Goodbye My lover prt10 (Lonely)


The meeting with the boss went well. Colt and Penny were especially ecstatic about landing a big client and I was as well but watching how they were giving each other nonverbal eye cues made me realise that I was not part of that friendship.

I won’t lie to myself and say that I am not lonely but it will be fine. I powered through this emotion before.

“Darlene so we’ll see you in the morning. We  have a lot to hash out.”

“Yeah, of course.”

“We will see the regular Darlene tomorrow. This one scares me a bit.” Colt said trying to make me laugh I think.

“The regular me will be back. Have a good night.” I told them both. I walked away from them because to see them walk away together would bother me.

I walked without thinking of the destination. I ended up back at the coffee shop and No was at the counter wiping it down.

I went in with a smile on my face that I had down packed from practicing and ordered.

“Hi, I know this is a coffee shop but do you have any chamomile tea?”

Noel looked at me with a smile and it faltered a bit.

“Yes, we have that. Are you alright? Did you not land the contract?”

“I’m fine. What do you mean? We landed it and we start work tomorrow.”

He nodded and went to work getting my tea. What did he see? I gave him my best smile.

“Here you go. If you like for celebration I have chocolate croissants on the house.”

“Thank you,” I said then it happened. A tear fell and then another.

He looked uncomfortable and I did not want that. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Wiped the tears away and asked, “How much I owe you?”

He looked at me then past me over my shoulder.

“Come in the back.” He whispered.

“Why? I will get it together. “ I reached for the cup and he grabbed my hand.

“Please, come in the back.”

I looked into his eyes and he looked concerned. I nodded and went with him in the back.

The room was nice and relaxing. With a loveseat. A mock waterfall by the wall and a lot of plants that seemed to grow without natural sunlight.

“Have a seat.”

“You have a business to run.”

“It; ‘s alright. I’ll be right back.”

I went to sit on the loveseat and felt the weight of my loneliness wash over me. Why was it hitting me so hard? I have always been alone.

Noel returned with the tea and sat next to me.

“What is the matter?

“I feel really ridiculous right now. I should be happy but I just don’t feel it.”

He sat there silently and let me drink the tea. The tears stopped flowing and a calm effect was coming over me.

“How do you feel now?”


“Good I had the air mixed with a calming scent to relax you. Now can you tell me what happened?”

“This is crazy I don’t even know you.”

“It’s easier to talk to someone you don’t know sometimes.”

“The day went as expected. I was prepared for the meeting as you can see. I dominated the man that I knew would crumble if I did that and we got the job.”

Then why are you upset?”

“I feel alone in this win. Ever since we went to that club. Colt and Penny are spending my time together without me and I feel it.”

He nodded in understanding.

“You feel like you lost your friends.”

When he said it out loud the tears started to flow again. He moved closer and put his arm around my shoulder. I turned into him and he let me cry it out.

“Look they are your friends but I think you are confusing work friendships with real ones.”

“I am tired of being alone. I’ve done it but –”

“I have an idea if you are willing.”

I looked up at him.

“Would you like to come here Wednesday and help me and Sammy out in the Evening? We are hosting a reading get-together and it is larger than we expected.”

“I have a job.”

He laughed and nodded and started to wipe my face.

“I do know that. This is just to get you out of the same old routine and I would appreciate it.”

I looked at his chest and realized I was being held close. He smelled like coffee and sweet citrus.

I pushed away and nodded my acceptance.

“I will help.”

He smiled showing a little pointed canine.

“That is the first time I’ve seen your smile. You are a nighter.”

He stiffened at the comment, and I regretted it.

“It does not matter to me. Thank you for listening. How are you back here with me while running your business?”

“I put out a sign on the door. Will be back in twenty.”

“Thank you for the tea.” I stood up and I felt him looking at me.

“You dominated him?” He asked.

“I took acting class in high school and I can study what personality I need to be and put it to action.”

I went into mode and looked at him. I moved in close and whispered, “Tell me the time I must be here and I will only say it once.”

He smiled and threw my concentration off.

“You’re good. I like that side of you.”

“No that is not a side that is acting.”


We left the back and I felt at ease. I told him good night and went home.




Wow, she is something. The way she looked, smelled, and walked in. I wanted to pounce, But her smell was off. It was tinged with sadness.

Once the tears started to fall, I felt like I needed to calm her down. The first thing I thought of was the back room.

Sammy has been in this room once and she said that she did not like it. “I feel claustrophobic.”

I took her by the hand and walked her to the back.

Her skin was soft and warm. I told her to have a seat and I went out to make a quick sign that we were closed for twenty. We never close.

I went back there and changed the setting on the air. The light lavender scent calms people.

Sitting next to her I could feel how upset she was.

Finally, she let it out. She was alone. She was tired of being alone and she thought she made a real connection with those two.

We talked for a while and finally, she calmed down. She even tried to show me her dominating skills.

I did my best not to laugh. Once she bent close, I wanted a taste of those lips. Instead, I pulled back.

Tonight, I am supposed to meet with Eliza and Peter. They were coming here, and I needed her to leave soon.

“Okay please be here at six. I will need you to work for four hours. Are you alright with that?”

She smiled and nodded. 

I walked her out and she waved goodbye. Taking the sign down I stepped aside to let a few customers in that were waiting.

I served them mindlessly. My thoughts were jumbled with what I needed to find out from Eliza and Peter and how I was reacting around Darlene.

Hi fire starters. How are you liking these two.A bit emotional this part but we all break down sometimes. Let me know how you like it. Fia xoxo


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