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200_sTonight is too hot, too steamy , just too much. I can not take another heat wave today. It’s a Saturday night and I am supposed to go to Anita place for a party and I am almost tempted to say forget this.

But she is my friend and she did threaten to take my life if I didn’t come. Some friend right. I decided to where a cotton short set that accentuates my cleavage. I need all the help I can get. I’m not small but I’m not big either. I sprayed a little Victoria secret and decided I was ready for what ever.

The party consisted of Anita and her man. Janice and some new guy, and me. Wonderful how my friend is so considerate to invite me.

“Mia why do you look like that?”

“You mean the I need to get the hell up out of here look or the wait till tomorrow and I’m going to get your ass look.”

“Your pissed for nothing. You know every body and I did not want you to be alone.”

“Fine I’m here. I’m going to the bathroom I’ll be right back.” I place my glass down and walked to the back of her two bedroom flat. I really didn’t need to use the bathroom. I needed space before I completely lose my shit.

I  walked by Anita’s bedroom and a face from the past was staring right at me. What was he doing here”

“Rick, why are you here?” I said a little whispered.

“Hey Mia. You look ….” As he decided to scan my body and landing on my beast.”Great.”

Rick was the guy who I had a crush on and never did anything about it. I was only a year younger but he treated me like I was a toddler.

“You didn’t answer my question. Why are you here at Anita’s”

With a slight smile he said, “I ran into her last week and I asked her about you. Just a couple of day’s ago she called me and invited me to this party. But I didn’t realize I would be the only single one here.”

“Yeah well I was tricked into this too. Why were you asking about me? You never acted as if I was in the room when you and Anita’s brother were together.” I said as I folded my hands across my chest and waited for an answer.

“Mia you changed. It seems like I offended you and I’m not with it coming at me.” He said as the smile left.

I took a deep breath and realized I was being an ass.

“I’m sorry, it’s not been my day and like you I was tricked into coming here without someone and feel like a fifth wheel.” I said while I tried to control my tone.

“Ok not a problem. I asked for you because I wanted to see if you were available to have dinner with me. To catch up on our lives.”

Rick was the man who I masturbated to at least a hundred times. I envision him with his shirt off and his low hanging jeans on playing touch foot ball with the guys. Even though we were young he had a body that only fantasies can claim. He wanted to take me out to dinner. Maybe my night will be better than my day.

“That sounds great. I would love to catch up on old times.”

“Hey I found them. You two please come out and have some food.” Anita said with her hands on her hips. Which I would kill for.

Rick walked by me and just the smell and heat that radiated from his body started to jump start those old feeling. And it seems that my lower parts were coming to life as well.

The dinner party was great and rick drove me home. Normally I would never go to bed with someone I just met but I know him and its past time to get to know him a whole lot better.

My place was decorated with a country/city feel. It felt like home to me. He walked around looking a the statues I bought from the art fair. He stood right in front of a piece that had a man and a woman in a weird sexual position.

“You don’t like it?” I wondered.

“Oh I like it. I just never knew your were into this type of art.” He said with a smile.

“Would you like to have a seat on the sofa and I can get us some drinks.”

He sat down and I noticed that he had to readjust himself to be comfortable. His bulge not even hard is impressive. So harden it’s a monster. My heart skipping beats with that thought.

I came back in and sat at the end of the sofa. He was looking at me like he had a question.

“What is on our mind?”

“Mia I have to tell you something and I don’t know how you’ll take it.”

“Oh man, you’re not interested in women?”

“Yes I’m interested that’s not it. Remember that time you slept over Anita’s and you guys were telling stories about hot guys you will some day get with.”

I remember that night. I remember what I said too.

“I heard you say Rick. Do you still think that way? Just forget I asked.”

“Can’t forget what’s already put out there into existence. It’s been a while since I thought about you. But I still think your hot.”

Hint number one. Make the next move rick.

“Hot huh? then why are you over there and I’m here?”

I moved closer and my breathing became a bit heavier. I placed my glass down on the coffee table and looked him street in his hazel eyes. Framed with dark lashes. I slightly parted my lips, hint number two.

Rick leaned over and kissed me slow and soft. Once my tongue met his the pace started to increase. He leaned more into the kiss and more into me. I felt when his hand slid up my thigh and lifted me. I rose a little and his warm hand cupped my ass. I moaned into the kiss.

Rick broke the kiss. “Your not wearing any panties.” He said.

“No I’m not.”

“Take those shorts off and lay back.” He said through heavy panting.

I did what he asked. But what he asked next surprised me.

“You look beautiful. Play with your self and cum. I want to see you cum.”

I looked at him to see if he was serious.

“Please. I want to see you get ready for me.”

I licked my two fingers and started to rub my hard pearl in a circular motion. I dipped my fingers in my warm channel hand started to push and pull it out. it was feeling so good that I add my other hand on my clit and I closed my eyes getting swept away with what I was doing to my self as he watched.

“Mia look at me.”

I tried to keep my eyes focused on rick but I was so close.

“Oh that’s it Mia, show me what your going to coat my dick with.”

That was all it took and I came. with my wall spasming around my fingers. I can feel my cum slide down my ass.

“Is that what you want?”

“Yes and I’ll show you more of what I want.”

As he took off his shirt.

(sorry I must take a pause from this but I hope you like it so far.)



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