Hi it’s Fia’s thoughts.

   How do you like the cover of our group?

(Hello, my fire starters. I hope all of you are having a wonderful day. Below you will read a thought that came to me when someone asked me to write something that is non-fiction, more grounded in reality.)

When I came up with the name fire starters, I wanted everyone to feel that they are the spark from the match that is struck. We writers, readers, critics, and creatives are sparks that bring the fire to life.

They say we are a group of escapist if we do not consume the information given to us by the news, keep in the know at all times or build our knowledge to succeed. For some reason people fail to realize that not everyone can handle realism twenty-four hours of the day seven days a week. I do agree we should build our knowledge but there is a time be free, to let our minds drift and create.

Whom ever came up with the phrase “Adulting is hard” is correct, but we all must do it. You know what’s harder? To play as a child would, for the sheer enjoyment of it. To release the pressure of being in the know.

This is just my thoughts on things. My creative outlet is writing and even though it is on the riskier side at times, if you can see the joy in my eyes in what I’ve created. You would understand that a little escapism is not so bad.

Until next thoughts, this fia saying strike your match and let it burn.

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