Goodbye my Lover pt19 Threats.


I walked out to see Peter sizing up a young man who was oblivious to his current situation. Eliza spotted me right away and I did not like the smile she had pasted to her face.

I went straight to them and sat down without tearing my eyes away from Eliza.

“Peter leave my customers alone. They are not part of the menu and they do not consent.”

I felt when Peter’s gaze left the man and was placed on me.

“You both came to see me right when the sunset. It must be important.”

Eliza broke eye contact first before she spoke.

“We wanted to see the business you created away from the club. It leaves much to be desired; don’t you think Peter?”

“Yes, like putting a form at the front door for people to choose to be willing snacks.”

I looked at Peter and noticed he seemed to be agitated. His pupils were dilated, and he seemed to want to pounce.

“Did you feed?”

“I did not have time since Eliza said we had to meet you tonight. So I am a bit famished and the fact that you have noting fresh on your menu has me feeling like this was a rushed discissions on my part.”

I looked towards Sammy and relayed to her to bring what is needed from the back.

“What is she getting?” Eliza asked when I turned back to her.

“What is the emergency? Why did you need to see me before you fed?”

“We need on board with the plan. You tend to relax these lighties.”

“No. I told you that this idea was not going to happen.”

Eliza scraped her manicured coffined nails down the wooden table causing slithers of it to curl.

“Noel you have changed. You have become to soft hearted.” she said staring at me not realizing that Sammy came with Peter’s drink.

Peter took it without a hint of gratitude and by the stance Sammy was taking I wondered if she doctored the drink. Making Peter ill in any way.

He drank it as if it was the best thing he ever had.

“I see that it is to your liking.” I said to peter once he finished, and his demeanor resembled what I was used too.

“Yes. Where did you get this? I would like to taste it from the source if you do not mind sharing?”

“I do mind and I will never say.” I looked back at Eliza and noticed that she kept Sammy in her sights.

She has been here for a while. Her scent seems to be ingrained in the place.

“She will remain unharmed.” I said with an under lined steel tone to my voice.

“Touchy. I was just wondering if there is another like her. Someone that is willing to be my eyes in the day.”

Eliza was baiting me. I need for this encounter to end so I can go to my home to replenish.

“You both have my answer and if that is all that you want, I am going to ask you to leave.”

Peter laughed. “First of all, I did not want to come in the first place but since I am being push out, I do not want to go. What are you going to do Noel? Remember there is only one of you and two of us.”

Peter always underestimated who and what I am. Thinking that I am weaker than they are is his biggest mistake. I know there are seven people in my place at the moment and the rush should start in an hour.

“Peter what are you implying?”

“I am implying that accidents happen and things can be destroyed.”


“Things and people.” He smiled as he watched the young man rise and leave.

“I can replace it as many times as I want. As for the lighties you step over the line and kill one and we all die. It is the law.”

Peter waved a hand dismissively. “I do not follow their laws. I humor them for now. Eliza I am going back to the club. He is not budging and before I rip gashes into his skin and break the law I should go.”

Eliza did not tear her eyes away from Sammy and I had enough.

“One hair out of place on her head or her family and I will come for you.”

Eliza looked back at me and smiled.

You miss understood my stare. I care not for her but why do I smell a sweeter smell in the air. Almost hidden. It’s on you and her but she does not emanate the smell. My curiosity just got the better of me Noel. I agree with Peter it is time we head back to the club. we have a meeting with very important people.

They rose to leave, and Eliza grazed her hand across my cheek.

“Come tonight we have not had a proper welcome back. Don’t you agree Noel?”

I sat there staring ahead not watching as they left. My mind raced to Darlene. I do smell her in the air, and I have to make sure Eliza does not figure out who she is and what she is starting to mean to me.

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