Goodbye My Lover pt 18 The Visit!


I slept comfortably in the back of the coffee shop. I will go home tonight to actual get some real rest. It is about that time that I need to return home.

I walked out to the front of shop, and I see Darlene sitting at one of the tables with a coffee, her right leg tapping and watching the sun go down.

“What’s going on Sammy?”

“Not sure. she came in looking like she was on the verge of panic.”

“Well giving her coffee is not a good idea.” I whispered.

“That is not coffee. That is the calming tea that I make. You should be thanking me. She really is not acting like herself. She’s waiting to speak to you.”

I looked around to see where my cup was.

“Here. I went to the club and got it myself. It’s fresh.” Sammy handed it to me and went to the customer that was waiting at the register.

I took the cup and took a swallow of it. Already I feel awake. I walked over to her and when she seen me, she took a drink of her tea.

“Hi, I didn’t expect to see you until tomorrow.”

She gave me a slight smile and her eyes darted around making sure she was not overheard.

“What is it Darlene?”

She licked her lips and whispered, “I wanted to talk to you about last night.”

I sat across from her so she did not have to look up.

“Okay. Do you regret what happened between us?”

she shook her head no and took another sip.

“We should have talked about things a little more before we proceeded though.”

She was making what we did sound like a business exchange.

“Darlene what is wrong?”

She whispered her question when I took another sip of my drink.

“Do you have Vamp BI?”

I swallowed so hard I thought the whole room heard it.


“You heard me. Please do not ask me to repeat it.”

I stood up, took her hand and walked her to the back. Once there I realized that the pull-out bed was a mess. she looked at it and then straight at me.

“Noel we were just—” She stammered.

“Darlene, I did not bring you back here to ravish you. What made you think I have Vamp BI?”

I was at the gym and these two ladies were talking about it and how they had to put the brakes on being with a nighter because of it.

I stood there not believing what I heard but she looked very concerned.

“I do not have Vamp BI. That only occurs in 1 in a thousand. It is spread from a bite that is taken in a place that –”

“A place that what? Where would you have to bite?”

She looked very worried.

“A bite on the neither region when it is thoroughly aroused.”

“You mean during an orgasm after oral.”

I nodded hoping she would understand.

“And you have been tested? You do not have it.”

“No, I have not been tested. I have not been with anyone that I would bite.”

“So, you don’t know for sure?”

“Darlene why are you acting this way?”

“I gave you my blood last night.”

“Yes, you did. I did not bite you. it’s transmitted that way.”

She turned around and her heartbeat started to slow down.

“Would you get tested?”


“I want you to–bite me eventually.”

I stood there looking at her back and my cock awakened to the word “Bite”

She turned around to face me and I knew she was serious.

Darlene if we go to that step you will have to be sure. There are things I will want to do that you may not be ready for.


(the front of the shop)


They walked in and I could feel the maliciousness off them.

“Hello, is Noel here?”

“He’s in the back of the shop. He’s a bit buisy at the moment.”

The woman turned and looked around and the other, a man wearing a leather jack staired at one of the customers in the back. He was staring at his laptop and did not realize he had just been marked.

“Who should I say is asking for him?”

“Tell him Eliza and Peter are here to visit.”

They went to the table off to the side, behind the guy on the laptop. I went to the back, and I hated to do it since it looked like Noel was moving in for a kiss.

“Sorry about this. But Eliza and Peter are out in the front asking for you.”

Noel looked at me then at Darlene.

“Sammy take her out the back. I’ll explain tonight I promise to call you to continue this conversation.”

I walked towards her and aimed her to the back. She did not like it and I wouldn’t either but those two out there are bad news.

“Listen Darlene he is not brushing you off. He likes you but I think he does not trust those two that just came in.”

“Okay.” She said looking back. “Call me if you need help.”

I smiled at her and nodded. What would she be able to do?

(What do you think is going to happen? Wouldn’t you want him to ravish you? Let me know your thoughts. Until next time. Fia xoxo)


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