Goodbye My Lover Pt 7 (Not a Prude!)

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I can’t believe Colt called me a prude and penny. Dear sweet Penny who I thought was as lonely as the last pet left in a shelter to be homed. Well, I guess I was wrong. But to call me a prude, how dare they.

I made it to the coffee shop so quickly that I didn’t even realize I was at the counter. A young woman with olive skin, cropped hair, and a mole on her cheek was staring at me waiting.

“Are you ready to order?”

“Oh, right I’ll have the special with two pumps of sugar and sugar-free whip cream on top.”

She looked at me as if I was a puzzle that needed to be solved. “What?”

“You want it sweet but you’re adding sugar-free whip cream so you’re saving on sugar.”

I was not in the mood for this.

“Listen-” I looked at her name tag and it said Sammy.

“Listen Sammy I just want my coffee without judgment can I have that?” I said to her, and I am pretty sure I might have sneered a little.

She back away with her hands up in retreat. I looked down into my purse and to get my card to pay.

“What’s your name so I can put it on your order.” She asked.

I told her while I was rummaging. I finally found it and paid.

It didn’t take long for my drink to be made but when I heard.

“Darling here is your special with two pumps of sugar and sugar free whip.”

I knew she was joking.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“This is you right? You said your name is Darkling right?”

“My name is Darlene, not Darkling.”

“Listen I do not know why you are mad, and you feel the need to take out on a stranger, but I have to advise you, you need to work out whatever this is somewhere else.”

I looked at Sammy and she looked as if she was ready for anything, and I just wanted to argue.

I took the coffee and turned to leave.

“No problem, Darkling, anytime.”

My life.


It was close to noon, and I sat in my secured room making sure everything was going alright at the shop.

Her scent was in the air but mixed with an enticing heat to it. I seen when she went to the counter to order and watched as everything played out.

She was angry but she had her limit as to how she would allow herself to release it. Her jaw kept clenching from the restraint.

Then when I heard Sammy call her Darkling. I almost choked with laughter. Her face was in a state of shock and killer.

I needed to talk to Sammy to control her attitude a bit more but by the way she came into the shop, she was lucky that she didn’t get more.

I should take a quick nap before sunset. Being pure blood, I did not need much sleep, but a nap here and there was normal.

“Darkling.” I whispered. I liked it. It suited the way she was at the Club. The mask would hide the person from us, but their scent always reveals who they are, and Miss Darkling knew how to move her body well.

I heard a knock on the door. “Come in.”

Sammy came in with a smile on her face.

“Did you see that? Miss Lightie wanted to go at it.”

“Yes, I did see that. Did she really say her name was Darkling?”

“No actually she said Darling because she was so consumed in her purse, but I wanted to push her buttons.”

I nodded and decided to let her be for now. “Is there something you need?”

“Yeah, I need to leave early tonight. My babysitter is not feeling well.”

“Sammy you are going to get laid. Why do you lie to me as if I will convict you of a crime.”

“First because you’re my boss and this conversation is totally wrong. Secondly you don’t tell me when you are getting laid so why should I?”

She was right. It is none of my business, but I am tired of secrets.

“Your right. I apologize. Yeah, you can leave early but you stay tomorrow night.”

“Agreed. By the way since I am feeling generous. You need to wet that soon before it shrivels and go into Riga Mortis.” she glanced down at my lap and back up.

Now I must have had the same face a Darkling had. I mean Darlene.

“Wow I am on a roll. Two for two in shock and aww.” She laughed and walked out.

“Did she just tell me to get laid?” I said out loud and she responded as the door was closing, “Yes I did.”

(Are you loving these two. Don’t worry teeth will be dropping soon. Next excerpt will be on Wednesday. Till Then Fia xoxo)

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