Goodbye My Lover pt 14 (Unwanted Advice)


“Hey Sammy, I have Fritz coming in and covering for a few hours.”

She stopped wiping the counter and gave me this look. Today Sammy seems to be channeling her badass with her short hair sleeked back and black-lined eye’s.

“Why would he be doing that?’ Questioning me with her arms folded waiting for my answer.

“I am going to see a movie.”

“A movie?”

“Yes, it’s not that unusual. I am going to see a movie.” I said turning my back to her acting normal.

“It’s not unheard of but you have not done it in a while.”

“Well, I guess the drought has ended, Sammy. I was invited. So I thought, why not? Let’s go to the movies.”

“You were invited by who?”

I looked at her and said, “you know who by.”

“I just want to hear you say it.”

“By Darlene.”

“Darkling asked you out. Very interesting.”

“Sammy, can you just wipe the counter and stop bugging me?”

“Oh, I’m bugging you now? Let me tell you a little something. You are going out with a human. A regular old natural human and you are a natural born nighter.  There’s a few things you should know. ”

“Sammy. I am older than you. I may look like I’m just a few years older, but I have been around the block.”

“Yeah, that block has been turned to sand and rebuilt twice.”

Ouch she was hitting below the belt.

“You have been behind this shop for God knows how long and I have not seen you going out with someone if at all. If you do go out, you go out to the club to get your fix. And then you come back.

“My fix.?”

“You know what I mean? I’m not getting stuck on the technicalities, you know, what you go to the club for? Okay. ”

I turned around smiling at her because she was really excited for me.

“Now back about this date.”

“It’s a movie Sammy. ”

“It’s a date, boss. Humans. They’re not like how they used to be. You do not have to go and get her flowers. Because I know you were thinking about that.”

“Isn’t that the right thing to do to get someone flowers when you’re going out with them?”

“See what I’m saying? You were going to get her flowers. Do not get her flowers. You go to her door. dress nice, but casual. Don’t get too dressed up. Spray that cologne that drives all these little girls here. Insane.  Pull your hair back in a ponytail. You look really nice when you’re really neat.”

“Okay, Sammy, you make me sound like I’m two years old.”

“I’m not. I’m just trying to give you pointers.”

I’m not supposed to give her anything. There you go. You will but that is later. Now, when you go on to date, she’s going to want to do 50/50.”

“50/50 What?”

“She’s going to want to pay half, so you have to pay half.”

“No, that’s not how it will go.’ I said but she kept speaking like she did not hear me.

“She’s going to want to pay.  Let it go and you try to fight against your nature and let her pay half.” I will humor her since she feels the need to tell me all this but I have my own plans for tonight.

” Now, when it comes to eating.”

“We are just going to the movies.”

“She’s gonna get hungry. Take her to a nice restaurant. Let her eat and after she paid her part. You go and tell her that you’re going to use the bathroom.  When she thinks, you are going to use the bathroom, you go to the maître d and you tell them, reverse the charge and you’re paying for the meal.

“That’s deceiving Sammy.”

“No that’s being chivalrous under cover.”

“What am I going to do with you?”


“You seem very cheerful today what’s going on with you?” Penny asked.

“Nothing. Just have good ideas and ready to get this thing on the road. We are all in sync.” I said a bit to enthusiastically.

“Now. Something else is going on. Spill.”

“I don’t have to spill anything. What’s going on with you two? What are you guys doing?”

“Well, I’m going over to my mom’s because she’s been sick for a bit.

Colt said,” I’m going to go out with a couple of buddies.” something must be up with them because Colt does not go out with buddies. That is the most masculine I have ever heard him.

“That’s nice.”

” What are you gonna do? ” Penny asked again.

“Why is it so important about what am I doing?”

“Okay, you’re deflecting this question way too much. What are you doing?” Now that sounded like Colt.

“I’m going on a date.”

“A date.” That’s when Penny stared at colt.

“I’m going on a date. It’s not a big deal.”

“Where are you going?” Colt asked.

“We’re going to the movies.”

“The movies typical. How old are you? ”

” The movies is not first date material. You should go get something to eat, and maybe go to a club. Not the club that we went to, but a nice club and listen to some music.” Colt suggested.

” You guys can talk and get to know each other. Yeah, that sounds better than the movies.” Penny added.

“But I invited him to the movie. We’re going to the movies. ” I stood my ground.

“You invited him? Who is this woman sitting across from us?” Colt asked.

“I don’t know. Ever since the meeting it seems that Miss Darlene is showing who she truly is.” Penny said

“You know what? I just want to have fun and this is one of those times that I’m taking the initiative and I’m not waiting for someone to ask me out. I decided to asked him out.”

“Okay, that’s fine. What are you going to see? I don’t know what is out right now.”

” I’m on it.” Colt turned around and type on the computer to see what movies are out there in the theater.

” What are you wearing?”

I hadn’t thought about my outfit. I just wanted to go with the flow of things but now these two are making me nervous.

“Wear a dress.”

“Okay, mother.”

“Stop it. I’m being a friend. wear a dress. You look really nice in dresses. Why don’t you put your hair half up, half down too.”

“Okay, this is not America’s Next Top Model.”

“No, it’s not but I’m giving you advice. Your hair has beautiful waves. Put it half up, half down. Puta nice, pink, almost red lip gloss on and with your eyes just mascara because you want his focus on your mouth.”

Colt turned around. “Okay, there is no good movies out there. There is this horror movie out and I see it has six rotten tomatoes.

They continued the rest of the day in this manner until it was quitting time, and she was ready to go home.

“Have a good date.” they both said as they walked the opposite direction.

“Are you ready for chapter fifteen? If not get ready. the story has been semi-innocent, but things will be changing. Fia”


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