Goodbye My Lover pt 11 (Eliza’s Plan)


The club hummed with the sounds of life. Music played melodic tunes but was drowned out by the continuous chatter and laughter.

Eliza walked through the crowd parting it with her sheer presence. Her determined strides were punctuated by her heeled boots striking the stone stairs as she descended.

Passing several doors she reached her destination.

“Peter I need to speak to you now.  Chain your pet.”

Eliza was found with a young male who seemed entranced by Peter. His state of undress and the two delicate puncture wounds on his golden skin indicated that Peter was just beginning his seduction.

“Eliza can this not wait?” He said not taking his eyes off the young man.

“No, now.” She said and stormed out of the room.

She went straight to the bar in the back of her room and poured a glass of blood that was a hundred-proof alcohol.

“Oh no, you are drinking from a glass. What is the problem?” Peter asked as he walked to the only chair in her room.

“It is not a problem if we are on the same page.”

“Stop being vague.”

“We will be moving into the lighties territory. The plan to build the all-inclusive Community Center in the center of the city was approved.”

“Really.” He said with a smile and look in his eye showing he had his Aideas playing in his mind.

“Whatever you are thinking put it on hold. We have to have Noel on board.”

“That should be simple. He still has a thing for you. Just convince him like you used to.”

“That is the problem. He’s not the same.”

“What are you talking about Eliza.? Have you tried to come on to him?”

She took another swallow of her drink.

“I never had to try. He just used to fall into step like a puppy on my leash.”

Peter looked at her with a sly smile.

“Are you unsure of your feminine prowess?”

An arch of dark red liquid was tossed in the air and landed in Peter’s face and on his cream-white shirt.

“You are afraid.”

“I am not. I will make him heel.”

“Then what am I in here for? I was in the middle of a delicious situation.”

“I need you to go out and find out what Noel has been up to. I need intel. You tend to get in easily with the newly turned and the young people who are trying to find their way in –”

“In their sexuality?”

“Yes,” She said as she poured more blood into her glass.

“When is Noel coming to see you?”


Peter rose from his seat with the red liquid drying on him.

“Good luck. It’s like riding a bike, Eliza. He’ll follow.”


I decided that I would not leave the club without an answer from Eliza. It was one in the morning and I closed the store for an hour. It was fine since it was slow at the one o’clock hour.

I walked into the club in the back way. Avoiding the crowd tonight.

I walked to the lower level and went straight to Eliza’s room. Nothing had changed she had it dimly lit and a soft scent was in the air. I shook my head when I realized it was gardenias. That was the scent she would have permeated the air when she decided it was time for us to be together.

I shook my head at her delusions.

“Noel, thanks for  coming tonight.”

“Did I hear you right? You just thanked me.”

“Your right. Have a seat.” She demands.

That was the Eliza I knew.

“Are you going to tell me why you and Peter are back?”

“Why are you so in a rush? Why don’t you relax a bit.”

I sat down and watched her every movement. Tonight she was wearing a skin-tight black leather dress that emphasized all the curves of her body.

Eliza went to her bar and poured two glasses of blood, She brought one of them to me and I took a sip realizing that was all I could afford to drink unless I wanted to pass out.

“Tell me.”

“Fine. We came back to open a center where all lighties and our kind can mingle without fear.”

“That is what we have here?’

“Well, this one will be in the center of the Lighties territory.”

I do not breathe like normal lighties. But what breath I do take stopped.


“You heard me. We will be in the center of the city.”

“Are you trying to kill all the newly turned? You know the law states they are not allowed in their territory or be put to death.”

“Well that is why the club will remain but we need to branch out and I need your help.”

“My help?”

“Of course. Do you not have a coffee shop for the lighties? How do you control yourself, tell me what is your secret.”

“No secret and I am not helping you.”

She walked over to me and she stared right at me. Her eyes started to turned a pitch black that you could drown in but she forgot I’m pure blood and it does not have the same effect on me as the lighties.

“Eliza do not do this.”

She grazed her fingers across the spot where she knew I liked to be bitten but I have changed and do not desire her like I once did. I caught her hand and made her stop.

“No, Eliza. Whatever we had is long gone.”

“Noel are you really telling me no.”

“That is what I am saying, I am also telling you no on the idea.”

She burst out laughing.

“You telling me no the community center? You have no say. You have no power.”

I stood and gave her back her glass.


“I have no power? Your memory has deteriorated some has it?”

“You follow where I lead Noel.”

I looked at her with my eyes showing a glimpse of my power. “I was born in power. You were created and I said no.”

I walked out of the room with my blood boiling at her attempt of trying to manipulate me.

The crash of the glass against the door was undoubtedly Eliza having a tantrum. She will not let this go. I’m ready for her.

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