“Josie you can do this.” I said to my reflection in the mirror. I stood there looking at myself and I can see her. My mother. I hated hearing how I was her twin growing up or that she must have hated my dad for me to look so much like her. The truth was that I was not like her at all. She checked out being my mom when she met Gordon. How can you consider a man still a boyfriend material if you been seeing him for twenty years?

I just faded into the shadows and that’ when Uncle Blake started watching over me more. I have a feeling he didn’t trust Gordon around me. My mother was so drunk half the time she didn’t notice if I was there not.

“Enough of the self-pity talk. Today is about Uncle Blake.” I turned away from the mirror, grabbed my clutch purse then walked out the room and headed towards the elevator. I was on the ninth floor, so I had to wait a bit. The doors opened and a woman wearing black clothing that had no form to it. I walked inside pressed for the lobby and waited.

“Excuse me are you on your way to Blake McDowell’s funeral?” I smiled and nodded my head yes.

“Are you family?” she pried at this time the doors opened and I walked out with out answering. I will tolerate the questions there but not in an elevator.

The walk took less than ten minutes. I can see so many people had arrived already. I took another deep breath stood straight and walked into the lion’s den.

There were so many people I have never seen before with tears in their eyes and men who were holding up the wall in the back of the room.

“Josie McDowell you finally came home.” I didn’t need to turn around; I knew the voice. I turned to have her standing right in front of me. My best friend Lena Marie Francis.

“Yea, I’m home. How are you?” I asked waiting for whatever she was about to say.

“I’m fine. Take care.” she turned around and left without saying, my condolences or I’m sorry for your loss.

“Are you two ever going to make up?” A deep voice came from behind.

I turned and was greeted from another face from the past.

“Hey Philip. Thanks for coming to see Uncle Blake off.”

He smiled looking at me. “I should say that to you. I’ve been here.”

Owch, but he was right. I have not been home.

“Your right. As for your question, I don’t know.”

“You should. She misses you. We all do.” He said this and I know what he meant. Philip and I had a weird attraction towards each other and today was no exception. He aged handsomely and his eyes were still the same. It always said more than what his words ever did.

“Hello” a woman said coming from behind him.

“This is my wife, Sherice Chism. Babe this is Jose McDowell Blakes niece.”

She gave me the look over and I knew this was not the end of our conversation. The woman held on to him tight as if I would snatch him right here and now. She was similar in height as me and complexion, but she had a bit of weight on her that did not look bad, but she did not know how to make it work in her advantage.

“Nice to meet you. Philip, we need you in the back.”

“Ok. Nice to see you again Josie.”

I smiled and nodded as he walked off. Two confrontation that will happen tonight. I can handle it.

“Is that Josie?”

I turned to see a smiling face. “Mitchel Sanders”

“It is me. Now come here and give me a hug.”

“Na, Hugs mean something here and we are not starting that something.” I said with a smile.

“Josie we are grown.” He walked over and hugged me, and I can feel the conversation starting but I expected something to happen.

“Josie the female are going to try to get you alone to confront you. Leave as soon as you can.” He whispered in my ear.

I pulled back and smiled. “I knew they would.” I said low.

He looked at me questioningly. “Nice to see you. I wish under better circumstances.”

“Me too. I’ll see you after okay.”

He nodded and walked away. A young man stood in the front quieting everyone.

“Everyone please has a seat and family sit in the front row.”

I walked to the front and sat. ‘Keep your composure, Josie. these people do not know who you are now.’

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