Goodbye My Lover pt 17 (Vamp B.I. What?)


“Mm I moaned softly as my body came to life as I was in a deep dream. I knew it a dream was because Noel left, and I walked him out of my place.

No this was a dream replaying what we shared last night. I watched his lips wrap around my thumb and suck.

I woke up the minute his lips sealed and started to torture me. My clit ached and wanted attention. My hands slid down my body and went to its target. My legs spread giving me more access and I went and took care of my needs with Noel on my mind.


The coffee shop was not up in flames. I thought as I walked in and heard Sammy yell at Fritz. There was a reason why she liked working by herself.

“Are you kidding me? What made you think putting this dry-as-hell cloth next to the conventional oven was a good idea?”

I looked at her chastising the poor man and smiled. I chose Fritz because he has a thing for Sammy, and he can tolerate her bull.

“Hey your back.” Fritz said glancing away from the finger in his face.

“Yea you both can go. Thanks for covering for me.”

Sammy turned and looked at me long and hard.

“You look spent. Why don’t I call in my day reinforcement so we all can get some rest.”

“Oh so you want me to come back.”

That did it. Sammy looked at Fritz and was about to go to his throat and tear it out.

“No Fritz, I will call you when we need coverage again. Thanks, the money is in your account for tonight’s work.” I told him.

He took it as a cue to leave, but he did something that I did not expect. As he walked past Sammy, he quickly kissed her and left.

I watched to see how she was going to react. There were several emotions going through her by the look of her eyes darting around to process. Once I heard him leave, I went over to her to see if she was alright.

“Sammy are you okay?”

“It has been a long, difficult and confusing night. I’m fine, you should get some rest.”

“I don’t need a lot of rest, you know this.”

She turned and looked at me. Then a smile appeared on her face.

“You had a nice date then?”

“Better than nice.” I said walking to the back to my place. I heard when she followed me.”

“I am not your mother, but I am a friend, so me telling you that it is not a good idea to feed from her should not have to be said.”

I went to my sofa and smiled at her. She cared for me and I for her so I know it was a genuine place that her warning was coming from.

“I did not bite her.”

“But you did taste her?”

“She cut herself without persuasion.”

“I see. Did it enhance things.”

“I am not going to talk about my sex life with you.” I said smiling at her and closed my eyes. “Aren’t you going to call you day person to cover you?”

“I thought you did not need that much rest?” She said jokingly then left.

The night kept replaying in my mind. She tasted so sweet.  The memory caused several things to happen at once. My fangs descended, I became extremely hard, and I proceeded to do what I have not done since I was young. I processed to stroke myself to get a little relief.


The sun was up when I got out of bed. I did not have to work today so I decided to go to the gym.

There was a gym down the street that I had a membership to and I had a lot of energy this morning.  I looked at my thumb and it was healed from where I punctured it from the bed.

The smile on my face from last night was not going away. He held back from biting me and I knew he wanted to. Honestly in the throw of it I wanted him to.

I walk to the bathroom and look at my neck to imagine how it would have been like. Would it have hurt, burn or no pain at all? I have heard of nighters and lighties in relationships, but they would never talk about the sexual aspect of the relationship.

“Darlene it was just a date. Not a relationship.” I said to my image. I turned on the shower and proceeded to take care of things.

The gym was packed. I wore my oversized t-shirt and spandex legging. I went to the elliptical first to get my heart rate up.

Once on and I developed a rhythm that I wanted I heard two women behind me on the stair climber having a conversation about the date one of them had.

“Yea, Gloria you should not go out with a nighter. Last night he could not keep his hands to himself, and I wanted him but once he said he wanted to taste my blood and where he wanted to go. I put on the breaks and sent him home.”


“You haven’t heard that the nighter has their own form of std? Its called Vamp BI. The BI stands for Bite then Infection. It does not last long in us but the pussy rash that comes after the bite is disgusting.”

“No, I haven’t heard. Is there a test for that?”

“There is one but a lot of them swear they don’t have it, so they don’t get it.”

“Typical. thanks for warning me. I have a date with Jose tonight. I will put the brakes on if he wants to bite without proof, he’s clean.”

I slowed down my pace. I would have let him bite me without knowing if he was clean. I decided I had enough of the gym and went home to do some research. What they could be saying it could be false.

(Are you hooked? I am. Let me know if you like Noel and Darlene all comments welcomed.  Until next we meet. Fia xoxox)

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