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The weekend went by without a call or text from Penny or Colt. I think they are angry because I left them at the club, but I could not find them. It doesn’t matter anymore. It’s Monday and we will see each other at work.

The weather meter flashes seventy-eight degrees with an eighty percent chance of rain. I wonder who came up with the percentages for the chances of rain. I wish they just said, “Bring an umbrella just in case.” That’s more reasonable.

I let out a huff because I knew these thoughts were just popping into my head because I didn’t know why the two of them were avoiding me. I took one more look at myself and decided that it was as good as it was going to get.

Professional attire that showed that I am here to work. Makeup done minimally. Nude lips, brown-lined eyes, and a touch of color on my cheeks. Turning from the mirror I went and grabbed my purse and key card to lock my front door.

I was ready for whatever I was going to be hit with today.

The Office

The building hummed as normal with everyone talking about their weekend and how they had way too much fun. I looked around and didn’t see either one of them.

“Hey Darlene, where are your partners in crime? You three have to put the finishing touches on the presentation to Xercetancial.” Mr., Otimo asked.

“I’m sure they will be her soon.” I answered not knowing if they were coming in.

Mr. Otimo turned towards the elevator and seen the both of them come off of it.

“There they go. Listen you three get to work. Tomorrow they will be here to hear your pitch.”

The three of us nodded and went to our desk. Once he was gone, I turned to the both of them.

“What happened? I ‘ve been calling the both of you since the club and not answer.”

They both looked at me, then turned their heads. Penny looked a bit pink, and Colt was quiet. Colt could never stay silent.

“Spill it now or I am going to think that you both left me to get on.”

They both looked at me with wide eyes and Penny’s mouth felt open.

“Wait. You two–” I was cut off by Penny leaping out of her chair and covering my mouth.  Colt grabbed my arm and walking me to the conference room.

They looked around the room and closed the door. Penny went to the coms to make sure it was not on. Then they both looked at me with guilt in their eyes.

“Someone talk.” I said

Colt was the one to begin.

“Well remember when we were at the club, and they were handing out that delicious drink.” He said


“I had a few too many because I couldn’t feel anything from it.”

“And I matched the number of drinks he had, and it tasted really good.” Penny chimed in.

“What does the drinks have to do with it?” I asked.

“I am getting to it. So, when the drinks finally took effect, I was living my best life. I felt like I was invincible, and I could do the impossible.” Colt said then turned to Penny.

“Yeah, High octane liquid courage. Then I heard in my ear, ‘Do you edge?’ I turned and seen the most beautiful set of eyes on a man, and I said yes.” Her blush turned into a cherry blossom.

“Then I said yes too to the guy who asked me, and they took us to the lower level.” Colt said.

“The Lower Level?” I asked.

“There is a lower level to the club. That is where people who are into things go, while the upper level continues to party.”

“So how did it become you two when two other people asked you guys the same question?”

They looked at each other and Colt blurted out, “There was three of us and I was the only male.”

“Colt you like men, right?” I said looking at him.

“Well, I never really said I like strictly men. Anyway, back on topic. We met a woman named Eliza and we edged with her.”

“That’s why you have not returned my texts or calls?”

“Do you know what edging is?” Penny asked.

“I was not born yesterday. I know what it is.” I told them.

They both looked at me as if I did not know what edging was.

“What is it different with the Nighters then with the Lighties?”

“Let’s just say that there are teeth, blood, elixir and a whole lot of orgasmic release.”

“So, you two were bitten?”

“Ok if you want us to spell it out play by play. There was biting, licking sucking, dripping, moaning, pleading and screwing that happened way, way at the end.”

I stood there looking at the both of them and tried to picture it in my mind and I couldn’t. Penny is so shy and insecure of her body and Cold was all about tight buns and abs.

“Say something, Darlene.” Penny pleaded.

“You guys made me think you were mad at me for leaving early. But instead, you were hiding from me as if I would judge you about this.”

“You do not seem to be open to things like–”

“Like sex?” I said a bit too loud.

“Yes. You have not been with anyone since you started with this company and its five years Darlene. You are borderline prude on the topic.”

“I am not a prude.” I said to Colt.

Penny looked up at me and she seemed to share the same sentiment.

“Penny, you have not been with anyone for a while either.”

Penny looked away from my eyes.

“Penny?” I questioned.

“I didn’t want you to feel alone but I have been with a few guys.”

My head started to pound. “Why should I care about this? We are all adults. Do as you please.”

“See this is what I am saying. You act as if this is not bothering you. Anything that pertains to sex you turn twelve and act out.”

“Fine. Let’s be adults and get to work. We have a presentation tomorrow.” I said pushing past them going to my desk.

They went to their desk, and we worked in silence for an hour until I couldn’t take it any longer. I got up grabbed my purse.

“Where are you going?” Penny asked.

“I need some coffee. I’m going to the coffee shop we were at on Friday. I’ll be back soon.” Then I left.

What would you do or say when confronted by your own misconceived views? Remember the first three letters of Assumption. Until next time, Fia xoxo please like and subscribe.


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