Goodbye My Lover prt.2 (The Invite)

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I woke up with a headache. My mind couldn’t shut down. Once I left Colt and Penny and came up to my place, I felt done. You know that feeling when you had your fill for the day and just wanted to be alone? I enjoyed the day, and I loved being with my friends, but it takes a toll on me to be on all the time.

I have to remind myself that this is the person they like, not this person I made up so I can get the job.  I kicked my shoes off, tossed my purse on the nearest chair, went straight to my bed, and flopped down. My mind went back to the feeling I was having earlier. Like there was a presence that wanted me to know they were there. That’s crazy; it’s just the stress of the day. Then that guy Noel.

What was up with him? Why did it sound like he was humoring me? He really needed to change that name tag and just say no to people who came on to him. I have to admit it is a clever way to get his point across.

I guess thinking of what went wrong really bothered me. Rising from my bed I went to the kitchen and grabbed the powder the doctor prescribed me for my headaches. I hated swallowing pills. It always felt like it was trapped in my throat. The doctor said that I do not drink enough water to help it go down. I think my mind will not allow me to swallow it without me feeling it.

Grabbing my mug, I filled it with water and poured the powder in. I drank it down in three gulps. I went to my phone, and I see four messages waiting for me.

Opening them up they were all from Colt and Penny.

“Darlene, did you see your email? If you didn’t you need to.” Colt

“Oh, are you going? I don’t know if I have the guts.” Penny

“I am definitely going. I always wondered what went on at that place.” Colt

“Are you going?” Penny

I went straight to my email and There it was an invite to go to the Club. It was an award for doing such a good job. The stipulation is that you had to wear a mask.

“The Club” I said

I dialed Colt immediately.

“Yes, I am going. What are you wearing so I know what I am wearing.” He said too much excitment before the medicine took full effect.

“Colt, I don’t know about this. I heard too many stories and it’s really not my thing.”

“Make it your thing Darlene. You think we don’t see how you don’t socialize. The boss sent you the invite. You have to show your face at least once.”

My headache was turning into a dull pain, but he was right I needed to push myself to get out of this apartment.”

“Fine I’ll go. I’m wearing classic black dress, with spaghetti straps.”

“I didn’t know you had that kind of outfit in your closet. Ok black it is. I will see you tonight.”

“Wait I don’t have a mask.”

“I will bring you one when I pick you and penny up at seven.”

“Wait, why do you have masks and I thought Penny was not going.”

“Girl do you not know me? What do we do for a living. We convince people to get things they really do not want or need and I am the best at it. She’s going. See you at seven.”

Colt hung up without answering the first question. I stared off into the distance thinking that something was going to happen tonight. I just feel it.



I took a deep breath in out of habit and stretched as I awakened from a deep sleep. Last night when I left my place to go get something to eat at the club, I noticed that Eliza was there. Eliza had left the city for a few ago. she said she need new scenery and that the lighties were starting to annoy her with all their new technology. I guess she is ready to give the city a second chance.

“Eliza your back?”

She turned and I stepped back. Eliza was missing an eye.

“What happened to you?”

“Noel.” she said my name, smiled and hugged me. Her scent was different too.

“I lost it in a fight with some very angry farmers. How are you? You look wonderful.”

“I’m good. Just came to get something to eat and then I will get back to my place.”

“You have a place? Is it connected to the club?”

There she is. She believed that all of us should stay close together. I never believed in that. we do not change who we are just because we are turned.

“No, my place is separate from the club. It’s nice to see you again.”

“Yes, it is. I would love for you to come to the mask party tomorrow night.”

“Eliza, I haven’t gone to a mask party in ages, I just run my place and live a quiet life.”

She looked at me with that one eye and it was like that one eye saw more than two.

“I expect to see you there. Peter will be in attendance as well. It will be like old times, Noel.”

Peter is going to be there. That is what she said and now I have to go, damn.

I went to my closet and grabbed my swimming trunks. I wanted to go for a swim in my pool before work. I live on the outskirts of the city. I bought a one family style home with a pool in the back. The pool is covered by frosted green glass so no one who so happens to pass by can see in. I live modestly not to upset the lighties. They do not like it when we flaunt our wealth. To be honest I am not comfortable with letting anyone know either.

Eliza said like old times. The old times she remembered was when I was just turned and followed them like a puppy. This is definitely not going to be like old times.

{Are you ready for the club? I have to admit I am. My question is, how far back does she mean when she said old times? Like and star it for me if you like where this is headed. Until next time fire starters. Fia xoxo}

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