It’s Me Fia. With Updates of What’s Going On

Good day to you all. I have been debating whether to post this picture of myself here or not. But if you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen it.

I wanted to give you all an update on what I am up to and why I had taken down the other short stories.

Let’s start with this. I will be publishing a book shortly and I will do the cover reveal soon. It is an adult romance with explicit sexual scenes. It has four different points of view and is an easy read.

After I publish that I will do a series of Novellas. I tend to write short stories here and not get into too much description. In this Novella, I will be descriptive enough that it is not nauseating.

I have also decided to that when I create my newsletters that I will be setting out call for beta readers. You will be the first to see what I am working on, and it will be in the genre that you prefer.

I will not change the things that I write because that is what I like to read.

Finally, My Goodbye My lover vampire romance is going to start to venture into a dark space. I wanted everyone to see the two main characters in a way that is relatable and funny. It already has steamy scenes, but it will go darker in a sexual nature. I do not write rape scenes.  No worries there but if you are preferable a vanilla person, I will let you know when the sex starts to change in color.

That is all the updates so far. I am pretty sure there will be more. Until next we meet. Keep the Fires Burning. Fia xoxo

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