Goodbye My Lover prt 3(The Club)



The night would normally be soothing if it was not for the masked party. The masked party was created for both the light and the dark to indulge in each other’s company without feeling like lines have been crossed. The problem is that either a light or a dark will die at the party, and it will be consensual. No one will be responsible because all who attend sign on a dotted line that no one is to prosecute if their untimely death occurs.

Eliza is back, and immediately, there is a mask party. Why is she back? When she left, I did not understand why. Then, things slowly revealed about Eliza.

Before her abrupt departure, there was a death that was not covered by the document. The state senators’ children were into The Club scene and delighted in dabbling into the dark. Donating a drink here and there to feed a high.

Eliza saw both of them at the club and she decided that that night would be a perfect time to extinguish a lightie. She toyed with them for a while and then just drank him dry as his sister watched in a euphoric high.

The senator called for her head, but she left before anything could happen.

Peter was the opposite of Eliza. He never played or orchestrated a masked party. Peter believed in the old ways of seducing  lighties and draining them dry. Since those days were gone, he conceded and went with the mask parties.

He enjoyed it for a while but felt as if he was wasting away. Once Eliza left so did he. That left me alone. Unlike some nighters I was not turned. I am a pure bred. That is why at dusk I do not have the unsightly allergic reaction of skin burns.

Being a pure bred I was not allowed to associate with the turned. But I had no friends, and I was tired of being alone. When I met those two, I just held on and looked past what they did. Then they left me alone again.

Now I’m standing here looking at my reflection because pure breeds have one and scrutinized my suit.

A whistle came from behind me, and it was Sammy.

“You look good. You have a date if not I’m free.”

“No on both counts. You are not free, and you know it and I do not date.”

She nodded her head, but she was sporting a smile.


“You are going to have a date before the night ends. Have fun.”

There are times when she is a bit to eerie even for me. I looked at the time and grabbed my coat. Let the party begin…


Colt and Penny were vibrating with excitement. Colt mouth dropped open when he seen my dress.

“Girl, I did not know you were hiding a body like that. I would have hooked you up with Carlos.”

I know he had to be joking. Carlos hooked me up with everyone. He even hooked me up with Jan Olstin in the merchandise department. She is seventy years old with five grandchildren.

If you can go for it at that age all power to you but even, she should have better standards than Carlos.

We rolled up to the club at nine and the music was amazing. You can here it outside the doors.

“Maybe I should go home.” Penny said.

“No, you don’t. We deserve this. When will we have this chance again?”

We looked at Colt and agreed. Then we put the masks on.

I was gobbed smacked at what I was witnessing. The ambiance was out of the movies with light fog on the floors and people handing out drinks instead of going to a designated bartender.

“I can die now happy.” Colt said.

“Do not do that tonight, ok.”

They both looked at me and laughed. I managed to drink two drinks and went to the dance floor. The music was hypnotic. I just wanted to move, and I did not need a partner to enjoy it. I turned to see that penny and Colt were talking to people already. I’m happy for them.

“Stay right there.” A whispered voice said from behind me. Every nerve ending and every thought was running.

I felt warmth across my cheek before he spoke again.

“Your mask looks as if it’s about to fall off. I will help you tie your mask back on.”

I reached for the mask, and it did slip out of place a bit.

My muscles ached from holding so still. “Why are you helping me? “I whispered to him.

“Let’s just say I hope you will dance with me after.”

Once I felt the mask was secured, I glanced over my shoulder to be greeted by the man I was staring at all night in the club.

He was already close, but he moved in closer to my lips as if he were going to kiss me.

“Would you like to dance with me?” The words he used were so ordinary, yet my body reacted differently. The room faded out, and all I could see was him.

“Yes” I whispered back on his lips.

We stood there fastened in place until we both heard a clearing of the throat.

A young man wanted to pass to get to the bathroom. I turned back around and to the other stranger in the mask.

“Sorry about that.”

I felt when his hand found mine and laid claim to it to pull me back to the huge dance floor.

The music changed to a smoother tone with rich melody. He stepped in closer and took the hand he held and pulled me close placed my hand on his waist. With the other he placed on his shoulder.

We started to move in time to the beat.

I leaned in enjoying his scent, ignoring that my heart was about to burst.

“Did you get an invitation to come to the club or are you with someone?”

“I received an invitation.”

“Can I give you advice for tonight.”

I looked into his eyes and nodded.

“When     they come to you and ask if you like the edge. Tell them no.”

What is the edge?

“All right.”

“I would like to –” His statement was cut off when he looked up. there was a man coming in their direction asking a question.

“This is where I leave. Keep your mask on. Never reveal your face.” He stepped away and I wanted him to stay close to me.

“Will I see you later?” I asked hoping for a yes.

“It would not be a good idea. Enjoy the club.” He turned and walked away.

“Excuse me would you like to edge?” A voice asked from behind me.

“No, thank you.” I replied.

“Pity. Have a good evening.” He said then walked to other people asking the same question. I noticed a lot said yes and went downstairs. I did not feel so good. I looked for Penny and Colt but they were no near me.

I pulled out my phone and called a cab to pick me up. These two will be fine. I’ll text them when I’m on my way home. I left but before I did go, I looked for the mystery man.

He was nowhere around either.

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