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Sammy’s giving me advice was sweet, but I think she also did it because she noticed that I was out of my room in the back more today.

I could not go to sleep and get the rest that my body needed to stay up. Being a natural-born nighter I needed only a few hours, and I could not even get those due to thoughts of Darlene.

When she first came in the shop I saw how playful and cocky she could be. Then when she came in and showed her vulnerable side, I thought she was not the same as the other Lighties. She allowed me to comfort her, and she came close to me without coaxing.

Darlene had so much to her that I would not be a man at all if I did not feel drawn to her. 

I came out of the shower and started to tame my hair with the natural concoction I was taught to make by my mother before she passed away.

She was a woman who had many hidden talents as well. No one understood why father did not turn her and instead gave her a gift to bear his child.

It was forbidden but my father would not cower down to anyone and became the ruler of the territory.

I massaged the sweet earthy mixture in my palms and proceeded to glide it through my hair. This was the only thing that kept my hair in place. After I looked at my jaw and saw a light shadow and decided to shave.

Once I felt that bathroom edict was accomplished. I decided to take Sammy’s advice and picked out a white shirt, blue jeans, and a jacket that gave a hint of comfort and class at the same time. My shoes were black soft leather.

The cologne Sammy was talking about was not a cologne, but an oil extracted from an exotic plant. My dad taught me how to make that when I was coming of age.

I smiled at the conversation.

“Noel you are going to feel the need to entice a woman to take care of both your needs. The best way is to behave like the prince of the territory you are a put this on.”

“What is it, father?” 

He smiled and his eyes glowed. “Son, we can entrance them to do our bidding but it’s much better when they are drawn to you naturally. The taste of their blood is heady and when they willingly give their body. Well, son let’s just say I never had to entrance my lovers.”

After that, he taught me how to cultivate it and keep it without it turning.

I dabbed a bit on my neck and wrist. Too much and Sammy will come after me.

I looked at myself once more and I needed to see myself true to life. So I stepped out and entered Sammy’s mind to see through her eyes.

She turned and I was satisfied. Looking in the mirror gives me a hazy view of myself. I have a reflection but it’s not clear.

I left her mind and returned to mine,

“Noel you look really nice, and I felt what you did.”

“Of course, what is the sense of having a witch on the premises if you couldn’t? I said only loud enough that she could hear.”

Sammy shook her head and said, “Have a good time.”

“I plan to.”




I made it home in time to get my head in the right space for this date. Colt and Penny with their suggestion had me second-guessing myself.

I went to my bathroom turned on the faucet and decided I was going to take a bath. I poured the fragrance oil that I brought from home with me in the steaming bath.

The scent calmed me, and I was able to think again.

I went to my closet and looked at all the clothes I had purchased and had not worn yet. I know I have a problem with spending. Being a child from a large family I liked having things for myself that were brand new. So with every paycheck, I would purchase something that would make me happy.

My eyes landed on a blue dress that I bought over a year ago.

“This looks right.”

I took it into the bathroom with me and hung it behind the door, The steam would get the wrinkles out.

I went to my little kitchen poured myself a glass of white wine and went to the task of putting myself together.


I was ready with ten minutes to spare. I decided to wear my classic pumps that gave me a bit of a lift without killing my feet.

I did take Penny’s advice with the makeup emphasing my lips but I liked my eyes, so I did a subtle cat with soft grey liner.

My buzzer for the front door went off and my pulse began to speed up. I looked one last time and went to answer the door.


I pulled the door open, and I froze. Noel looked amazing.

“Hi.” He said with a smile. 

It snapped me out of my slight trance.

“Hi, I’m sorry please come in.”

Once he entered my place seemed to shrink on itself.

“You have a nice place,” Noel said as he looked around.

“Thanks. I did not see the need for a big place since it’s just me.” Why did I just tell him that?

“I was told that I am not supposed to bring you flowers. That it’s outdated.”

“I don’t think it’s outdated, but that is fine.” I got my purse and a light sweater and was ready to go.

When I turned, I had a single white tulip before me.

“Thank you, Noel.”

“You welcome, Darlene.”

I took the tulip and placed it in the flute vase I had in the cabinet. I added water and placed it on my counter.

“Are you ready to go?” I asked trying to sound brave even though my nerves were fried.

“Yes, what are we going to see.”

“Okay don’t hate me but the only thing I was able to get tickets to was Fangs Forever.”

He stopped and stared in disbelief.

“If you want we can go for a walk instead.”

“No. We will go to the movies.”




When she opened the door, a scent cascaded around me. It was very inviting. We stayed for a bit, and I was glad that I bought the tulip. One for me ‘that Sammy’

The theater was not far but she ordered us a car to take there.

We arrived there seeing a line to go in.

“Are they lined up to see this movie?”

“I did get four stars and it’s Friday night.”

“So, it’s Friday?”

“Date night.”

Now I felt really out of touch. We went inside and I offered to get her popcorn. She smiled and turned it down for a Mountain Dew soda.

We went to our seats that were way in the back a waited for the movie to start.

“If it’s terrible we’ll leave.”

“No, we won’t. I want to see why all these people are drawn to it.” I said leaning into whisper and the scent that was in her place was coated on her skin. I felt my gums start to itch from wanting to lengthen.

 I sat back and breathed through my mouth. I was happy when it dimmed, and the movie started.


The movie was not as bad as I thought it would be but it was not good either. Halfway through when the vampire leaned in to bite the heroin on the throat I had seen when Darlene’s hand grabbed at her dress.

Did she want this or was she scared I would do that to her?

The movie continued and at the end the vampire was staked in the heart and the heroine was left to pick up the pieces of her broken heart.

I turned to Darlene and saw the tears she wiped from her eyes. This really moved her.

“Do you want to get something to eat?” I asked.

She moved in close and whispered. “Can you do that?”

There that scent was again, and I wanted to taste the skin it was on.

“It’s okay,” I said and reached for her hand.

She did not pull away and her breathing increased a little.


We went to a restaurant and talked throughout the meal about the movie. She was so animated, and I loved how she talked with so much emotion. When the check came, I decided that I was drawing the line, and I was going to pay for the meal and not hide away to do it.

“I have the check,” I told her.


“Wait, what no argument on who is paying.”

“I paid for the movies, and you offered dinner. So, you pay for the meal.”

Darlene knew she had me with the logic and I laughed a little too hard when the waitress came and saw my fangs,

“You a nighter. You’re not allowed in here.”

“Why is that?” Darlene asked in a voice I never heard before.

“They are dangerous. You should not be with him. Let me call the police. He could be trancing you right now.”

“No, he is not. Take the money. We are leaving and I will be letting others know about how this establishment treats paying customers.”

“Miss he is a Nighter.”

“And you are prejudiced. We were here for over an hour, and everyone survived. Think about that.”

Darlene rose from her chair and walked out of the restaurant with me not saying a word.


“I am sorry for that Noel. If I had known, I would have suggested someplace else.”

“Darlene. stop walking.”

She turned to me in confusion and I kissed her right then and there. She tasted of wine and sweet strawberries. I stopped the kiss remembering where we were.

“Thank you,” I whispered. She touched her lips and I immediately regretted letting it go.




We walked back to my place holding hands and my thoughts went to the kiss he gave me not to long ago.

We were in the hallway in front of my door.

“I had a good time, Darlene. I would like to see more of you.”

I did not hear what he said but watched his mouth as it moved.

“Darlene are you alright?” He asked.

Instead of answering I did the one thing I said I would never do.  I reached up and kissed Noel. It was not a soft kiss, this kiss was a statement of what I intended.

Noel did not pull back. He instead pushed me against the wall next to my door and deepened the kiss.

His tongue plunged and took control. I refused to relent, and I made my own demands with my tongue seeking his fangs.

He pulled back breathing heavily.

“Are you sure?” He said breathing heavily.

I looked down seeing that our bodies were pressed so tightly together, I moved my hips to grind on his length pressing between us.

“Yes,” I whispered and all control he had was gone.

We made it inside and I had no idea how we ended up on my couch.

“Darlene, I will not bite you.”


“Do you want that?”

“I want you.”

He deepened the kiss, and all sane thoughts escaped my mind.


I am entranced by this woman. Her skin is soft and hot. Her mouth demanded my attention and her hands on my back trying to pull into her,

“Darlene, I will not bite you.”

“Why?” She asked.

“Do you want that?”

:” I want you.”

My resolve was shattered. I will not bite her tonight but will enjoy her body.

I walked the both of us to the couch and laid her down it. I positioned myself between her legs while I continued my battle with her unrelenting tongue. I broke the kiss and trailed kisses down her cheek to her neck. Her pulse tempted me to take a sip. Instead, I continued to trail kiss down to her breast that were tempting me with its own beat.

I pulled a breast free and took the peeked nipple into my mouth rolling it like fine chocolate.

I felt her hand in my hair losing it from its tie.

Once loose her finger massaged and encouraged my attention to keep at her nipple. I heard ripping and looked up and realized I had torn the other side of the dress exposing the other nipple.

“I don’t care about the dress.” She said through slightly pouty lips.

I went after the other nipple and rolled the nipple I left between my fingers squeezing slightly for her to feel a touch of pain.

I felt her body shuddering from the feeling. I stopped and continued to move lower. Lifter her legs on my shoulders exposing how wet she was for me.

“Darlene try your best to stay still.”


“I may nick you there.”

She bit her lower lip, and I went in and licked her through her plush-colored thong without breaking eye contact.

Her taste would easily be addicting. I pulled the thong to the side and sealed my mouth to expose the pink nub. I did not want to break the fabric inhaling her sweet juices.

I rolled her clit with the tip of my tongue and the moan she let out was more than encouragement.

I continued the circular pattern changing once in a while to a side-to-side motion and when she started to grind against me, I took the opportunity to enter my middle finger into her tight channel.

She cried out, she was tight, but she was not innocent. I will need to work her a bit to take me.

Moving my finger back and forth as my tongue continue it torture. I can hear the rush of blood in her veins. I fought to keep my fangs back.

Her grinding increased and I pushed another finger in causing her to go over the edge and scream out.

Tapped up the puddle of clear fluid running down my fingers.

 I sat back and pulled out of her as she whimpered her reluctance.

“Where’s your bed?”

“She pointed to a room off the side. I stood up took off my shirt and lifted her up.”

I laid her down and ripped the rest of the dress off her.

Her breast was up and pink tipped from me and her sex lower lips were hidden from my sight by that damn thong.




What am I doing? I haven’t been with a man in such a long time and he smelled so good and I just refused to hold back.

Noel was making me feel things with his hands and mouth that other men couldn’t get me to. They usually just wanted to know if I was wet so they could stick it in and call it a day.

When he went down and took me in his mouth and i watched. I wanted to cum right then and there.

Then he entered me with his finger. Was it me or did his finger become bigger because I felt him everywhere? I tried my best not to clamp my legs together from the overload of sensation. I was squeezing my cushion so much I thought I put a hole in one.

The second I felt his other finger. I went over like a dame had broken. I felt when liquid flowed out from cumming so hard.


“Where’s your bed?” He asked and I managed to point to it.

 He took his shirt off and he looked like he should not be with me but with a woman made me weep at the sight of them.

He lifted me up and carried me to my bed and tore the rest of the dress off me.

He stood there looking at me and stared at my weak and pulsating pussy. I pulled off my thong and his eyes changed.

“Darlene are you on something?”

“No. Does it matter being that you are a nighter.”

He looked at me with dark eyes rimmed with purple.

“I’m half-blood remember. I can get you with child.”

Shit the way he said it like that was a turn-on. I reached to my nightstand and tossed him a condom.

“Not sure it will fit but it’s all I got.”

He nodded bent down and started to lick the inside of my thigh where I knew I left a trail.

He positioned himself at my entrance once we were face to face and I felt when he pushed the tip of him in.

“You put that on fast.”

He did not respond instead her kissed me and pushed in not giving me time to think.

‘Ohhhhh.” I breath out into his mouth because words did not come to me.

Slowly he pulled out and pushed in. Gripped my hip angling me where he wanted and increased the speed.

Our bodies glided against each out, nipples tapping and breathing in sync.

“Darlene will you be able to handle me?”

“Yes,” I breathed out and his speed increased. I came within seconds, but he did not stop.

Our bodies collided as a sledgehammer on a wet stone. Beating against it Mecilously on till one of them broke.

I looked at him and he looked pained.

“Do you need to bite?”

“I will not bite you.”

He was close but he needed blood. I can see it. At the edge of my bed, there was a piece of sharp steel I meant to get fixed. I took my thumb and went across it is slicing it.

I took it and shoved my thumb in his mouth, and he sucked so hard I felt it in my clit. His movement became a bit more determined increasing my desire to release again.

Noel let go of my thumb and came hard. I felt thrust hit my cervix and I knew I was going to be sore, but my body had its own malicious humor. I came so hard I saw black and passed out.


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