Goodbye My lover pt 9 (landing the client)


 I woke up from a caffeine-induced sleep to realize my phone alarm was sounding off. I set it for two hours before I have to leave.

I have a ritual I do when I have to face intense situations like landing this job.

I rose out of my own warmth and trudged to the bathroom. 

Looking in the mirror it did not surprise me that my hair and face battled with my pillow, and it won.

My eyes were puffy, my cheeks lined with pillowcase imprints and my hair was in a state of fight or flight.

“Well, Darlene let’s get it back together. “

It took 20 minutes to resemble myself.  I went to my phone and looked at the checklist I created for today. 

The first two are done. Now to complete the rest.


It was time to go and I was ready. I was focused and zen at the same time. My clothes were in my go-getter navy blue suit white shirt and blue heeled shoes that I pulled out for important situations. 

My makeup screamed look at my lips. I intentionally wore a red so deep you could not look away.

Grabbing everything I needed I headed out with determination.

I went straight to the coffee shop to get the coffee that I was promised, and I saw the cashier from yesterday there.

There was only one person online, so I was next, and I was ready to apologize. I walked up to the counter, and she looked up and asked, “What would you like today.?”

“Hi. I want to apologize for the way I acted towards you yesterday.”

She looked at me as if she did not know what I was talking about.

“Yesterday I was very rude to you, and you called me Darkling,” I said.

Then I saw the light bulb go off in recognition.

“Wow, you clean up really nice. Thanks for the apology.”


“There is a coffee I am supposed to make you for today I was told. So if you wait for  a few minutes I will have it ready.”

“Thank you.”

She smiled and went to work on making the special brew for me. I looked at the digital clock on the wall and I had only a few more minutes to spare before I turned and left.

“Here you go. Just like I was instructed.”

“Thank you so much.”

“He said to give this to you. There is not a price for this yet.” She said then gave me a wink.

The thought that he gave that instruction to me made me smile. I needed to go so I left and headed out to the office.


The office was buzzing with staff in several states of anxiety. This client if landed will move this company higher in the ranks of…

“Wow, you look ready for war,” Penny said as she looked me over.

Colt just whistled.

“So, we are sticking to the plan.  Penny, you sweeten the idea, Colt you pick up steam with how we can help move it forward and I will make the kill shot.”  I said.

We all nodded and went to our desks and waited for the clients to arrive.

The clients were late, and they came with an extra person. The person they brought with them is.

Phillip J. Boosun this man is known to make things happen. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. It all depends on his mood. I was ready for him.


They were ushered into the conference room by our manager. I turned and looked at them and saw the same determination I had in landing this contract.

We rose and walked in formation. Penny was in front, Colt’s at her right and I took the left. When we entered, we could tell they were ready to leave. Penny could read the room better than I could and started to sweeten the mood by sympathizing with their need to go and to wait any longer than they had to is uncalled for.

The CEO nodded his agreement.

“Let me start by saying that we value your time. Now let’s talk about what you came here for. How we are going to move  Xercetancial into the future.” Penny said laying it on thick like honey. After five minutes Colt took over and emphasized the benefits of using the company.

They listen intently and they all seem to go for it except Phillip J. Bosom.

Colt was winding down and I waited for Philip to shoot down the idea.

“This sounds great, but I do not possibly see the profit for such a venture,” Philip said then looked at me.

I sat there and stared directly into his eyes without blinking.

“You would not see the profit because it is not for your eyes to see. You are an advisor correct? Do you do the books as well?” I paused for effect.

“You will make money. Even better and to the point when you think of a volcano erupting and spewing lava. Replace it with thousands, millions of dollars coming to you.”

“Those are sweet words, but you have nothing to back it up.” He said looking smudged.

I stood slowly and deliberately.  I lowered my to a level parent would reprimand a child and put a little heat behind my words.

“If I was not confident in what I propose, you would not be here today.”

He looked at me swallowed and eventually lowered his gaze. Knowing he would not win this.

“Amazing, are you leading the project?” the owner asked.

I aimed my gaze at him but pulled back on the heat.

“It is a joint endeavor. “

He nodded his head in understanding. 

“Let’s get the ball rolling on this. I believe this will work .”

Our manager finally got out of stunned silence and walked to his office to iron out the logistics. 

Once the door shut. Penny and Colt looked at me like I had 3 heads.


“What was that? And who are you?”

I looked at them and whispered. “I did my research and knew he would cower down when confronted by a dominant personality.”

“Well, you’ve never shown this side of you. Maybe we need to rethink the name “prude”.”

I smiled and shook my head.

Let’s go out this Friday to celebrate.” Colt suggested. 

I nodded my agreement and then we left to conference room to be greeted by a message from the boss.

“When they leave, I want all three of you in here. Prepare for a long night.”

The three of us looked at each other and smiled.




When I went out to do the night shift I received an odd look from Sammy.

“What is going on in that mind of yours?”

“You are not going to say anything?”


“About this morning and how Miss Darkling looked.”

“Stop calling her Darkling. I saw her on the screen.”


“She looked good.”

She stood there glaring at me not hearing what she wanted. I did like the way she looked a bit too much and I have to lock that away.

“I’m leaving for the night and if you want to act like what she wore didn’t stir something in you. You are only kidding yourself.”

“Sammy she is just a customer.”

“Yeah.” She said looking at me as she grabbed her satchel. “See you in the morning before you go into hiding.”

I smirked at her because she knew why I do what I do. It would freak lighties out if they found out that natural-born nighters can withstand the sun.

“Good night,” I said to her and went to clean things up with my thoughts straying to her and what she looked like this morning. I was pleasantly surprised by her; I saw her when she apologized to Sammy with sincerity.

I also saw when she walked off and the view from the back was as good as the front.

“Excuse me can I order the deep roast.” a voice said from a man in jeans, a hooded sweatshirt, and a nose ring.

Noel snap out of it now.” I chastised myself and returned to work.

(They got the job. What will that mean to the trio. Noel he is another mater all together. We will see how this unfolds. All comments welcomed Fia xoxo)


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