Good bye My Lover prt 5(Secrets)

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Lower Level

The stone stairs are wet from the moisture in the lower level. Every footstep had a grainy sound to it. The lower you descend to the bottom the stronger the smell becomes, and the louder the moans are amplified.

I finally reached the last step, to be greeted by numerous doors, in various states of closure. Eliza and Peter had their rooms towards the back. I walked down the corridor without a care about what went on.

It was always the same. A lightie who has never been below or been in rooms with the doors completely shut. Their inhibitions have not been stripped away from them. Then the intermediates will venture to have the door cracked open with a mirror strategically placed in the room to give the passerby a look in. Then there are the experienced. Well, they are the ones who throw caution to the wind and just enjoy the experience.

I was so tired of the mask parties. Once those two had abandoned the club. I found solace in my own place realizing I did not need the parties. I made it to the back of the lower level in time to see Peter finishing off his volunteer.

Peter had not changed since he left. He loved wearing clothing reminiscent of the era of duals with pistols and fencing. His hair was a color of caramel-swirled coffee. His physic at the time of his coming over is still the same. Well-toned with honed muscle and no fat to be found. He looked as if he had arrived at the age of twentyish.

I marvel at his skill at cenare. The entry marks are almost invisible and the lighties that lay beside him moaned and writhed in a blissful state.

“Peter, where is Eliza?” I asked.

He looked at me and smiled. Peter must have enjoyed his offering very much since he did not smile often, and his irises glowed a bit in the candlelit room.

“Eliza is in her room with two offerings at the moment. She said that they insisted on being together.”

That did happen from time to time at the mask parties.

“How long has it been since they went in there?”

“Noel are you not famished? Why do you not accept the offerings?’

“Thank you, Peter, but I had my fill. I wanted to talk and catch up.”

“That is sweet of you, but I know what you really mean. You want to know why we are back? Noel that is not going to be revealed tonight no matter how well-dressed you are.” Peter looked back down at the offering and smiled as she began to reach her peak.

“Isn’t it lovely to watch when they come undone?”

“I guess. I personally like to physically take them to that point.”

“Really?” Peter looked up fascinated.

“Are they still breathing after you–” He was cut off when Eliza walked into the room.

Her very being was vibrating with contentment.

“The two seemed to have done you well,” Peter said.

She smiled showing a bit of pink stain left on her fangs.

“They were more than adequate. I am sure I will see both of them soon.” She gave us both a wink and went to the corner of the room and poured herself some wine.

Eliza normally kept her hair up in a tight knot with tendrils of dark hair falling loose from it. But when she is in a hypnotic state of bliss her hair tends to fall free in an aggravated river of dark waves. She stood eye to eye with me, so she is fairly tall for a female. She dressed as everyone in this time. Some wore men clothing cut to fit a female’s body. others dress to entice. Showing what can be had if tempted. Tonight was the men attire in formal suit.

“Noel no offering?” Eliza asked as she drank the wine.

“He’s not up for it tonight, Eliza,” Peter answered for him.

“Well, tell me. Does the party live up to the past, Noel?” She asked as she swirled the wine in the glass waiting for my answer.

She was baiting me. I knew them and they enjoyed toying with me.

“Yes, just like a time that gone by and died down a bit. So why rally it back up.” I answered waiting for her rebuttal.

“I cannot tell you that yet.” She said dodging the question.

“Yet?” I poked again.

“Too many things are in motion, and we are not obliged to tell anyone. Noel stop pressing for an answer.” Eliza said a bit angrily.

“If you do not want to stay you may go. We will be here tomorrow. Come then when a mask party is not in full swing.” Eliza stated then turned her back to him.

I knew when I was being dismissed. I looked at Peter stroking the offering hair as she came down.

“Alright, I’ll come back tomorrow,” I replied.

“You do that. Come for dinner.” Eliza said with an undertone of command in it.

I walked away feeling uneasy.

(What kind of friends are those? Let me know if you like it so far. Fia xoxo)

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